If you take a lot of meds, you know how much of a pain it can be to manage all of your prescriptions. Unless you’ve got a steel trap for a memory, it can be difficult to remember when to take all of the different pills in your medical arsenal.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy to use, pretty app for managing your meds on the iPhone? The developer and designer of Pillboxie (who is also a registered nurse) thought so too. If you’re a pill popper, this one’s for you…

Pillboxie’s official description,

“Pillboxie is the easy way to remember your meds. Other med reminder apps are either too complicated or just downright boring. Pillboxie is easy because it lets you *visually* manage your meds. Scheduling a reminder is as easy as dropping a pill into a pillbox.”

Pillboxie is one of those rare apps that looks as good as it performs. It’s like the ideal girlfriend: pretty, easy to figure out, functional and hassle free.

The goal of Pillboxie is to help you remember when to take your meds. There aren’t a lot of settings to configure; you simply create a new med and drop it into the appropriate pillbox. Each pillbox represents an hour in the day.

Pillboxie will send you a local notification when it’s time to take your medication. This is great because you don’t need to be on a network to get your reminders, so Pillboxie works on the iPod Touch as well.

After you create a new pill, you select it from your virtual pill cabinet and schedule it for the appropriate time of day. Dragging pills into the pillbox is actually an enjoyable process. The act of flipping a pillbox lid open, dragging a pill in, then flipping the lid down again feels very intuitive.

Adding a new med to your pill catalog is very straightforward. Simply add the name and choose from a combination of 40 different pill shapes and colors. Once added, a pill is ready to be scheduled from the Medications carousel.

The “Due Today” window of Pillboxie shows you what meds you have scheduled for the day. Tap the “Days” button when viewing the pillboxes to schedule meds for only the weekends, etc.

When you set a time to take a pill, Pillboxie will default to reminding you every day at that certain time. In most cases that’s not a problem, since most prescriptions require you to take daily doses anyway.

Pillboxie will allow you to customize the sound of its push notifications, but besides that, there are no extra settings.

If you are a looking for a way to visually manage your meds on the iPhone, Pillboxie is where it’s at. The app is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Pillboxie’s developer, Jared, has been nice enough to give iDB 5 free copies of Pillboxie for iPhone. If you’d like a promo code for this awesome app, leave a comment on this review to claim your copy. The first five people to comment will win.

UPDATE: Winners have been selected!

  • hi

  • Angie

    I have been looking for the perfect pill-popping app! I hope it’s as good as it sounds!!

  • s

    I take a lot if meds. This looks great and could help keep things organized.

  • Patman

    I want one

  • jess

    Hi! I would love this app to keep track of meds while I’m busy at work!:)

  • Armando

    Levonorgestrel is the “plan b” pill for when you had unproteced sex. How often do you have to be reminded to take this pill?

  • Jo

    Sounds fab! I’ve had chronic pain since I was 10 and any intuitive app to help with the 25-30 meds I take a day sounds perfect! Great software development team by the sounds of it 🙂

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  • Chas

    iDB is the best website on the internet I would love this app for my iPhone
    as my mother takes 14 tablets a day, it hard work to remember.

  • Marsh

    5 AM in the morning. Cmon make it a fair fight. My wife won’t let me get up so early especially on a holiday here.

    Can’t you find one more?

  • Eric Cardinal

    I wish I had that software…. Sometime I miss my medication, easy to loose track when you have to take some every 2 days 🙁

    • QuarterSwede

      It’s $0.99. If you need it that badly just buy it.

      • Jason Masters

        Thank heavens for installous!

  • thanks. got the code 🙂

  • Jorge

    I definetly would like to get this applications as I always forget about taking my pill at the right time.

    • Jorge

      I want my code 🙁

    • Jason Masters

      I got it I love this app takes the pain out of remembering and is so damned useful it’s about time.

  • Hey all, promo codes have been sent to the first five people already. If you are one of the lucky ones, check the email you used to make your comment for the promo code.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore codes to give out. But the developer is doing another giveaway on Twitter. Check it out here: http://twitter.com/pillboxie/status/39717815166570496

    • Jess

      Hi, was I one of the winners?:) If so, I haven’t gotten my code yet. Thanks!:)

  • I would love to try it. Just had a kidney transplant. Taking 24 pills daily.

  • Jason Masters

    Please take care of that kidney my sisternlaw had a transplant and she smoked and ate wrong foods and ahe almost died in the hospital well she actually did die they brought her back with the paddles please take care of your transplant

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