Annoyed by that flash effect that happens every time you take a screenshot? Apparently you’re not alone.

No Screenshot Flash is a tweak that performs the exact duties that its name implies.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that you can pretty much customize every facet of your iPhone, but is such a simple tweak even worth your time? Does it improve the user experience in any way?

Honestly, in my opinion this tweak does more harm that good, because without the screenshot flash, it’s harder to tell if your iPhone actually captured the desired screenshot.

Sure, you can still rely on the audible snapshot tone that happens every time you take a screenshot, but what if you have your phone in silent mode?

That’s where you immediately begin to realize just how handy the screenshot flash is.

There have been a number of instances where I needed to take a screenshot of something important, and it took two or more tries for the screenshot to register.

Without the flash, it’s very likely that you could miss an important screenshot if you have your phone in silent mode. To me, that’s just not worth the risk.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and want to give it a try, No Screenshot Flash can be downloaded for free on Cydia.

What are you thoughts on this tweak?

  • Vincent

    Very silly of you ask me. Installing tons of these add-ons is stupid…they all use MobileSubstrate and CPU power. Do you really want to loose about 1mb of RAM just to disable an animation on something you don’t even use that regularly?

  • Painman

    Annoyed by that flash effect that happens every time you take a screenshot? Apparently you’re not alone .

    If it annoys you that much, then take it off. If it doesn’t annoy you leave it on. As Aleksandr Orlov would say “Simples”

  • Brad

    Utterly worthless.

  • Icyhotonmynuts

    Finally. Although, i wouldnt mind to be able to change the qhite flash, to say a black flash.
    Disabling the flash makes it less likely to get caught by cops at night when taking screenshots of my iPhone while driving.

    • Brad

      Black flash huh? Good luck with that…

      • icyhotonmynuts

        Well what is the “flash” really? It’s just a blank white screen that starts out solid and fades out. So to achieve the black flash, change the white to a black and have that fade out instead.
        …jussst someone else do it, cuz I’m not gonna code it. But there you go, free tip/idea for someone to take.

  • My fiance always takes screen shots of me looking stupid when we’re FaceTime chatting, but that flash is a giveaway that she’s doing it. Now I can and she’ll never know. 😀

  • DomPerignon

    Totally useless and/or worthless.