Apple will be holding an iPad-centric event tomorrow at the Yerba Buena Center in San Fransisco, California. Honestly, that’s all anyone knows at this point.

In the calm before the storm, speculation based on rumors based on leaks are all there is to go on. There’s a good chance that Apple will address other products like MobileMe.

General consensus is that we’ll also see a preview of iOS 5.0. An iOS 5 tease wouldn’t be a stretch, especially with the probable release of the iPhone 5 this June.

Engadget reports,

It’s also almost guaranteed that we’ll see the next version of iOS (number 5 in all likelihood, along with its SDK for devs), and an expansion of Apple’s cloud services (that part is a little… foggy right now). Of course, that will perfectly set up Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 in June, which is when iPad owners can likely expect to be using the new software.”

The timing of an iOS 5.0 preview tomorrow makes perfect sense for Apple. If the iPhone 5 is introduced during Apple’s WWDC conference this June, develepors will need to get their hands on the new SDK. An iOS 5.0 preview and SDK release would be a perfect side dish to the main entree that is the iPad 2.

As far as any other iPhone-related news, we probably won’t see much from tomorrow’s event.

MobileMe will most likely be significantly revamped and re-introduced as a free service for all Apple customers. Cloud storage should be a huge part of the MobileMe revamp. Cult of Mac got an inside tip from an Apple staffer on the new MobileMe,

“The Apple staffer, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, said the new MobileMe service will store music, TV shows, and films that were purchased from the iTunes store. The staffer also said that there was talk inside Apple of being able to upload all your music and videos to the cloud whether it was purchased from iTunes or not. However, they couldn’t confirm whether this will be rolled out or not.”

As we venture a little farther out on the rumor radar, some reports have claimed that MobileMe could also be the framework for some type of Apple-engineered social network. (Let’s hope it will be better than Ping.)

Again, nothing is set in stone until Apple makes the announcement.

Speaking of announcements, some recent reports claim that Steve Jobs could make an appearance at tomorrow’s keynote. Jobs went on a medical leave of absence last month, but Kara Swisher from All Things D is claiming that there’s a good chance we’ll see Steve onstage at tomorrow’s event.

“According to several sources close to the situation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs–who is on a health-related leave from the company–is definitely considering an appearance at its big iPad 2 event tomorrow.

If he did appear, sources said, Jobs would make at least a brief appearance on stage along with other top company execs in showing off Apple’s latest version of it hugely popular tablet.”

Kara Swisher has been spot on about Apple news before. She was the one that correctly predicted the date of tomorrow’s event before Apple sent out invites.

Whether Steve Jobs decides to show himself or not, tomorrow’s event is sure to be full of surprises.

What do you expect from Apple tomorrow? Besides the iPad 2, is there a certain product you assume will be addressed? MobileMe seems to be a given at this point.

But again, who knows.

  • Joel

    I hope It gets a better camera than my iPod.

  • I’m hoping ios4.3 will be launched tomorrow or at least any time soon after that.

  • Hussein

    I highly doubt iOS 5 will be discussed tomorrow. If you recall last year, Apple announced the iPad on January 27th but held off shiwcasing OS 4.0 until April 8th.

    While this could be attributed to not having a working product ready for beta rollout at the time of the iPad announcement, it also allows Apple to dominate the news on two separate occasions – why turn down such free publicity?

    It is far more likely that Apple will hold a smaller scale press event next month to unveil the next iteration of iOS.

    • Dylan

      I think you are forgetting the iPhone OS 2.0 event back in 2008, I believe, and that was held on March 6th. Its not too far out there…

      • Hussein

        Again, that entire event was dedicated to OS 2.0. A new iteration of the operating system is sufficiently newsworthy to warrant its own event. Bundling it in with the iPad event makes little business sense and is very un-Apple like.

  • Vamd

    What time is the event?

    • Kickstar13

      10:00am Pacific Time (1PM Eastern Time).

  • William

    will there be Live Stream?

    • I also want to know that

      • Aleksander

        I also also want to know that

    • Apple has not announced a live stream. They could do so this morning, but no one knows for sure.

      • Tony

        If they do announce a live stream, please post a link in a new topic. I know you guys probably will already, but just saying’ 🙂

  • Ben

    I’m not getting excited. Most likely be the release of a white iPhone and White iPad

  • Perhaps they’ll finally introduce those long awaited scratch n’ sniff features.

  • rizog

    what time is it in terms of gmt+2

  • I think the Mobile Me will be free but only for IOS5, which would mean that the iPhone 3G and 3Gs would be out of this service

    • Manuel

      Mobile Me better be free, because I want it lol. Not willing to pay 99 though. And like the guys on top, I’m wondering if this will be live steam too.

  • monkers

    Mobile Me is still asking for the retainer credit card if you sign up. I’m sure I read that it had dropped that part of it.