If you’ve been keeping your ear to the street, you’ve probably heard about all the ramblings concerning Apple’s new MacBook Pro refresh.

That refresh is due tomorrow, so I wasn’t surprised to see some of the official box shots leak out.

Contained on the box of Apple’s latest mobile swag is a new “FaceTime HD” option; presumable 720p video via the MacBook’s built in webcam.

Considering that the iPhone 4, and to a lesser extent, the iPhone 3GS, are technically capable of handling HD video, does this mean that we should expect FaceTime HD on our iPhones?

For 3GS users, you can absolutely forget about it. Even iPhone 4 users shouldn’t get too excited about the possibility for HD mobile video chat.

The iPhone 3GS only has 802.11g capabilities, and while it may be technically capable of snapping HD video, it can’t do it out of the box, and it’s obvious that Apple didn’t have that in mind (no front facing camera and all).

The iPhone 4 is a different story altogether, but I still think it’s a little far fetched. It has 802.11n capabilities, it has the front facing camera, so what’s to stop it from being added?

Question: Have you seen how FaceTime looks, even over a good Wi-Fi connection? A lot of times its pretty terrible.

That would have to be some type of incredible firmware upgrade to enable HD resolution over FaceTime at this stage in the game. If they could just get VGA down pat, I’d be satisfied.

If not the iPhone 4, then when will we see HD video chat on the iPhone? Answer: The iPhone 5. I’m predicting that this will be one of the major selling points of the iPhone 5.

While FaceTime is a nice gimmick for the iPhone 4, it’s unreliable and unrefined. The iPhone 4 was more of a test lab for mobile video chat than anything.

With the iPhone 5, I think we will see greater emphases put on FaceTime, with the HD version making its debut. Just think, you’ll be able to talk to your friends in glorious 720p, and hey, it might work as advertised this time around.

Lastly, let’s not forget the fact that FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi thus far out of the box. With 4G network speeds — something we will likely see with the advent of the iPhone 5 — out of the box video chat can truly be mobile as it should be.

When do you think we’ll see FaceTime HD?

[fsklog via 9 to 5 Mac]

  • Andy

    I was just thinking about this yesterday when I was using Skype. I switched to the back camera, and it looked blurry, even more so than the front camera did. I have been experiencing a clicking when i press on the back of the phone near the camera, though, so I thought maybe I broke it or something. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Twited21

      Not sure what device you are using but the iPod touch has a clicking sound when using the camera if the wifi is on
      However I haven’t had this on the ip4 hope this helps 

  • Shaz

    man that would be sweet! could a OS uhaul of the facetime be substituted with a 720 version on the iphone 4 ? or would the processor not be able to handle sending that through the wifi?

    I wish the quality of the facetime on the i4 was a bit better.

  • brent

    Do you think it means “Facetime HD” or “Facetime/HD” meaning it’s a camera for facetime (at normal lower resolution) and is also capable of capturing high def footage (when not used for video chatting)? That’s how I would interpret that. Not to say Facetime in HD wouldn’t be cool.

    And speaking of the MacBook Pro, I don’t speak German, but from those specs it looks like little to nothing new or exciting about it. Too bad, I was excited by the rumors.

    • brent

      Except Thunderbolt I/O port (lower right) is apparently Apple’s version of Light Peak, the super high speed data transfer thing. That’s cool. I’m anxious to see what that’s capable of.

  • brent

    I mean lower left…

  • Jason Masters

    The iPhone 5 will be 1cm thick that is all

    • QBert

      Will you please jump off a bridge? Or at least learn to be even slightly clever? Douche.

      • Jason Masters

        It will be thinner idiot

      • unionjack

        touchy, muppet

  • QBert

    Uh, if the front facing camera is only VGA, which it is, there’s no amount of firmware or software hacking in the world that will allow the camera to capture “HD” video. They can improve it, but there’s no way Facetime HD is coming to the iPhone 4. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • unionjack

      OH NO!!!! My bubble is burst BOO HOO!!!

    • True, but you can still FaceTime using the rear camera.

      • QBert

        That is true, but a little less practical to use when video chatting with a person, although, then again, FaceTime isn’t exactly practical, especially with video chat for Skype on iOS and the fact that it can’t be used off of wifi without a JB. And no, those of you who will jump down my throat for that comment, I do not hate the iPhone or Apple. I like both of them just fine, merely commenting on limitations of some of the features in their current iteration.

  • Jason Masters

    Touchy muppet¿ must be eurotrash lol…

  • dogxa

    No matter what iPhone 5 will be like, but we can sure that it will be better than the first generation, we have to do is waiting and waiting for its final appearance! Get one and an Aneesoft iPhone video converter.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Who cares. Does anyone ACTUALLY actively USE Facetime? Since I got my iPhone in September, I made a 20 second call to another iPhone 4 to test it out. Quite gimmicky.

  • Age

    I FaceTime my family from the uk to new Zealand for free over wifi, it’s mint, and quicker then logging in to skype on the pc etc. Can you skype on your iPhone 4 using the camera? I have jail broken too.

  • yes, that is ture

  • Ogrewease

    I don’t understand why iPhones comin out Like flat screens?? Dam I jus got my iPhone not to lOng ago now there’s an i5 around the corner? And it’s gonna have hd FaceTime? Well what happened to the commercial were the iPhone was showing off it’s FaceTime lookin hd??? Fuckin false