Who would dare place a highly configured iPhone into the hands of a 5 year old? You’re liable to come back and see half of your apps deleted.

But if you had Undeletable Apps — A jailbreak tweak for the iPhone — you’d be able to rest easy knowing that your apps were there to stay.

That’s because Undeletable Apps prevents you from deleting your apps, even when in jiggle mode. How does it do this? Check inside for the full lowdown.

This is a simple jailbreak tweak with a magnificent outcome. Basically, Undeletable Apps removes the ‘x’ icon from your apps when they are in jiggle mode, protecting them from deletion.

Since jailbreak apps and stock iPhone apps like the clock and weather can’t be deleted anyway, this only applies to apps you purchased in the App Store.

The only entities that aren’t protected by this tweak are Safari shortcuts; those can still be deleted regardless as you can see in the screenshot above.

If there’s one thing I wish this app had, it would be a settings section to pick and choose which apps you wanted to protect. Almost like designating a franchise player on your favorite football team.

Other than that, there’s not much else to complain about here, especially since this tweak is free for jailbroken iPhones on the Cydia store.

What are your thoughts?

  • Eric

    in settings > restrictions there is an option to restrict app deletion. Who falls for this? Doesnt anyone know how to use their phones?

    • Amoeba

      apparently even the author doesn’t know his own phone.

    • appletiser

      before you berate and guffaw at users ineptablity or this author’s apparent obliviousness to that setting please don’t be so ignorant to the fact that not all folk use devices with s/w versions with this option because i for one do not have that option listed in restrictions.

    • I know about stock apple restrictions setting, but there is no settings section for this app in particular. I’m just reporting what it does, don’t shoot the messager! Not everyone is using the latest firmware.

  • kadz

    lawl lol

  • Gorgonphone

    4.2 has this

  • Thor

    Even better would be an app to disable jiggle mode so meddling 5 year old could no move tha apps around.

    • Tom

      There is an app in Cydia called lockdown pro that does all of this and more.

  • Aie

    iProtect apps protect you from delete and move.

  • AppleBits

    WHO hands their iGadget of any sort to a 5 year old??? lol (NO ONE touches my iGadgets…ever!) grrrrrr!!!!

    • True… it was a “for instance” 😉 I wouldn’t dare do that either….

      • Fred

        You’re right Jeff. My 3 year old does not just delete apps he would buy them too but luckily he doesnt go farther than the password box

  • William

    these Cydia hacks never do me much good.
    over time, they’ll cause my phone to frequently enter safe-mode, crashes…etc. Then I have to go through the pain of firmware restore.

  • Me

    isnt this already in restrictions on 4.2.1?

  • dabe

    Wouldn’t dare hand it to a 5 year old?? My girlfriends nephew knows how to use an iPhone 4 and he’s only 2 lol he’s really careful with it.

  • jack

    but william the hacks are very usful usally and apple later sees how much users appricates them and incorperates the features into the offical firmware sure i know first hand how annoying a crashing iphone is but that gennerally happens after 2 month of a freshly jailbroken iphone and when my iphone generally starts crashing i know its time to update the jailbroken firmware

  • Qwer

    my 18 months girl love the jiggle mode…i tried the lockdown pro for ipad, but its unstable. messed up my springboard display

  • iphoner

    as someone said earlier LOCKDOWN PRO! all the settings you need to lock apps with passwords, disable them from jiggling or being deleted. you can also get rid of notification badges on apps or folders.

    • iphoner

      actually the notification badges are removed with springclean sorry about that!