I’ll be honest with you; the iPhone’s native way of handling push notifications leaves a lot to be desired. So anytime a tweak comes along that promises to improve the outdated stock system, my ears perk up.

MobileNotifier is one such improvement, and it is by far one of the best alternatives to Apple’s cumbersome way of handling push notifications…

What I hate most about iOS’ stock push notification system is the fact that it pulls focus away from whatever app you’re currently engaged in. MobileNotifier avoids doing this, which automatically makes it superior to the native method.

Along with that, you can access a history of all of your notifications, and switch to them using fast app switching. It’s just like switching from one app to another using your app switcher.

Another nice thing is that receiving a notification gives you an option to address it now, or look at it later. You can always just keep the notification on screen and go about your business like nothing ever happened; that works too.

There’s even a nice lock screen reminder that you have alerts waiting in queue for those of you who like reminders.

Overall, MobileNotifier is the best jailbreak solution for push notifications. I’m sure push notifications are on top of Apple’s list of things to fix (hopefully), but until then, MobileNotifier makes a good substitute.

Want to try MobileNotifier? If you have a jailbroken iPhone, add this source to Cydia: http://phajas.xen.prgmr.com/repo and download it today; it’s free.

Sound interesting?


  • Steve Jobz

    Would this work well along with BiteSMS?

    • Kadz

      Lol yo yo jobs lol wud up

      • Jon Garrett

        Its a shame that things like this are 1000% banned in the Appstore and people have to Jailbreak their phones to make them better.

        Good thing there’s an alternative to iOS, Android !!!

    • Yes, it works fine with biteSMS.

      • Usersean

        Do any settings show up for you..?

  • Usersean

    The settings don’t work for me…

  • Sseme

    Yes…. Setting not working… Just a blank page. If I choose later, how can I retrieve back those notification? Where can see the history?

  • Shaz

    same. settings didnt work. i like the idea it would be a tweek i keep but when you open the notifier it goes into the native msg app. i use bite sms. so didnt like this .

  • David

    Same here, settings don’t work …

  • Usersean

    LockInfo is still king.

    • Joe

      That drains soo much battery on mine.

      • Usersean

        Really? Hmm… I don’t notice any on mine.

        InfoShade works like this anyway. And biteSMS friendly a MUST.

  • Ace

    Didn’t work for me either… does it only work with echofon push notifications?

    • Lockinfo and multiflow both drain my battery.

  • Tony

    Works fine for me. Ya there is nothing on the settings, perhaps there isn’t any yet?

    Also the queue system is a little ‘dumb’. By dumb, I mean that for instance if I get a text, and I tell the notifier system to open later, then I go to the text later on my own, it still stays in the queue. Also, I have twitter text notifications on, and if I get 5 text notifications from twitter added to the queue, then I click on one of them in the queue it will bring me to the text app. There I can see all new 5 twitter msgs I got. But, it won’t clear them all from the queue. You have to go back to the queue each time to clear each message…

    Also if I have like 20 things in the queue, the only way to get them off the queue is to click on each one individually, making me go to the app each time. There should be a clear all or a way to clear certain ones that you want.

    • Julio

      Yes I agree. Uninstalled the tweak because this is annoying.

  • Manuel

    I wanna to try this but from the comments, it seems like an app to wait and see. Kinkys seem to need hammering out from all the problems on the users end

  • Dylan

    Install it. It’s got incredible dev support, there have been 3 MAJOR upgrades today, and is now totally usable. I love this!:)

  • Andy

    Is this the notifier you’d reccomend?

  • dylan

    Yes, and I have them all! Give it a chance.

  • Amazing. My favorite jailbreak app since SBSettings.

  • How does this compare to Notified Pro with the GRiP plugin?

  • barakthecat

    It is a breath of fresh air. I hope Apple adds something like this in the future.

  • Hmmm, I’m getting errors adding that repo.

  • David

    Just search for MobileNotifier in Cydia then; it’s there.

    • I don’t see it when I search. Even if I just search “Mobile” and look through it. Maybe you have already added the repo.

  • Polemicist

    Nice share Jeff…

  • FFFFFfffff

    What the hell do I do to cancel alarms with this installed?

    • SillyBear

      As the previous poster said. If you use he phone alarm there’s no way to shut it off unless you respring. The tweak fantastic but otherwise useless until this is fixed.

      • You can’t snooze or cancel, but if you use the volume buttons, you can silence it.

      • FFFFFfffff

        Thanks. Not sure where this previous poster is though, I did read the comments before posting and just did again.

