We’d seen iPhones being destroyed by blenders, baseball bats, and microwaves, but this one sets a new standard.

How much do you have to hate AT&T to go that far out of your way to make a point? I guess you have to hate them very very very, very much. The sad part of this video is that the poor iPhone being destroyed has nothing to do with AT&T’s service…

I hope this guy is now happy with Verizon.

  • Jason Masters

    Lol can’t wait till he gets pissed when he can’t surf the web and talk at the same time then he’ll blow it up with dynamite lmao!!

  • Tony

    Because it’s the iPhones fault that AT&T sucks so much….

    • Marty

      What? It isn’t… You really don’t know what you’re talking about

    • William

      I suppose he really doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about

      • jwelden21

        Tony was being sarcastic, hence the “….”

  • Bumaouhf

    I bet he is american ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Kevin

    Bleeping idiot! The iPhone is a beauty…. Regardless of carrier..

    • What the hell is with bleep, just say the swear.

  • Tuanvy512

    I bet the man is now regret that he cannot sell his iphone on Ebay for spare parts. LOL

  • Tom

    If you have access to a Plasma cutting robot I’m sure you’re not hurting too much from the $300 you lost out from not selling the phone

  • mmtk99

    this is dum!!! and you know what is funny!! wile I watch the video I noties that my at&t iPhone 4 has more bars than his verizon!! by the way here in puertorico verizon was sold!! now verizon is claro!!

  • mmtk99

    this is dum!!! and you know what is funny!! wile I watch the video I noties that my at&t iPhone 4 has more bars than his verizon!! by the way here in puertorico verizon was sold!! now verizon is claro;)

  • mmtk99

    funny !!! my iPhone 4 from AT&T has more bars than his verizon !!! lol

    • moimoimoimoi

      i think you’re “dum” .. yes I am sure of it.

  • jimathan

    It’s not the iPhone’s fault it’s on a bad carrier. I bet this guy beats his kids because he doesn’t like their hair color too. Jerk.

  • ethaniphonelover

    this singapore is kinda dumb. why not sell the phone for money rather than destroying. all he proves is that he, himself, is stupid. LOL

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      He can afford a Plasma cutting robot… Don’t think he needs to sell his phone for money.

  • soccerkrzy

    And the guy was fired for mis-using company property as soon as this becomes viral. Shame too, it’s fun being able to play with tools like that, just don’t post it on the Internet…

  • Manuel

    Its funny to watch him do it. All the people here are to phone and tech crazy. Its just a phone, and money is not the only option. If he got enjoyment from doing what he did, then his choice was a good one

    • appletiser

      dont know about enjoyment, he looked as bored as f**k ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Just got to wonder what that plasma robot will do to his wife if she pissess him off. Ouuuchh Only in America

  • appletiser

    pfft 3gs are two a penny, now if he’d grown some balls and destroyed his new iPh4 this wouldve been less of a fail! ๐Ÿ˜

  • Jason.N

    The failed part is… He showed both verizon and att…… they both had 2 bars lol.

    By looking around hes probably using the company equipment.

  • Nick4G

    may i have 5 minutes of my life back? i been a at&t customer for almost 10 years. yeah i have a lot of dropped calls, but where i’m located they treat me so well, but ever since i updated my iphone to 4.0 the signal has been awful. once my iphone contract expires on 01/2012, i’m saying good bye to the iphone because they always make good phones every month. so i’m hoping in 2012, some company will make a better phone then the iphone. but at the same time though i’m going to miss my jailbreak. that’s the whole reason why i bought an iphone in the first place but now it’s boring and i want a new phone ๐Ÿ™

  • Tbv

    The iphone in the video is NOT an iPhone 4, it is a 3G or 3GS. Look at the picture closely. At least use a real iPhone 4(Not that I would ever do that to my iPhone 4, I love my iPhone).

  • Istupid

    What a feakin retard… Useless information…

  • dan

    this guy an idiot.. stupid.. could have donated the iphone to someone else

    • brent

      You people just crack me up that get all serious complaining that he should have donated the phone to someone who needs it. You really don’t know how the world works, do you? You see when a person spends their hard earned money on something that generally means they can do what they want with it. Who are you or I to say what he should or shouldn’t do with it. Someone else might have sold the phone. You might have donated it. That’s you, not him. What you think is the responsible thing to do with it is irrelevant, because it’s not your iphone.

      • buzanfa

        you are stupid too

  • Tim Lin

    Looks like a Verizon marketing to me.

    The account had no other videos, just a destroying of an iPhone.
    Low cost advertising with potentially rewarding viral effects.

  • i cant believe this. for a stupid plan he distorted a brand new iphone. its better he can change or cancel his contract. it seems that he need a syncretist

    • Daniel

      Jeez. There are better ways of getting rid of browsing history ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Yesterday, I wrote in this blog, if you have nothing good to write, then write nothing.

    I’m breaking my own rule for this Arse Hole. He is fucking idiot!!!

    But then again, if the iPhone is bricked, I supposed it’s better to do this than quietly complaining.

  • Too Much Bad Mobile

  • Really at&t is bad company to use

  • Funky Rabbit

    I’m no journalist but why would the article say “Man Hates AT&T So Much He Uses a Plasma Cutting Robot to Destroy His iPhone” and then say “The sad part of this video is that the poor iPhone being destroyed has nothing to do with AT&Tโ€™s service…” ???????

  • tragicchris

    i can fix that…

  • greytone

    “Don’t breathe that.”

  • FAhadniazieng

    idiots , he is doning this on internet to earn money by ads LOL .. And he is not rich , if he is then he should have AT&T Ip4 .. Second how can u say this is his robot may be he begged his friend to let him operate for few mins LOL