I’ve seen it, and no doubt you’ve seen it. A new iPhone is released and people get excited; people line up hours in advance just to get their hands on the latest goods from Apple.

Then there are the folks that have never even owned an iPhone before; many of them are excited as well because this new release will be their first taste of the iPhone.

My point is, if there’s one thing that the introduction of a new iPhone does, it’s bring excitement to the mobile phone landscape, and guarantee a heaping helping of first time adopters.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the Verizon iPhone 4 didn’t quite accomplish that…

Marco Arment — the founder of popular offline content reader Instapaper — suggest that the Verizon iPhone might not be doing so well when it comes to pulling in first time adopters.

He noted that his app didn’t get the usual “huge spikes” in sales that most developers of popular apps receive when new iPhone hardware is released.

That makes sense, seeing as the Verizon iPhone 4 is just that, an iPhone 4 — hardware that’s already a good 8-9 months old.

It also suggests the possibility that Verizon sales just weren’t that astounding, or that most of those who did adopt the Verizon iPhone where refugees from camp AT&T.

Whatever the scenario, we hate to say that we told ya so; but, well yeah, we told ya so.

How many people do you know with a Verizon iPhone 4?


  • Joe

    This guy is stupid polls have shown most people who bought the verizon iPhone where android and black berry users. Also most people who said they got the verizon iPhone have an iPod touch or iPad. So that wouldn’t show new users. Also if you look at the chart most of the iPhone’s were sold on preorders.

    • Jon Garrett

      you are as stupid as the guy you claim is stupid.

      polls don’t mean sh!t. polls will show whatever you want them to show. a sample of 1500 people do not reflect the opinions of 5 or 6 million other people.

      the iphone 4 for Verizon was all hype and for the first time we see people are not jumping on the “trendy phone” band wagon.

      Android is make a dent in apple and that dent is getting bigger and bigger every day. you see this now with the iphone vs the latest Android phones and you will soon seen the same thing with the release of the new Android tablets.

      people don’t get all that excited (non-fanboys) about apple because they now have another choice.

      I love my iphone 4 and my wife loves her’s but hell will freeze over before we buy an iphone 5.

      • Joe

        No you are the idiot, the most phones they should were on preorder dates and that was only verizon subscribers. Also I took ap gov so I know all about polls and percent error. Plus all the data I used came from verizon themselves.

      • manuel

        Sorry but he’s right. Polls don’t mean anything. I’m a psychology major and we do polls and stats all the time, and the way we get our answers is like wtf. It’s completely bias and we get what ever the crap we want to get from it through air. I got my Verizon phone because I got lucky and sold my iPhone in Jan since I was having issues with ATT & got a droid. When I hear the iPhone was going to them, I just did a 30 day return and got them. If I didn’t use an iPhone and wanted it, I would not get the 4 and would have waited. Trust me, Verizon didn’t make much off this idea. If Steve Jobs wasn’t even there to announce the iPhone to Verizon, then I’m sure it wasn’t big. Not many people want 8 month old phones, locking themselves into two year contracts and not being able to get the new phone. For me, I couldn’t care less. As long as it makes calls, goes on the internet and my Cydia apps work, then I’m okay. Plus, I don’t want to waste months waiting for a JB, and everyone to update their cydia apps to iOS 5, it’s just not worth the wait to me.

      • Igeek

        ANDROID IS THE MOBILE STANDARD…. NOW YOUR STUPID…. apple and windows are high end phones…. Do your research

      • Igeek

        ANDROID IS THE MOBILE STANDARD…. NOW YOUR DUMB…. apple and windows are high end phones…. Do your research

    • qbarrel

      I’d like to see that poll. Please produce it if you can. The only poll I have seen regarding the percentage of android users trading in their devices for an iphone so far has been from Verizon. They themselves only estimate this to be around 30%. Note that this does not mean that 30% of Android users have jumped ship to the iphone, but rather 30% of the iphone’s rather moderate sales have been to existing Android users. Before everyone jumps all over me for my ‘moderate sales’ comment, know that I am not using the word moderate in the context of typical sales for a new device – a half a million pre-orders is excellent no matter how you slice it. Rather, I am using the word moderate in relation to the sheer number of Android and ATT iphone handsets already in circulation as well as the ridiculously high sales expectations for a 9 month old device that is no longer cutting-edge.

