George Hotz, or “Geohot,” is a pioneer in the jailbreak community. He has been the mastermind behind many jailbreak projects, including LimeRa1n and BlackSn0w.

Geohot recently hacked Sony’s Playstation 3 and essentially created the ability to “jailbreak” Sony’s popular console. Even though it is legal to jailbreak the iPhone, it isn’t legal to do the same to a Sony product. Sony took action and filed a lawsuit against Geohot on the basis that what he did “encourages piracy” on their platform.

Needless to say, Geohot is pissed. He is calling on the community and the media to help him in his legal fight against Sony…

About a month ago, Geohot appeared on G4’s “Attack of Show” to talk about his issue with Sony. Besides his rap video, he’s been pretty quiet since then.

Now he is calling for financial and moral support in his legal battle with Sony,

“Media, I need your help. This is the first time I have ever asked. Please, if you support this cause, help me out and spread the word. I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business. Together, we can help fix the system.”

Geohot is asking for financial donations through PayPal to help fund his legal fees in the upcoming trial.

This is what he had to say about Sony,

“Sony is lame, and is suing me for hacking MY OWN PS3. Help me own them in court

Sony are bullies

Sony doesn’t care if what you did was legal, if they don’t like it, they sue. Sony tried to sue a guy for getting his AIBO to do non Sony approved tricks, making it apparent that they don’t really care about piracy, they care about control. In (Sony v Bleem), Bleem was the winner on all counts, but the high cost of a legal defense shut them down. Fortunately, that suit helped set precedent on the legality of emulators. I would hate to lose this case due to resource starvation, and with the support of the masses, I won’t. Lets turn the bully back on itself. This case has the ability to set a huge precedent for consoles and all closed systems to come. The other two should be begging Sony to back off.

Sony sued the wrong guy

I am an advocate against mass piracy, do not distribute anyone’s copyrighted work but my own, do not take crap lying down, and am even pro DRM in a sense. For example, I believe Apple has every right to lock down their iPhone in the factory as much as they want, but once it’s paid for and mine, I have the right to unlock it, smash it, jailbreak it, look at it, and hack on it. Fortunately, the courts agree with me on this point.

My PS3 goal has been to provide users a legitimate path to homebrew, which by the standards of all previous cases (or, in reverse), is 100% legal. Sony does not even try to allege piracy or copyright infringement in this case, they allege I did things like play “super mario world, an unauthorized game” on MY PS3. And access MY PS3 in an unauthorized way. Who are they to authorize what I do with my taxed and paid for property?

fail0verflow’s goal was even nobler than mine. They wanted to give you back a feature Sony illegally stole, Linux on your PS3. It’s shameful on Sony’s part that they are being sued at all. If you have a problem with pirates, sue them, don’t sue people who point out your shortcomings.”

Geohot also wants to make sure that you understand the reason he is asking for help,

“Why should I care about your personal legal troubles?

You shouldn’t. For example, if I was taken to court for sex crimes in Sweden, I would never ask for donations. But this case isn’t about me. Clearly I am not being sued because of something I have that Sony wants, I am being sued in order to send a message that Sony is not to be messed with. But if I (and all codefendants likewise) actually win this, we have the power to send a much stronger message back. That consumers have rights, and we aren’t afraid to stand up for them.”

You can continue reading what Geohot has to say about this issue, and make donations, on his website.

Geohot is also asking people to join him in “Operation Boycott Sony.” He posted this image on his blog, “Geohot Got Sued,”

We at iDB fully support Geohot’s cause with this Sony battle. We hope he comes comes out victorious in the court room, and that he can continue with his amazing exploits on both the iPhone and other platforms.

If you can’t make a financial contribution for Geohot’s legal fees, make sure to at least spread the word.

What do you think about Geohot’s problem? Do you believe that Sony is wrong in responding the way that they did? Let us know if you plan on participating in “Operation Boycott Sony.”

