The iPhone 4 is no slouch when it comes to taking decent point and shoot snapshots, and 720p video, but it definitely falls behind dedicated point and shoots.

Recently, we’ve heard rumblings that the iPhone 5’s camera sensor could be bumped up from 5 Megapixels to 8 Megapixels.

As it turns out, OmniVision — provider of many of the previous iPhone camera sensors — has come up with an improved method of gaining higher pixel density while taking up the same amount of space.

That would make it a no-brainer that Apple would use this upgraded sensor in the iPhone’s annual refresh, but it looks like there may have been a slight change of plans…

In the past week, shares of OmniVision stock took a hit amidst rumors that the company has lost the bid to supply their sensors for the iPhone 5.

The fallout apparently occurred due to the fact that OmniVision won’t have enough supply of the new sensors to meet what Apple is demanding.

In light of these recent revelations, Apple looks like it could be linking up with an unlikely partner in Sony to supply its iPhone 5 camera sensors.

Sony already makes high-end 8 Megapixel sensors for their Xperia Pro phones, and word on the street is that they go toe-to-toe with OmniVision’s offerings.

The good news for OmniVision is that their stock did indeed recover quite nicely due to its strong Q3 results.

Unfortunately, if the news surrounding the iPhone 5 is true, the company could be in for some rough waters ahead.

What do you think about the possibility of Sony supplying the iPhone 5’s camera sensor?

  • fluck sony!!!

    • Joel

      what he said

  • STK10

    Geohot will love it

  • IndiePhoenix

    If they start using Sony sensors they might as well buy the 12MP ones which Sony uses on some of their phones. Why does Apple always have to lag behind in the camera section? What about xenon flash? :/

    • brent

      Please no 12mp camera in the iPhone. Talk about overkill.

      • IndiePhoenix

        Please, no faster processor in the iPhone. Talk about overkill…

      • Mmmmm

        No such thing as overkill. Thats what people strive for every day I the field of technology. In the words of daft punk harder, better, faster, storage.

  • As long as iPhone gets a good upgrade it’s all good

  • Engl1sh Te@cher

    their not there

    • Thanks, your username is perfect, haha.

  • blah

    Just a heads up… more MP=worse than current iphone:

  • blah

    oops, sorry, wrong link. THIS is what I MEANT to send:

  • Roberto

    i can’t deny how good sony is with digital cameras and lens but base on a great job OmniVision did with the iphone 4 i would love to see OmniVision once again show us how far they can go with the new iphone 5

  • Bob Dob

    I just hope whatever sensor they use has better color fidelity and flash. My low light pictures are always oversaturated, tinted, grainy and have bright white robot pupils, neither of which happens on even cheap point and shoots. I don’t need higher resolution. I need better quality at the resolution it uses!

  • İlhan yilmaz

    Well the image quality of present 5M cam on iphone4 is really enough for a smartphone i think. Some of my friends use phones with so called 8M cam and still they rely on pics i’ve taken when we r out. The only problem that i will complain about the current iphone cam is the fish eye effect on close facial pics and white glowing robot eyes pupils on pics taken with flash. Except these two problems which are also on other so called 8M cam smartphones, i think iphone4 has the best cam on the market. If you are looking for sonething better and fancier you should buy a starter level DSLR. Have a nice day…