Man, oh man; just what would we do if we didn’t have the Internet to fall back on as an excuse?

As we’ve pointed out in the not too distant past, the Verizon iPhone 4 wasn’t as well adopted as the talking heads at Verizon wanted us to believe.

Now they’ve given us a reason as to why we saw virtually no one queuing in line on that fateful morning, February 10th…

According to Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead, what may have seemed like slow sales was actually the result of a drawn out plan by Verizon. “It was a conscious decision to spread the launch over three phases,” said Mr. Mead, “If we had not done online, you would have seen a much different flow in the pictures.”

Our whole beef with this situation is that Verizon just won’t spill the beans about the actual sales figures.

Personally, I think it’s great that Verizon wants to look out for the customer; I’m sure customers appreciated not having a repeat of AT&T’s iPhone 4 launch debacle last year.

Still, with plenty of rumors circulating about the Verizon iPhone’s sluggish sales, it makes us wonder what the truth really is.

Verizon says that they will release the figures during their next earnings release.

What do you think? Is Verizon making excuses, or do you think this was really a part of their whole strategy?

[WSJ via MacRumors]


  • ghiles


  • Vietnight

    strategy of lame excuses!

  • Pam

    He reminds me of my principal in high school in that picture. That guy was full of shit too.

  • William

    whatever, i’m not going to switch.

  • Ciguapito

    Verizon sucks. That’s why it didn’t sell. They thought everyone was going to switch from AT&T. I love my AT&T iPhone and i’m not switching. As a matter of fact none Of the people i arewilling to switch

  • I think it was planned. Why have people queuing up the street to buy it when they can just order it online. Personally I would launch the product online and not offer it in stores. Save on staffing the stores.

    I dont think that they are relying on people switching over from AT&T either.
    They will generate enough new custom to make it more than worth while venture.

    It makes sense to leave the sales figures to when they announce their earnings.
    This is based on the same concept of Apple not giving anything away until they practically have their product/s on the market. This just helps to generate more interest.

    When they finally do announce great sales figures, it will generate huge interest in their stock, hence a nice rise in stock price. To start putting figures out now would just dilute this news and not have as much of an impact.

    Keeping people guessing is one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

    I say well played!