Who in their right mind would want to get rid of their voicemail button? Apparently, at least a few people, that’s who.

That’s because a new jailbreak tweak recently showed up on the Cydia store entitled NoVoiceMail, and I’m betting some of you have already downloaded it.

What a perfect tweak for those of you who never check their voicemail, for those of you who never return Auntie May’s repeated phone calls…

NoVoiceMail is about as simple as it gets. Once you install it, voila; the voicemail button in your Phone.app just got awfully good at playing hide and seek.

And that’s pretty much the full gist of it. The downside of this tweak is that it effectively eliminates your visual voicemail capabilities if your phone provider offers such a feature.

The only way to check your voicemail with NoVoiceMail installed is to go the old route of dialing your own phone number, entering your passcode, etc.

Although that can be pretty annoying in itself, chances are if you’re willing to install NoVoiceMail, you’re probably not too concerned with checking it anyway.

If you’re rocking a jailbroken iPhone, NoVoiceMail can be downloaded for free on Cydia.

What do you think?

  • Yasser

    Works for me. I live in Saudi Arabia. Nobody uses voicemail and I press the vm button by accident all the time so this is perfect.

    • Bumaouhf

      same i live in dubai- and no one uses voicemail here too 🙂

      • ahmed al-khuzae

        me 2 🙂

      • Smoke

        why is it against yall religion o sum?

  • Excellent. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while.

    I don’t use AT&T’s voicemail. I use Google Voice and their voicemail service. So I have a separate app for voicemail, and the button in the phone space is useless.

  • Koppis

    iPhone Voicemail isn’t supported by Sonera, so this is perfect.

  • SpideyRules

    I use Yap for voicemail (as Otto said, also a different app) so my voicemail button is a waste of space as well…

  • sgtMeowsteen

    I’m with Telus and unless I subscribe to ‘Visual Voicemail’ my voicemail button has no function. If you don’t have visual voicemail this jailbreak app would be perfect to remove a useless button.

  • Wow, I had no idea so many people don’t use the iPhone’s voicemail. Very enlightening, thanks for the comments.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    finally 🙂
    gosh i swear that today i touched the voice mail button by mistake (for like the 2000 time )
    and i thought i bet there is a way to remove this shit 🙂

    thank u

    • ahmed al-khuzae

      oh BTW i live in dubai to

  • Lilbitbrit

    Yep. Awesome bc google voice

  • Freddy


  • Pukka

    I never thought of this but man I hate voicemail this app is perfect. Voicemail is pretty much useless now that txt messaging and emailing seem to be the norm if nobody picks up. If it wasn’t for my company paying my cell bill I would have dropped it ages ago.

  • DavidJB

    Great news! Installed the tweak and working perfectly!

    I’m in Australia and have purposefully had my carrier (Telstra) disable my voicemail because 1) it costs money to leave/retrieve messages and 2) I never use it anyway because people rarely call me.

    Screen realestate saved..and me accidentally hitting that button saved too.

  • tgm

    This is great! I live in Cyprus, and Cytamobile-Vodafone are years behind and they don’t support visual voicemail on iphones. So it’s better that I don’t see the button and feel bad about it!

  • cool

    I love this, always being charged by hitting the voicemail button~ 🙂

  • Painman

    My provider in the UK (Orange) doesn’t offer Visual VM so I use Hullomail instead. I don’t need that pesky VM button either

  • Jason Masters

    Instead of no voicemail maybe it should be called the dubainator lol!