In case you’ve been too busy playing on your PS3, renowned iPhone hacker George “Geohot” Hotz is in the middle of a heated lawsuit with Sony. Geohot “jailbroke” the Sony PS3 and circumvented Sony’s DRM. The ramification of his exploit is that Sony is now suing Geohot for “encouraging piracy” on their platform.

Geohot has done another interview on The Alyona Show in which he addresses the issues with the Sony debate and clarifies his stance on the subject. Check out the video after the break.

Geohot has been very vocal of his opinions on how Sony responded to his hack. He appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show in an interview about the Sony issue, and he even made a rap video about the situation.

Hotz recently asked for donations from the community towards his legal fees. The first round of donations was successful, and we’re sure Geohot will continue to receive support from his followers in his battle for consumer rights.

How do you feel about Geohot’s message? Do you support his actions?

  • Spoon2

    GeoHot is the spokes person for all of us. He is now helping to preserve our rights to do whatever we want to what we rightfully own.

  • SillyBear

    I mean…. Like… y’know…

  • STK10

    “encouraging privacy”?

    • Tai Po

      Sure it’s a typo. Encouraging “Piracy”. So much for proofreading.

  • Selcuk

    Geohot was taking the piss lol. i like it.

  • pedantic-head :)

    being a tad pedantic but when you surround a word or words with quotes and suggest a link to that quote make sure it’s actually written within that link because nowhere is “encouraging privacy” (???) or “encouraging piracy” written in sony’s restraining order 😉

  • Yasser

    Lol such a wierdo…we’re rooting for you buddy

    • Manuel

      He is so weird, but that goes with seeing how smart he is with all he has done for the community.

  • monkers

    Good to see him represented in an intelligent way. He needs to come across as a credible individual to appeal to the “non” jail break community as this argument, as he states, is bigger that hacking a PS3. He could be shot down by the media if not. A real chance here to get some autonomy on tech that we pay for. You don’t see Ford taking people to court for hacking their engine EMS and getting more horses out of a car that has been paid for and the same should be true of Sony products. I do accept that it may invalidate a warranty but hey, as long as you are prepared for that then all’s fair. Keep it coming George, if somebody offers some presentation coaching then take it man, I wish you all the best.

    • cherry-blossom

      This is a great case and I hope Geohot’s lawyers are smart enough to stick it to Sony.

      Look up the “First Sale Doctrine” and “Microsoft vs Zamos” for why Sony is wrong in this case.

  • Crash Overide

    Hack the Planet

  • SoCoMagNuM

    so everything i own should be able to use it in any way i please right? this laptop im suing if i decide to download free music from a website i should be able to right? no one should be able to sue me cause its my laptop i use it how i please? also if i wanted to use my computer to hack someone else’s computer to steal their data cause security measures arent necessary to protect them i should right? better yet say i set up a credit card account with Chase with a $300 limit, hack into their secured data base and change my limit to $50,000 using this same computer i bought that i own and should be able to use as i please right?

    security measures are in place for a reason. even if they legalize jailbreaking on phones or any other device, your taking away security measures and opening yourself up to a wider load of threats. lets look at iphone hacking. sure its cool to have iphones jailbroken (mines is) but just as much value it has it also has harm. my phone performs slower than it were factory, it freezes more often (in fact my phones never froze while being on official firmware), not to mention who do i know that the persons providing the jailbreak dont enter hidden code that remotely sends my information when connect to internet via cellular network or home networks thus exposing my personal information on my phone? whats to stop the average joe that savy enough to “use” the jailbreak and understand how it works but not actually how it “works”. ever since i jailbroke my phone ive received random calls from outta state and even country. i receive spam text messages. list goes on. i didnt have all that before. i havent yet to have my phone brick to where its non-functional anymore but theres many cases that has happen. what then? ya cant go to apple anymore cause you voided warranty that states if you bring your phone in jailbroken they arent legally binded to service your device in other words…your coming out your pockets again.

    lets move on to ps3 now since this is the subject at hand. you want to use your ps3 the way you want. play your old retro games that have been emulated on just about every device known to man. “waaaa waaaa i want to play my super nintento and genesis games on my ps3…” yes your high def current generation system you want to play some dated inferior games (not saying classic games are bad…just say why would i want to invest in such powerful system so i can go back to the drawing board? really?) lets look at security measures which were put there for a reason. early in the ps3 jailbreak scene people started hacking their systems and ended up bricking them. this isnt some cheap iphone. this is a powerhouse gaming entertainment system. its not that expendable like a cell phone is. once again once you jailbreak your ps3 your voiding your warranty thus your SOL when it comes down to getting it serviced by a certified technician. also opening up your system also provides easy access to harmful threats. people can now easily hack your system and basically take control of it with remote code (just as people do via PC). they can remove your hard earn game saves of countless hours that are irreversable, steal your account information and prevent you from accessing your account that you may have many purchases tied to, and at worse like above mentioned, have the system bricked to the point of non-functionality.

    so yes you should have a freedom of choice to allow your device to be opened up to more functionality and threats. its all up to the user. your moral choice. bottom line is….

    he breached security. he breached terms. he broke the law. he publicized information of which he didnt own. thats where the bottom line goes. yes he along with myself “own” our ps3s BUT we dont own security measures. you breach security and get caught then you will have consequences. most hackers hack under alias and dont publicize themselves. Geohot or we should say George Hotz made it personal…thats why hes being sued.

    all and all sony is doing their job. do i believe in geohot’s idea that i bought this device i should be able to use it as i please? sure who wouldnt. but i dont agree in the way he went about it thus he gets NO support from me personally. i know many of your support him…thats kool. we all are entitled to our opinions and beliefs. just kno that sony is like i said…just doing their job. they have laws and regulations to follow just like we do. he broke the law.

    sony doesnt make the laws..the government does. that should be the target of energy if you want justice and the right to use your devices as you please.