  • Alastion

    Well, the jailbreak community supports geohot while over at the other side NGT supports Sony, which side am i supposed to go to..

  • enarth

    he might not be totally wrong, but he is acting like a spoiled little child… why does he need to add these sarcasms, come on, act like a man, and maybe i will support you! at this moment, i don’t want him to be in the spotlight if he keeps acting like a brat

    • Burge

      That’s Geohot … That’s how he is… You should know this by now …
      I’ll give a donation …like he said, my device I paid for it I’ll do what I want with it ….

    • CDXX

      how is he acting like a brat? Sony is 100% wrong here…. They used to blast xbox on being so “closed”, and brag about how the ps3 was basically a computer that could do this and that… What they SHOULD have done was hire geohot and ask him how they could secure their console better… look at windows phone 7….

  • Heyo

    I fully get what geohot is saying and I agree that he’s acting a little immature but sony really pisses me off with this stuff. They make me not wanna buy a NGP. let’s just hope geohot wins this one so custom firmware can reign supreme!

  • GT

    Just donated $20 to GeoHot, good luck man, we need you!

    If everyone just donated a $1, he would be able to fight Sony with the best of the best lawyer.

    Even if you don’t wanna support his cause, you should have supported him with his work on LimeRain and BlackSnow, small donations times millions of people will surely help.

  • John

    This guys a hero! Just sent him $40, easily the best 40 I’ve spent his week! Sony’s are A-wholes and that’s why I refuse to buy one. If you …dare I say, were not able to JB IPhone….Android here I come!

  • Icyhotonmynuts

    “We at iDB fully support Geohot’s cause with this Sony battle. ”
    I wonder how much iDB donated…

  • Igeek


    • Ernesto Castellanos

      “The Social Network”
      It’s a good movie.
      C’mon people donate at least a dollar.

  • devraj

    Geohot is absolutely correct. Its our device when we pay that to u. Now leave it to us how to use them. This big shot company thinks like hitler. Teach them a lesson. If u want to buy their products pls search for other ones. At least for 6 months stop buying sony products. Then they will learn a lesson @ power of mass and class. Think it.

  • George W. Bush

    HELL NO!!! have you guys played MW2 all they do is hack. screw Geohot he messed up the ps3 not make it better. Ill send him a dirty tissue paper with shit on it. Stick to iPhone and not allowing others to steal games from sony, and if I was sony I would have him assassinated by the KGB. Haven’t you guys seen his last video he looks like he’s popping 5 OC’s a day. He needs money for his habit.

    • Bob Jones

      Wow you want to murder someone with an oppresive commie secret police because you don’t like how a video game is running…..try talking to a girl sometime loser.

  • chico

    I’m totally in. Just send him 10bucks
    I hope Sony get fCked

  • james

    geohot went to far, he might have the right idea in mind but consoles are supposed to be a worry free game-playing platform. no hackers, no tking and no bad conduct when playing on a console. this is what i usually experiance on my 360, if i wanna play with hackers and a bunch of abusive tking kids ill play on pc.. but i do approve of geohot jailbraking the iphone

  • Night

    Go Geohot, we are with you!!!, I’m very tired to wonder if in my ps3 or iphone manual it says something like we are renting the devices and not buying as I can not understand way this companies go out of there way to stop us from doing what we want with our property even more when this is improving the short comings for they creation and NOT HARMING ANYONE IN THE PROCESS

  • ab4nk

    i will donate him 5 USD…sure we need you geohot.. 😉

  • Oscar14A

    Just donated 10 bucks. I want it back! Haha If you buy it you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want! Sony is just being a big pussy, that’s why I have an xbox 360 connect

  • Just donated $5, good luck geohot!

  • Jason Masters

    I say we hold a fundraiser sort of like a telethon if he jailbreak everyones ps3s and iPhone and iPods well all donate live on tv lol

  • charlesrubowski

    Man, good luck to him!

