We’ve been talking about the iPad 2 for while now, or at least we’ve heard rumors about it, but there’s one thing we haven’t speculated about: it’s name. We all call it iPad 2 but do you really think Apple didn’t come up with something a little more original for such a flagship product?

Early reports and leaks claim that the iPad 2 will be much thinner. Could it then be named “iPad Air”? If I had to take a guess, I’d say the name of the iPad 2 will actually be “iPad II”. It’s pronounced the same but it’s spelled differently.

What do you think? Can you predict the name of the iPad 2?

  • Eric

    It will iPad. Just like every iPodtouch is iPodtouch. Just like every iMac is iMac. Just like every MacBook Pro is MacBook Pro.

  • Lucas K.

    I think Eric has a good point. I think it’ll be “iPad” but they’ll call it iPad G2 (for gen 2) to clarify it as a new version.

  • Mike

    It’ll either be called the iPad 2, MacPad or iPad ||

  • Mike John

    They might call it ‘Morris”.

    • TJ

      That would be a good name for an iPad.

  • Maybe they’ll do a Nintendo and call it the iPad lite? Sony went for it with the PSP, why not Apple?