DropBox is a great service, but its App Store App is quite limited from the perspective of a jailbreaker.

That’s because with the App Store version of DropBox, you’re obviously not allowed to transfer files to and fro within iOS’ native file system.

That’s where FullDrop steps in and aptly fulfills this role. Simply put, FullDrop is the right DropBox client for jailbreakers…

Once you’ve linked your account to DropBox, you can start uploading files directly from iOS’ file structure.

We’re not talking about just photos like the App Store version of DropBox; we’re talking any and everything that fits within your DropBox account’s space requirements.

FullDrop isn’t exactly rocket science. It just uses the DropBox API’s to interface directly with a file system that Apple has roped off unless you jailbreak.

If you’re a person that likes to store files on your iPhone, perhaps using it as a portable hard drive of sorts, this is an app you’re going to want to have.

FullDrop is a free download on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones.

Sound handy?

  • Tyler Hauser

    Been waiting for a tool like this. Stoked to see how it works!

    • It works pretty well from my experience. I’m sure it will only get better.

  • Zetan

    If it had a password lock for the App I’d like it more. Will maybe reinstall if that feature were added.

    • Paul

      Get Lockdown Pro. You can add a password to any app.

    • H2CO3

      It’ll be implemented soon.

  • Great idea, but i’m not sure I would trust an unofficial app with my dropbox login.

    • Billy


      • I looked at the source code it DOESN’T STEAL YOUR PASSWORD. There is no keyloger in the source code!

    • H2CO3

      That’s because you don’t understand how OAuth works (yeah, everybody thinks of himself first, maybe you would implement the app so that it would stole one’s password and email, but I don’t — if you want the source code I can sen it to you via email, but don’t publish it pls, I just want you to trust me).

      • Plz send me the source code i sware i wont publish it.
        Email: darkghost568@gmail.com

      • Hi.

        Good to see the developer commenting.
        But there is no need to hit the ignorant.
        No, I was not aware of OAuth, neither could I know your application used it.
        But I did look it up when you mentioned it.

        But why would that make me someone who thinks of himself first?
        I would say, that I take care of my data and have a a healthy skepticism when it comes to 3rd party applications in an unofficial market trying to access it.

        Saying that I would implement the application to steal peoples password, just because I don’t jump into every tweak and app out there is a bit rude.

        Keep up developing, I’m a strong believer in Indie development, I prefere Open source, but being an iPhone user that is not much of an option, at least not on my phone.
        But when commenting, be more constructive, otherwise you will risk alienating your users.

      • Hello. Is it possible to use this app on 3.1.3? If you don’t want to spend time on that, email me — vladkorotnev in gmail.com and I may port it 😛

    • I looked at the source code it DOESN’T STEAL YOUR PASSWORD. There is no keyloger in the source code

  • sko this is a glorified and branded FTP server… oh wow how great..

  • Sb

    Can’t find it tried spellin it diff. Still no luck. Do I have to add a repo?

  • I just use good reader…. Can add dropbox and download/upload files fine. That’s on the official app store for a small charge

  • MLB

    Like Sb said if you just search for it in Cydia with the default repos you can’t find it. Is there some extra repo that needs to be installed?

    • H2CO3

      Visit BigBoss’s repo from Manage tab.

  • Binary-Stalker

    Oh goodie- another tool that can be used to extract .ipa files and other illegal files to publish them on the Internet. :/

    Anyways, I see the value of this to non-pirates, and looks like a nice tool.

    • H2CO3

      It can’t be used for cracking, neither can it be used to extract IPA files (again, you don’t understand the process of cracking an iOS application…)
      Even if you had been experts, I wouldn’t have understood that WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU THAT MALICIOUS.