If you’ve been looking forward to some of the goodies contained in iOS 4.3 — Apple’s latest firmware for the iPhone and other devices — then no doubt this will be music to your ears.

It appears that iOS 4.3 has finally gone gold, meaning that the firmware has been tested and finalized.

This indicates that we could see iOS 4.3 released to the public in the very near future — next week, even…

What else does iOS 4.3 mean for iPhone users? For starters it brings mobile hotspot capabilities, something Verizon users are already enjoying with their updated 4.2.6 firmware.

Secondly, it brings improved AirPlay support for 3rd party apps. To me, the AirPlay support is the biggie in this release, because even though the jailbreak community has been able to circumvent some of these restrictions, it still isn’t as good as what Apple’s latest firmware brings to the table.

Just remember; do not jump the gun and update if you’re relying on a jailbreak or an unlock. You will need to wait until further instructions come out before updating you device, or else you will lose both your jailbreak and unlock if applicable.

Considering that Apple has an iPad 2 media event scheduled for next Wednesday, there’s no better time to reveal iOS 4.3 to the public, possibly releasing it the same day.

Are you excited about iOS 4.3?


  • Hope to see more options on iOS 2.3.

  • Unapologetically Impatient

    Maybe we’ll finally get the unlock.

  • tom

    Here’s a question just for future reference. iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 is the first iPhone I ever owned. I jailbroke with GP. When a JB is out there for 4.3 will I lose all my cydia packages and settings when I go to update. Just seems like it’ll be a real task to re download and reapply all the custom settings and themes I’ve added in the past few weeks.

    FYI. I am not saying I will update as soon as 4.3 is released. I will wait for the next unthethered JB for windows.

    • Shut_Your_Mouth

      Same hier yust w8 will the next unthethered JB there is no hurry it’s not like it’s goin any where

    • Same hier yust w8 will the next unthethered JB there is no hurry it’s not like it’s goin any where The 4.3 will be there w8ting for u

    • Eric

      you need to download Pkgbackup from cydia. it’s pricey but 100% worth it. or get a cracked version if you support pirates (which i don’t). when u rejailbreak, go to cydia, redownload pkgbackup , hit restore and it puts all you packages, repos and all right back on, with the settings exactly as you had them. best money ever spent on cydia.

      • Lerimer Santana

        Sure you don’t support pirate…. If you didn’t you wouldnt have mentioned them….

    • Shrike1978

      That’s a multi-part question with a multi-part answer. The settings question is simple…all decent jailbreak apps and tweaks (read 99% of them) put their settings in the same place that App Store apps do, so they get backed up by iTunes in the same way and restored to the phone when you restore a backup. As for the packages question, you will have to reinstall all of your apps, and if you have any icon tweaks, you’ll have to redo your springboard layout as well, but there are better ways. There are packages out there that let you backup your list of installed apps so all you have to do is install one app, load it, and hit restore, and it will reinstall all of your apps for you. There is a free one called AptBackup, but it hasn’t worked very well for me recently. It still loads and works, but it isn’t being actively maintained anymore and there are some peculiarities with 4.x. There is a pay app in Cydia called PkgBackup that I highly recommend. It not only makes backups of your package list, it will also backup all of your settings, including your sprinboard layouts, and if you have a (free) Dropbox account, it will backup all of your data from your default Apple apps (Messages, Photos, Videos, etc) as well. It’s not the cheapest app in Cydia, but it more worth the money than anything I have on my iPhone. I’ve been using it since it was released and the author is very receptive to suggestions, and has incorporated at least one of my suggestions into the app.

    • soccerkrzy

      There are many utilities to help you get everything back, so it won’t be too difficult.

  • Marc

    Download PkgBackup and never fret an upgrade/- again!!

  • Vik071

    It is not recommended to restore from a previous backup. Many things can go wrong such as fast discharging of the battery…

  • Vik071

    It is not recommended to restore from a previous backup. Many things can go wrong such as, fast discharging of the battery…

    • Shrike1978

      That has been a problem in the past, but I haven’t seen it in a while. Also, I have too many App Store apps that would require ground up reconfiguration to do that with. Navigon, game progress, and tons of custom configurations tweaked over time.

  • Liz

    Hi There,
    I am completely excited about the new release. The mobile hotspot is a huge deal for me so thats pretty exciting. The better air play, yes that is an advantage although for me its not such a major deal. Yet I have to be honest and say that I feel like some of the updates from Apple recently have not been the best they have ever been. For example; the last update I had on my Ipad left my Pages App making a crazy amount of errors.Words get jumbled, lost or misplaced.The pages have errors when you press Tab and unfortunately there is not much I can do. Hopefully Apple will dedicate as much time perfecting the releases they have made and not only focusing on making the “next” big device.

  • Doug

    Has att announced pricing for mobile hotspot yet? I will probably stick w mywi but I just like to kn

  • Doug

    Ow how the official feature compares. Idk how my keyboard closed and hit publish in the middle of me typing

    • Shrike1978

      Based on the official ones that are available for other OS’s, it’ll be just like MyWi, but it’ll cost $20/month. If you’re on a limited plan and the extra $20 is worth it for the 2GB extra, maybe, otherwise, stick with MyWi.

  • dabe

    I’m dreading 4.3 :((, at least until they jailbreak/unlock it. Seems like we just got GP untethered jailbreak, then this comes along. Guess I can’t buy anymore iPhones for awhile

    • Shrike1978

      Word from the dev team is that @i0n1c has an untether for 4.3 already. The reason we got 4.2.1 untethered when we did is because Apple had already fixed that exploit in 4.3, so there was no reason to save it.

  • yipe

  • Igeek


  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    When the jailbreak for that ipsw is released (Something that hackers were relying on during the beta phase), notify us when the 03.10.01 unlock is ready for the public in general

  • Eduardo Gonzales why do you insist on asking that question? That is a dumb question and as long as you ask dumb questions you will get dumb answers. Truth is no one but a jailbreak developer knows when a jailbreak will be released. Be patient and hang on for the ride as everyone else will do 🙂

  • stfudvs

    the devs have stated there is a jailbreak exploit for 4.3 and soft unlock for 3.10 down

    2weeks after 4.3 should see an untether and unlock

    Watch dev team twitter


  • dabe

    Awesome, thanks for the info guys, guess there’s no need to fear the reaper 4.3 lol. Im loving GP so I hope the new 4.3 jb is just as smooth. Thank you to all the hackers out there working so hard!!

  • HasanM

    Great news , but what about jailbreak/unlock I’m stuck on BB:5.15.04 and I can’t use my iphone , is there any news about it ? please .

  • radu

    Hopefully this will fix the 06:15 baseband because i have no gps signal. What do you think? Will it fix it?

  • dabe

    Probably will not fix 6.15.00 radu. right? I’m happy to give up GPS for a t-mobile iPhone personally but I’ve always got wifi pretty much so it isn’t an issue for me.