    • interesting. Most people who bought the verizon iphone where android and black berry users, but Android sales are outpacing iphone sales. hmm. I don’t think most of them were android.

  • Tony

    Also I think it’s pretty dumb to buy a new iPhone 4 right now, as it’s likely the iPhone 5 will be out in less than 6 months. Why start a new Verizon contract right now when you can just do it with an iPhone 5 soon? Plus, did Verizon offer any of their current customers any incentives for upgrading to an iPhone 4? I think it was just very bad timing to bring out a new carrier for something that is old already when something new is around the corner, and youll be able to get the iPhone 4 for much cheaper at that point.

    • Jon Garrett

      Why wait for an iphone 5 this summer when by fall the iphone 6 rumors will begin to fly?

      I don’t know about you, but Im sick of buying products from a company that intentionally withholds features from their devices so they can inflate sales.

      How is it that after the official release of EVERY firmware, a new firmware goes out to beta testers AND each firmware has something the previous didn’t?

      After my iphone 4, I cannot see myself buying an “iphone 5′. Id rather get an Android phone that has EVERYTHING the iphone 4 has AND MORE, and not have to worry about a new firmware every 2 months (designed to prevent jailbreaking) or worry about apple withholding features and releasing them a little bit at a time.

      • Joe

        I’d rather have my iPhone 4 that works better then any android on the market, has better developers, a deciated jailbreak community, fluid os, retina display and all the great features. Good luck getting updates to your phone.

      • Jon Garrett


        how does the iphone 4 work better than any android phone? please explain.
        better developers? how do you know this? app store has something like 300,000 apps while Android has something like @200,000 PLUS, the apps on app store are also available in Android market so it sounds like developers are developing apps for both phones. why would any developer want to limit himself to just one customer base? why not maximize his profits by making his apps available to all devices?

        as for a dedicate jailbreak community, I can say this. with Android there’s no need to jailbreak since Android is open source and 3rd party apps can be installed right out the box. without jailbreaking, the iphone would be just another phone. you might want to do some reading throughout the net if you want to start talking about dedication.

        fluid OS? and Android isnt? retina display? which means what exactly? and all the great features? what great features? the ones found in Cydia or the ones they slowly spoon feed us with a new firmware every month when they should just release all those features in one or two firmwares. a firmware should be an update to fix issues but apple uses it to control content.

  • Apple rules!!!

  • Paul Zammit

    Just wait till the iPhone 5.

  • veggiedude

    An earlier report said 25% of new iPhone’s sold at Verizon were from former Android users:

  • Jason Masters

    I once saw a poll that said most apple users had bigger dicks and bigger tits than android users!

    • BLiNK

      you mean it’s not true??

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I read all the comments that I forgot what the subject of this article was… The comments started deviating from the subject. Haa 🙂
    (yeah I know… I can just go to the top and look at the title.)

  • Mcsteven

    Yeah the iPhone 4 blows ANY android out of the water. It’s just silly. My good friend is real big on android and ge always has the latest android phone. Holding my phone next to his I can see it’s faster, brighter better screen. The only thing he has on me is the huge screen that is like a block in his pocket. People are just straight up jealous of the iPhone cause it’s the best product…. Haters keep hatin..

  • SLJJ

    If Apple doesn’t change their tune (pun intended), they will become niche player along with RIM. Apple needs to become an OPEN SOURCE operating system. Jobs is a TOOL and needs to learn from his own history, that is the PC v MAC of yester-year.

    Read it and weep fanboys…

    A new study from consumer intelligence firm Market Force Information, for example, has found that more consumers are planning to buy an Android phone than an iPhone.

    According to the December survey of 5600 North American consumers, some 51 percent said they already own smartphones; of those who didn’t, 33 percent planned to buy one within the next six months. When asked which type of smartphone they would buy, 34 percent of survey respondents said Android, while only 21 percent said iPhone and 12 percent said BlackBerry. Roughly 25 percent were undecided, Market Force reports.