  • Gary

    Will it co-exist with Notifier+?

  • slammer

    this tweak is very good except the alarm part…was really close to throw my phone this morning 😛

    • slammer


      • Just use the volume buttons to silence it.

  • Bugs are being worked out daily folks, so sit tight. If you have a problem, chances are it’s being addressed by the dev.

  • Notified Pro with one of the popup plugins is still a better choice. This being free and open source and still in beta is very promising though.

  • six4seven

    This doesn’t work for me. I’ve reinstalled it 3 times and I get no popups!

    I have lockinfo and multiflow, so perhaps these apps are interfering with MobileNotifier??

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Andy

    Installed it. Doesn’t freeze games. Ruined my perfect streak on Tiny Wings. Uninstalled it

  • Repo does not load for me. Comes back with errors and does not show up in Sources. Tried twice with same result.

    • Now it loaded. Sorry for the previous message.

  • Gorgonphone

    lock info is much better and has pulldown shade mode..

  • Ernesto Castellanos


  • Works Perfect and smooth. But how to stop the Alarm Clock?

  • Almostfamous84

    Keep in mind people that this is still brand new… Just Google mobilenotifier and you will see a bunch of blogs praising this app in the last 72 hours. The creator has a youtube showing how it works and what it’s supposed to do. Honestly, i was two seconds from uninstalling it until i did 5 mins of research and found that this is very revolutionary. Most of you like me have LockInfo which is amazing but as far as notifications it sucks… You can’t click the notification and only can remove it. You can click it in mobilenotifer and it will open the app! It’s not perfect but again is in beta… My 2 cents: make the notifier smaller so it’s not so bulky. Also make a setting available to activate the queue different ways. I use “Double Press – Home Button” to bring up multitask. Now I have to change it to something else which I am not happy about but would like to keep using mobilenotifier.

  • Over

    Updated… Clear all pending + alarm bug … Now i love it!!!

  • Android

    Gave it a try, but I prefer Notified Pro with Notification GriP

  • Almostfamous84

    Wow you are right notification grip and notified pro looks to be more advanced at the moment. Thanks for the two alternatives!

  • Polemicist

    Was using Notifier+ for basic notifications and then tried mobilenotifer. Not doing what it is supposed to so un-installed. Grabbed Notified Pro and love it but the Notified Addon and NotifiedBar for Notified Pro and wasn’t that thrilled with the Bar as it only worked when you had Preview turned on? I used GriP ages ago and clean forgot about it. GriP was a lot like Growl on my Mac but it was a Beta as well.

    Notified Pro is actually pretty sweet… I’ll be keeping my eye on mobilenotifer to see how it evolves. Great to see some new blood on the JB App scene. 🙂

  • October

    I had this, had the alarm problem, I don’t know what happened after that cuz I hate to uninstall because it crashed my springboard, I couldn’t use my phone at all outside of safemode…. I just installed again after reading that the issues had been resolved but it’s still crashing so idk… : / if there is a way to contact the dev directly that would be great as the link in Cydia doesn’t email him & I couldn’t find anything online. If he reads these comments then that’s fine too.

  • Jj

    It’s Rather nice if there was a few bugs worked out. I couldnt answer the phone when I had txts and the phone had been asleep. And then my alarm in the morning would not stop ringing.

  • GarethDPhillips

    I’ve just tried this today, and so far I like it. I have one question though, it has overridden my SMS tone (horn) and now I get the same notifcation for SMS as I do for other push notifications.

    Is there a way to restore my chosen SMS tone, so I can distinguish the two?

  • Binary-Stalker

    Hopefully this’ll be what notifications are like in iOS 5.

  • ViciousGame

    How does this app stack up against Notified Pro w/Notification GriP? When I first installed it a couple of week ago, I didn’t like that most of the notification was not visible on the alert and I had to open the respective app in order to read it. Notification GriP allows you to read most of a max. character tweet and the entire message from most other push notifications.


    Well, it’s actually FAR from being THE BEST solution… It’s almost as obtrusive as the original: If you get two notifications, half of your screen is gone and the rest is of not much use.

    So, Apple SHOULD mimic Android’s or WebOS’s notification system… They are loved for a reason!

  • Irha

    Just tried installing this on 4.2.1 and it seems to be pretty useful. Looks like the new version has some of the issues reported here addressed, at least partially, as there is now a “Clear All” option and there is also a way to assign a activator action to open the queue (even if the action is not named clearly).