AT&T is now showing its 4G coverage map on its website. The cites/areas listed on the map only reflect the places that have undergone a complete backhaul upgrade for 4G speeds. This 4G rollout is apart of AT&T’s new promotional campaign to show off its 4G capabilities.

Since the iPhone was made available on Verizon, AT&T has had to find another way of attracting potential customers. This 4G stunt is obviously part of AT&T’s new strategy to show that it doesn’t really have awful coverage…

The current cities that support 4G speeds are:

  • Bay Area, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • NorCal, CA
  • Houston, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Boston, MA
  • Providence, RI
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Puerto Rico

iClarified reports,

“Currently, the list is limited because it only includes the full cities which have undergone the backhaul upgrade. AT&T has deployed HSPA+ to 100% of the network, but if the site you are connected to does not have “enhanced backhaul” you will not be able to take advantage of 4G speeds.”

This new coverage map can be found at When you visit the site, click on “Coverage” and hover over the map to see the areas that are 4G active.

AT&T also has a list of their flagship 4G devices on the network page. AT&T’s 4G smartphone offerings currently include the HTC Inspire, MOTOROLA ATRIX and the Samsung Infuse.

AT&T also offers a “Shockwave 4G” portable, USB modem that taps into available 4G coverage.

And before you ask- No, the iPhone 4 does not support 4G.

Have you used 4G in your area? Have you noticed a difference from 3G?

[via iClarified]

  • iKing

    It’s about time.

    • moimoimoimoi


      cant anyone just be content these days????

    • moimoimoimoi

      cant anyone just be content these days????

  • Kuipo

    According to the map my area now supports 4g. Will the iPhone 5 be 4g??? I remember when 3G became available the old “edge” became significantly faster over time ( I guess because less and less devices were using the network) Imagine all the possibilities with an iPhone 5 on 4g networks!

    • brent

      The map image he posted shows AT&T’s current 3G coverage. A little misleading, I know.

  • Igeek

    iPhone 5 won’t be 4G tard!!!… Remember iPhone 2G came out when 3G network was new? Don’t be ignorant.. Non iPhone geeks 

    • Petis

      But HSPA+ is no 4G. It is just the next step in development of 3G and it is not so hard to implement this increment. And I believe HSPA+ will be in the iphone5. All the major manufacturers have HSPA+ ready. When talking about real 4g = LTE – this is not ready at all.

  • Manuel

    Yes, now another way to shoot my battery down in half hour. Don’t they mean 3G plus, since 4G doesn’t really exist?

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I posted a comment a long time ago saying that AT&T already had 4G service in some areas… But no one listened to me. Jeeze.

    • soccerkrzy

      That’s because most people are retards. I’ve been saying for a long time as well.

  • Franco Neri

    Is it possible that with the release of iPhone 5, Apple will integrate HSPA+ technology into the phone and possibly it will work with Tmobile’s HSPA+ network?

    • QuarterSwede

      It’s possible but very unlikely. When 3G was newer Apple waited a year to put a chip in the phone that wouldn’t suck the battery dry in half a day. I’d imagine the first 4G chips will be battery vampires as well.

      • The Beanstalk

        In AT&Ts conference the man said that a 4g iPhone could be available by 2012. Not 2011.

  • Lequang242

    To all those who call people tard and retard, here is a little fact for you. In able to be 4G capable your speed have to be at 100 mega bites per second. None of the carrier offers tru 4G speed(100mega/sec). Its all trick and pony to fool you guys.

    • bsangs

      But wait, the marketing people and advertisements say it’s so, so it must be so. They can’t lie, right? You mean to tell me marketing & advertising is deceptive?! 😉

  • abismo02

    I just bought my fiancee an Inspire, then tested it side-by-side with my iPhone4. I’m in SE Virginia, and HSPA+ was just deployed here with the B-more/DC Metro area deployment. Our browsers are loading pages at approximately the same speed, but when I did a speed test, her phone blew my iCrack out of the water!: HTC, Download-2.5Mb/s Upload-1.1Mb/s. iPhone4, Download-0.92Mb/s Upload-0.12Mb/s

    Yes, I’m comparing apples and oranges, but not bad for a $100 phone that promotes an open-source marketplace!

    Just as a sidenote, At&t will allow me to buy out my early upgrade to an Inspire or Atrix now for $75, and I’ve only had it since last summer.

  • adroid

    HSPA+ with the upgraded backhaul is near 20Mb/s
    That is about 4-5 times faster than my AT&T iphone4 gets and comperable to some of the best home wired networks.
    Hard to find fault in that speed becoming the default fallback when LTE isn’t available or isn’t supported by the phone I am using at the time.

  • nick

    Lol anyone know when DC will get backhaul? Oh and when rooted the inspire can get awesome upload speeds.

  • frnkie

    Im in buffalo NY and i get 3.1 download and 1.0 upload thats not hspa plus!!

  • san antonio tx and atascosa tx speeds are doubled. 7.7 down and 1.34 up