  • JgTDeR

    I own a Android and my Galaxy always blows away the fanboys. Speed of EVERYTHING and a Super OLED display that Apple couldnt get. Apple had to settle on Retina display with poor contrast ratio and higher power requirements along with poor off axis viewing. The Galaxy has a newer OMAP (lower power version) with a vastly better graphics chip.

    Iphone 4 is OLD!

    By the time iphone 5 releases, quad core devices will be right around the corner.

    How does it feel to now be always behind the curve?

  • veggiedude

    iPad will always be ahead of Android tablets. The reason? Because the Android apps are run in emulation – that is the very nature of java. Yes, having a very fast chip compensates, but the way things are going, I would not be surprised that in ten years, will will most likely see a dual platform iPad, one that can run iOS and Android. It’s easy to do, and could happen tomorrow if Apple wanted to do it (there is little reason to do it now). All they need to do is slap in a compatible java runtime engine. So you see, the future will always be iPad, any way you look at it. If you think that is far fetched, they once said Steve Jobs would never allow Macs to run Windows. This is far easier to do.

    • Jon Garrett

      Macs run windows because 99.99 percent of all software is for PC’s. why would anybody want to buy an Mac but still need to run windows? makes no sense to anybody except a fan boy.

      iPad is NOT always ahead of Android, ipad 2 is already DOA. the ipad 2 hasn’t even been released yet and there are already rumors of an ipad 3 and or a 7 inch.

      I cant imagine how the ipad will always be ahead of Android since the ipad will always lack features.
      even if you compare the soon to be released ipad 2 against current Android tablets, you’ll see how the ipad 2 comes up woefully short.

      • Jack

        A) You’re an idiot. How do you propose to compare the iPad 2, which hasn’t been released yet to current android tablets? None of the tech specs are known, so you can’t actually compare anything. Not performance, not features, not even the resolution of the screen. I’m not saying this as a fanboy, I appreciate Android as a platform and hope to test it son, but seriously, you make no sense.

        B) All of the current android tablets are running Froyo or Gingerbread, which is not designed to be run on a tablet. I will admit, Honeycomb looks incredible, but until the Xoom is launched on Thursday, there is no consumer availability for that iteration of Android. Google themselves have said that android tablets haven’t been ideal, hence the whole designing an entire OS for the tablet form factor.

        C) Processing speed and memory alone do not make a good tablet. It’s about user experience, something that iOS does very well. What features you desperately think the iPad lacks in? As for rumors for the iPad 3, while it has been mentioned in the press, the vast majority of coverage is still on the iPad 2, so I’m not understanding how that makes it DOA. Additionally, the iPad sold incredibly well, and I can only imagine that the iPad 2 will sell even better, further negating your entire DOA analogy. Furthermore, Steve Jobs has already bashed the idea of a 7 inch iPad so anyone who thinks that’s rolling out any time soon is high.

        Finally, I really can’t understand why you spend your time trolling the boards at an iPhone based website. Has masturbation already lost its fun that much? Get a life.

  • Steve

    I read this blog pretty regularly, but I’m getting a little sick and tired of reading crap about the Verizon iPhone not selling well. We get it, and we know the writers called it on launch day. This is at least the third post that has ended with “we told you so”. That’s great and all, but I’m getting sick of the arrogant know-it-all attitude. Be objective in your writing. Report information as you have it, but stop making yourselves sound like you knew everything all along. Lest we forget, the initial prediction was still based off of two store fronts, which is hardly scientific and doesn’t really make you a brilliant market analyst who predicted this from the time of the announcement.

    • Tony


      • Jason Masters


  • dan

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    • QBert

      You are quite the wordsmith my good man. I can only imagine all the Neanderthal bitches you had to drag to your cave appreciate your wit. I hope reading and writing at the first grade level fulfills you as a person.

  • Jason Masters

    Actually most women in general prefer slow witted men it makes them feel better about themselves.