During an interview with Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, Apple COO and acting CEO, Tim Cook, again fueled rumors of a cheaper iPhone.

Cook mentioned that he wanted Apple to be a company “for everyone,” and not “just for the rich.”

If Cook’s words sound familiar, remember that earlier this month rumors abounded about a cheaper iPhone Nano. Is this Apple just having fun with the latest rumors, or is there real truth behind this story?

Now lets not get ahead of ourselves here, the iPhone Nano rumors have been running rampant for years, and nothing ever came about it.

But I have to admit, it’s interesting to hear an executive specifically comment on Apple’s ability to cater to a demographic without a large disposable income.

Cook went on to say that Apple is doing “clever things” (note: cloud storage, anyone?)  in an attempt to get a foot in on the pre-paid market, and that Apple is not “ceding any market.”

This again fuels rumors of a smaller, perhaps more disposable iPhone for the masses. The latest iPhone Nano rumors correlate very well with Cook’s latest comments, and make it evident that it’s only a matter of time before Apple enters the pre-paid market.

Culminating all of the rumors, along Apple’s latest thoughts on the matter, I think it’s safe to say that we will definitely see an iPhone Nano within the next year.

What do you think?

[9 to 5 Mac]

  • RG

    why NANO, the 3GS its a perfectly viable and certainly cheap enough device to continue its manufacturing right now, ZERO extra development cost…and sellable at the so-often-mentioned $200 price tag without a voice/data plan, certainly apple will make a lot of money selling the 3GS as a plan-free phone for that price, for years !!!!

    why does it has to be trimmed down ? no apps ? ridiculuos, apps are the REASON for these devices to be a success ! why smaller ???, do you want it incrusted in your head !!, its still a phone, it has to fit somewhere in your hand ! make it smaller and becomes useless.

  • Soteris

    I agree with @RG! I believe that Apple will cut down its costs and actually sell the iphone in a lower price. Remember a post by Sebastien “Apple please dont make a cheap iphone”. Well I think that this is the case. And about the cloud storage,well it could be used in a variety of ways and provide many services.

  • Applefan

    I think I can speak on behalf of all the Apple users when I state we don’t want their products to be cheap. The fact that we are the only ones that can afford their products at the current prices makes them exclusive. That’s what Apple is all about. Leave hippie thinking to Microsoft. Thanks.

  • Kuipo

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO IPhone nano!!!! If apple wants a cheaper devise to compete with all the “other phones” out there, just keep the 3gs as your “cheap phone” (once the iPhone 5 comes out). As it is, the 3gs is very competitive if not far better than any of the androids!! shoot! Apple could have 3 iPhones on the market at the same time!! No need for nanos!!!!!!

  • Are gadgets such as the iphone can be cheap? I don’t think so… what I mean is it is only possible if you are going to sacrifice the quality and the is definitely a big no to consumers.