    • Prometheus

      Wow very interesting pro argument.

      Thankfully, the law is not as black and white as you see it and the system allows judges to decide in grey areas.

      Btw, using your logic, anyone who breaks the law should be punished. I wonder how many laws you’ve broken and continue to break. Such simple minded stances don’t serve the public interest and I hope one day, your ideals don’t haunt you.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        while that is true the law is the law and until its been changed or decided by the courts…its still the law. also im sure if violated many laws…no one perfect lol. ive been before a judge and have had to plead my case. ive gotten tickets for traffic violations. we are all held accountable for breaking laws. if u break a law and get caught then you should be held accountable. he broke a law, not only did he get caught, he promoted himself breaking the law lol.

        maybe in due time the law could be changed. if so great. all im saying is that security measures on devices are there for a reason, not just to limit what we do just cause they can. thats ALL devices including my jailbroken iphone. when you remove security from a does just want it intells..removes security.

        geohot removed sony’s security from his device…not his. he distributed sony’s security to the web, not his. so why shouldnt he be held accountable?

      • SoCoMagNuM

        btw what i meant by he distributed sony’s security i meant that he release sony’s “keys” to their security to unsecure the system. just wanted to clearify that.

        @prometheus i appreciate your concerns. i dont believe my ideals will haunt me persay. just have to abide by the laws just like anyone else. if i were to break them (in which i do) then i shall be held accountable.

    • Bob

      Naw brotha – your talking about using your device to do illegal activity…what if they told you your laptop couldn’t use the webcam that it had installed because of “security”…then you’d be comparing apples to apples

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Oh my bad. I didnt widely distributing someone else security key codes was legal. Musta slipped my mind. False alarm.

    • Vincent

      The other important thing to remember is the EULA. The EULA that you agree to before using the product lays out what you can do with it or not. Like it or not, your choices are to either use the product as it says you may or not use it. Anything else is unauthorized and the company has the right to block it and/or persue legal action.

  • Miguel

    If Geohot ever invented or create anything for sale. I’m going to buy it and hack it to make it my own!

    • Bob

      You wouldn’t have to hack it cause he would probably make it open source to do with it as you will…once you buy something – isn’t it yours anyway?

  • me

    so when i got my computer i built its aginst the law to overclock it?

  • me

    or unlock the xtra core on the processor wich is now a quad core insted od a 3 core thats illegal to do that?

  • me

    and note all the parts that i got r used just like the ps3s hotz got that were used not new.

  • me

    but yes i agree it was wrong to post the keys on the net like that all of u have good points.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Its one thing to build a computer and overclock components. Its another hacking a company’s security measures that doesnt belong to you and exploiting them over the web. Security measures were placed for reasons.

    Point made. If i open a bank account and put money into my savings its mines right? So if i hack into the bank security and exploit it to my benefit (add more benefits, change interest rates, disable surcharges for early withdrawal,etc) im entitled to that right? It my account. I own it so i should do as i please? Then take it a step further by posting my exploit to others so they can benefit from it too right?

    How about building a car and overclocking its components. Thats all fine and dandy but you can go on a road thats restricted to 40mph and go 80-100mph just cause your car can. Theres laws in placed.

    Geohot took something that wasnt his (ps3’s security key inplaced by sony) and publicly distributed it on the web. If sony wanted to take legal action on it they have the right cause he broke laws in placed.

    Another example. I buy a music cd. Its mines now right? I own this physical copy in my hand. So i can do what i want with it right? How about rip the lossless cd to my pc, covert it into mp3 and distribute it on my personal website. Its mines i do what i want with it right? Its mines. Wrong. Thats infringment and i would face legal action.

    Need i place more examples?

  • me


  • me

    your making a good point keep going want to here more

  • me

    ears open

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Oh my bad didnt know you were interested lol. Ive said my piece already aswell as others. Whether any support him or not thats all their will. I can only speak for myself when i say that doing what you want with your belongings is the ideal message behind this…he just went about it all wrong in which why i wont support him. I careless what others do. Just stating my opinion for what its worth. Whether any on (if any agree) with me i could careless too. Author simply asked everyone their take on the case. Not everyone is like minded just understand that.

    Ill leave it at that. I forget to unsubscribe from old blog posts :-/

  • me

    i normaly dont post anything on this kind of stuff butt what u say about this subject is understandable thats y im interestid because u make a good point really lol

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Im just saying he could have been more civil about it. He has a large following. Thats kool if people support him. Thats their choice. I just have my own reasons why and i stated a few examples earlier in the comments. Im not choosing any sides. I dont thinks fair to put limitations on a device i paid for yet i dont feel that exploiting someones security measures and distributing it online knowing that it will cause potential harm.

    Piracy will always be around. Its all up to ones morals. But when im playIng online under legit terms and someone comes along with their hacks to use at their benefits…then it affects me and my experience. I kno thats not majority of the hackers but ive personally had a couple instances where ive had bad online competitive experiences cause of hackers. Whats worse is not only can they manipulate their experience but yours too thus getting your network account banned when you have nothing to do with it. Thats one my main personal issues with hacked ps3s. People think thats cool. Yeah it pretty cool to screw a legitiment gamer out of hundreds to thousands of dollars and many years of time and experience cause someone think its kool to hack someones profile (insert sarcasm here).

    People say well u have a jailbroken iphone that geohot made possible. Yeah thats true. But its to each their owns benefit adding functionality to their phone. Yes you can pirate but again that up to ones morals standing. But its not like im jailbraking my iphone to ruin someone else iphone experience.

    Thats my take on it.