It’s a big day for Apple. The industry titan has released new MacBookPro models, an OS X Lion preview has been seeded to develepors, and the man himself, Steve Jobs, turns 56 years old today!

The world would be a much different place without Steve’s influence on the technology sphere. He has been quoted admitting he never knew he would have such success when he started Apple with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in a garage circa 1976.

Steve Jobs has been responsible for some of the most successful products in modern history. For years, Steve has been leading the team that brought us the Mac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad (not to mention all of his other work with Pixar).

You can wish Steve a happy birthday at alongside the 15,000+ other people that have already done so. It’s fun to imagine Jobs sitting with his iPad by a fireplace tonight and looking through the thousands of birthday wishes that people have left for him.

Currently, Steve Jobs is on a medical leave of absence from Apple. He is focusing on his health issues and working behind the scenes with the Apple team.

We wish Steve a very happy birthday and a speedy recovery. Hopefully he is enjoying a nice day with his family.

Have a great day, Steve! We wish you nothing but the best.


  • OP

    Wishing him health…

  • Manuel

    Still I wonder, will he be the one releasing the iPad 2?

  • Heyo

    It’s an honor to share a birthday with Steve! Maybe next year me and him can have a combined bday party for my 18th!

  • Igeek

    Happy b day steve

  • Igeek

    Happy bIrthday Steve

  • Cristi Wth

    This is what an american hero looks like 😉 Happy Birthday to Mr. Jobs and may he get well soon

  • iKing

    Lol he looks like Ashton kurther in that pic
    I hope he stays healthy

  • Tobi

    Happy Birthday! =))

  • Kz


  • Alton

    fck steve that son of a b*tch

  • Kingz

    Waiting for steve n will smith to release the iRobot!

    • Selcuk


  • Moses

    Happy birthday Steve,and thank you for introducing a devices that makes life easy everyday.

  • Zachi Gigi

    Unfortunately it seems like the ‘HappyBirthdaySteveJobs’ site is already closed for wishes.

    Anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE JOBS…and may you get well soon.