Earlier this week, we announced a giveaway of 5 ZAGGsparq mobile chargers amounting to $100 per unit. We reviewed the ZAGGsparq, and the folks at ZAGG decided to give us five ZAGGsparq’s for a giveaway to our readers! That’s a total value of $500. Not too shabby.

Winners of the ZAGGsparq giveaway have been selected. Congrats to the five lucky winners!

  1. Mike
  2. Alex
  3. abujaffer
  4. Michael Jordet
  5. Alex

Each of these winners demonstrated incredible wit and excellence in their comment on the ZAGGsparq review. If you are one of the five lucky ones, check your email inbox. We have sent out confirmation emails asking for your real, full name and address to give to ZAGG. You will then have your ZAGGsparq shipped to you.

There were so many great comments to chose from for this giveaway, but unfortunately we could only choose five. If you didn’t win, don’t feel too disappointed. You can still get 20% off any ZAGG accessory (including the Sparq) by using the coupon code “zagg20” at checkout.

Thanks to all that participated in the ZAGGsparq giveaway! We here at iDB hope to bring you more awesome giveaways in the future.

  • appletiser

    congrats to all but how did Alex win two?? i smell a conspiracy 😉

    • appletiser

      ..oh and this was written by ‘Alex’ – now i definitely think something’s amiss lol 😀

  • @appletiser Haha. I can assure you that I am not a winner and that those are two different Alex’s.

    • MrA

      Can you tell us the comments left by the winners?

  • tomuky


  • James

    Good Job Everyone 🙂

  • Alex

    I guess next time I’ll have to write a nice comment under the name Alex to get more chance 🙂

  • Bobby Mo

    Bullshit, I’m never reading this blog again

    • So long!

      • MrA

        Hey you should list all the comments of the winners!!!

      • brad

        why don’t you prove to us all that this is actually true and prove who the winners are wouldn’t you wanna support the fact that your blog is true to its word otherwise I would assume you’re going to lose reading such as myself

    • William

      funny, do you get mad too when you don’t win a lottery?

  • Thanks a lot guys! Anyways, here’s my comment (even though most of it didn’t come true; yet. My lawyer’s working up a case.):

    Since there are millions of reasons I should win, I’ll just list why I SHOULDN’T win:
    Everyone else on the internet will be envious of me, which will only bring bad luck.
    A streak of good luck is sure to begin, and for every good streak a bad one follows.
    The mail man might steal it and run for the hills as I shake my fist uselessly (he won’t have to recharge his mobile for a while either!).
    I’d fall into coma after the shock of winning such a device, and after I come out of said coma I’ll sue the internet for all it’s worth (which isn’t much, according to my lawyer).
    I’m too devilishly handsome; I can’t have all the good luck in the world.
    My iPod lasts me halfway throughout the day without recharging; the heck with the rest of the day! I can do something useful instead like solve global warming, or world starvation! An charge that’ll last me for the rest of the day will simply distract me from such breakthroughs.

    • Justin

      That was so dumb, lol. I’m honestly not jealous of you for winning, I can care less because I have a computer, an xbox, and a wall charger that can all charge up my devices just as well. But that was really the dumbest thing I have ever read. It just baffles me that you won with this ridiculous comment. And I thought mine was bad lol

      • Saying you’re not jealous isn’t changing the fact you obviously are…. and you have XBOX and a computer? Oh wait, no one cares…. No wonder my comment’s winning baffled your mind; it obviously doesn’t take much.
        Oh, and the saying is “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less”. However, the latter does fit in this situation, as you cared enough to reply to my comment; thus you could care less.

  • Jason Masters

    Lol two alex’s a conspiracy !!!

    • And look at who wrote the article: Alex! *Conspiracy Theory*

  • iKing

    Dang if only my ne was alex lol

  • Physicist

    How come i dont see this blog blogging about the news that Steve Jobs has 6 weeks to live. Dont believe me, google it

    • Because iDB doesn’t believe in helping spread gossip about people’s real lives. We report on the iPhone.

      • Physicist

        if not then why did they blog about steve taking a leave of absense. Isnt that the guys personal life.

  • Jason Masters

    That rumor was debunked already the pictures were fake.

  • Doug

    Gay contest. I comment on a few articles a day. Then just because they’re giving something away hundreds of people comment and all the regs don’t get anything

  • Manuel

    I’ve never seen people cry about a contest before. Its just a damn plug.

  • Xoforia—noob

    What a publicity!
    It made me visit d blog for d 2nd time, 1st was when I registered.

  • Xo

    is there an ipa for adding videos n songs from file directory in a playlist n which reads most f d filestypes..like vlc.. help a noob?

  • Good article written

  • Mike

    Friends, Good Morning.

    Would Like to Thanks publicly iPhone Download Blog’s and Zagg for that gift.

  • sylvan

    @ Sebastien , I don’t give a shit if I didn’t win but , u are Rude with an attitude !

    • MrA

      You’re overreacting buddy.

  • axel Macintosh

    axel or alex?