Awhile back, we showed you a jailbreak theme called “OS7” that replicated Windows Phone 7’s interface on the iPhone. Some of you installed the theme and played around with it. The theme’s attention to detail and resemblance to Windows Phone 7 was striking.

An app called Muzik, by Dr. Wilson Gaming, allows you to play your iPod music in the style of Windows Phone 7 and the Zune. Muzik recently received some major updates to make it a more formidable clone of the Zune experience.

If, for some reason, you want the ability to replicate the Zune interface on your iPhone, Muzik is about as good as it gets.

Just like the OS7 jailbreak theme, Muzik bears an eerily identical resemblance to the Windows Phone 7 interface. The app allows you to listen to your iPod’s library and playback videos through iTunes file sharing like Apple’s native iPod app.

You can skin your Windows Phone 7ish player with different themes. According to the developer, there seems to be a few issues with one of themes. You may need to do some manual tweaking. (For more information, check out the developer’s forum.)

I downloaded Muzik to try it out, and I was shocked at how detailed the app strives to be in its Microsoft homage. Everything down to the little transition animations make you feel like you’re really using the Zune player.

The best part about Muzik is that it’s just an app from the App Store. That means that you can mess around, and maybe even enjoy using the interface. But at the end of the day, iOS is just one home screen button tap away.

Muzik is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Let us know what you think of Muzik. Did it make you wish the native iPod app was designed differently, or did it reaffirm your love for the brilliance of iOS?

[via RazorianFly]

  • Samantha

    I haven’t found anything better than a real Zune HD player and thank goodness it’s integrated in my new phone.
    Does it pull down all the CD graphics, bio and one touch access to all of the group’s other CDs with instant preview of each song and the ability to purchase non DRM from the marketplace? Does it put a panagraph of the group behind the CD cover? or shuffle all either by song, album, genre, artist, does it automatically pull down the CD and artist info on the fly as the song is playing?

  • Jim

    @Samantha I totally agree, Zune is an unparallelled media player! It’s just people nowadays buy iPods based on hype alone, they never bother to check anything else. Having tried both, the Zune interface is far superior than that of the iPod!

    • Justin

      Well in Australia, unfortunately Zune players aren’t accessible. The iPod is pretty much the next best thing though..\

  • Jason Masters

    Lmao zune what a joke you can get em at thrift stores or craigslist they suck and are absolutely no match for iPods at all lmao zune the name even sucks!

  • William

    @Jim. yes, Zune HD is a great music player, I agree with that.
    But Zune’s underwhelming sales # is mostly Microsoft’s fault.
    1st. the brand name, when referring to the name of Microsoft, most consumers think about computer crashes, virus, & Vista.
    2nd, the industrial design of 1stGEN Zune is a miserable failure.
    3rd. Microsoft is always steps behind the competition, when Apple introduced iPhone and iPod touch in 2007, the world wasn’t gonna stand still to wait for Microsoft to catchup. And when Microsoft finally made a Zune with touch-screen many months later, iPod touch already dominated the market of touch-screen media player.

  • Aaron

    Jason, obviously you’ve never used a Zune for more than 10 seconds… Go back to your iphone and let Apple brainwash you and lie about why you can’t make a phone call if you hold your phone wrong and pretend like iphones don’t drop calls more than most other phones on the same network… Oh, and enjoy the mass exodus of apps that don’t want to deal with Apples new restrictive in-app fee rules.

    • Jason Masters

      Lmao how do you jailbreak a zune?

  • William

    i wonder why comments always get so unnecessarily heated.

  • 5n4k3

    don’t work, blank black screen when i launch the app

  • Rick

    Install0us FTW

  • Install0us

    tried downloading it, getting blank black screen after the logo :S

    • teresa

      me too!! help :S

  • ya’ll suck

  • Matt

    I have a real Zune HD with Zune Pass which I love. I spent all yesterday downloading and discovering new music. No need for this cheap immitation.

  • Matt

    I have a real Zune HD with Zune Pass which I love. I spent all yesterday discovering new music. No need for this cheap immitation.

  • Matt

    This doesn’t work for me for some reason. I’ve downloaded it, yet it wont open up. My music is still the same, and nothing is different. If anyone can help, please do. Feel free to help me at 🙂 thanks.

  • i like ipods and i like zunes ive owned both and ive had windows phones and iphones. i can say truthfully that i prefer the zune interface over the ipod interface because its like eye candy BUT the big problem with zune well i dont know about the zune HD cus it wasn’t out yet. I bought a zune a few years ago instead of an ipod because of a bigger screen better resolution and really nice interface and lets not forget the nice set of earphones they hook you up with…oh well heres the BUT it was a pain to set up and it didn’t withstand a drop $280 down the drain thats all it took one single drop. So all of the features were nice but MICROSOFTs quality and customer service does not even begin to come close to APPLEs quality and customer service. apple is top notch and their on top of everything yeah they block a lot of apps and dont make their phones open source but thats because they know shit happens and they only let the good stuff out and if you dont like it just jailbreak it and problem solved. ive had iphones and never had a problem with them and other people ive known also never had a problem with them you cant say that about other companies you can’t argue with me on that. 2 months ago my cousin dropped my $700 ipad it cracked i didn’t buy warranty for it and even if i did apple doesn’t cover accidents, but guess what i took it in to the apple store and they gave me a new freaken ipad on the spot no questions asked. now thats customer service. take your broken android tablet to your retail store and watch how they laugh in your face and tell you that you should of bought the warranty.