With Apple’s iPad 2 event officially kicking off next week, the folks over at Engadget have been tipped additional details regarding the event.

According to Engadget, not only will Apple announce the iPad 2, it will also preview iOS 5 at the media event, which will be held Wednesday, March 2nd, at the famous Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco…

It’s also almost guaranteed that we’ll see the next version of iOS (number 5 in all likelihood, along with its SDK for devs), and an expansion of Apple’s cloud services (that part is a little… foggy right now). Of course, that will perfectly set up Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 in June, which is when iPad owners can likely expect to be using the new software. Regardless, we’ll have the goods come next week, so stay tuned!

Although there has not been any word on what features iOS 5 packs, it is very likely that it will bring a newer, revamped notification system.

As far as the iPad 2 goes, Engadget claims that the second-generation iPad will receive a spec bump, with the inclusion of a more powerful Apple A5 processor and 512MB of RAM, along with a thinner design and a front facing camera. According to Engadget, the resolution and screen size on the iPad 2 will remain the same as the original iPad.

We’re hearing it’s most likely a thinner, spec-bumped variation of the original iPad with a screen size and resolution identical to the current model. More RAM (512MB) and a more powerful CPU (the A5) are expected as well. It’s also a pretty safe bet the tablet will be sporting at least one camera up front — though if some of those case mockups we’ve seen tell us anything, expect a shooter around back too.

Since little is known about iOS 5, what are some must-have features you would like? Let us know in the comments!

  • soccerkrzy

    Odds are it’ll incorporate many items that jailbreakers have enjoyed for years. Probably a better messaging application and they’ll mimic an interface like BiteSMS.

    I wish Apple would spend less time battling the jailbreakers and actually innovate their product more.

  • Jason Masters

    Lol they do innovate they steal it and get paid for it!

    • William

      oh, you have no idea.
      “Good artists copy; great artists steal” ~ Pablo Picasso.

  • drublic

    Ipad S probably be the name for this ipad then!

  • William

    this rumor, I believe it’s true.
    Consider that, in the past couple of years, Apple unveils the next-gen iOS on March in the Cupertino headquarter. It’s very likely that they’ll merge the the launch of iPad2 & next-gen iOS into the 1 event this year.

  • Me

    why is everyone so dumb? its been obvious 4.3 is coming out with the iPad ever since the bets came out.

    • Ryan

      Read and understand the entire article before you went on to post comment to show off how dumb your really are.
      who the hack is talking about 4.3? You see the the term “4.3” appear anywhere in this article?

  • Ricardodelsidney

    I wonder if they will tie in Lion OS with 5.0?

  • Fly

    Anybody think i can ipad 1 on ebay for around $250-350 on
    March 2nd?????

    • Jason Masters

      No not likely they still hold their value you could try craigslist maybe

    • Ryan

      I completely disagree.
      Apple products really DO hold their value, even if it’s a generation old.
      you should not have any problem selling it on eBay around $250-350 at all.

  • dabe

    I sold a 3rd gen 8gb nano on eBay for 75, so you know some one wants an iPad, just be realistic on pricing