  • Ali

    I am from morocco and I wish I could send some money to this guy. Eveybody should help in this big case. Sony acts like a dictature!!

  • Ali

    I am from morocco and I wish I could send some money to this guy. Eveybody should help in this big case. Sonyacts like a dictature!!

  • Just donated 10$!

    Good lucky GeoHot…

  • get money online ..

  • John

    I donated yesterday! Go Geohot!

  • Trielement

    Those guys who don’t support geohot and still uses his jailbreak are hypocrites! I dare you to restore you phone and stick to the apple regime! U wogs!

  • Davew

    I agree if I wasn’t broke I would totally donate Mayb when the first rolls around I can help him out hope I can but I do wish him the best of luck

  • Philippo

    I support you 100%
    sony are a typical multi billion company, trying to intimidate the little people well F**K them. They charge you a silly amount for the console which you buy and is then yours, so you should have the freedom to do what ever you want with it. I hope Geohot humiliates sony in court.

  • Xeno Templar

    I full agree w/ Geohot, when we pay almost an arm & a leg for our consoles, it is exactly that: OURS! What we do w/ them is up to us, I don’t condone piracy & neither does Geohot, that is not why he jailbroke it & released his own CFW to the public, so as far as I’m concerned, Sony has nothing on him, they’re just trying to scare us into not jailbreaking. Look at MS: When the 1st XBox was hacked, did they sue the person who did it, NO! I can say the same for the 360! All they did was ban you from XBL, Sony could have just left it at using their idea: BANHAMNER! So, I’ll just end this w/: Sony is nothing but money-hungry bitches & people wonder why MS has been selling more consoles, HA!

  • Naita Rajin


    Your defence should be this… you were trying to IMPROVE their product.

    You wanted to tailor-make the machine to do what you want.
    Have a look at the company that makes CROCS. Great shoe, but the holes are very boring.
    The company that makes JIBBITZ (little ornaments that go into the holes of Crocs shoes) realised this. They did not get sued – instead, they are making 100’s of millions of dollars.
    You can modify ANY product you want to make it better.

    Keep talking about the FLAWS in Sony’s Playstation 3.
    Keep talking about the BAD THINGS about Sony products and how your efforts have helped make the product more suited to how other people use it. Each modification makes the product more suited to each user.
    Publicise the BAD THINGS you say about the Playstation 3 – anti-advertising costs them money. Some of the modifications you have allowed others to make have genuinely made it a better product!

    As for me, the only reason I bought an Iphone was that I read it was able to be Jailbroken – if the Iphone 5 cannot be jailbroken, Apple will not get my $1000! (I’m in Australia).

  • KraftWiz

    Sony doesn’t realize it is doing so much harm to itself with this lawsuit.

    It has just put itself against protagonists from every corner of the globe ! Sony doesn’t make toothpaste that gets sold by instinct. It sells technology. Common people take advice from people like those here, if they had to buy a piece of gadget.

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see Sony’s brand preference go south after this.

    They are fighting this at a huge cost !

  • Pirates Suck

    Geohot is not the inventor of jailbreaking, nor is he the only one who develops jailbreaks. Fuck him.

    • Bob Jones

      you want to have sex with him? Is it me or does the eloquence and reason of the pro-Sony crowd make you hate Sony?

  • Seb

    I’ve been boycotting Sony for years. Since they started all their illegal acts a few years ago by distributing DRM software that installs on your PC WITHOUT YOU ASKING, then, as a ‘fix’, distributed uninstall software that then broke your system, that was when I said no more. They just got worse from there when the PS3 came out.

    Seriously, say you own a car. That car is now yours. Your car dealership isn’t going to sue you for wanting to tweak your car so that it can go faster. “But you can use that car to break the law for speeding!!!!” Well yes, that’s possible, but you can’t arrest someone for something they MAY do. Can Geohot’s software allow someone to play pirated games? Apparently yes. But again, how can he be sued for something SOMEONE ELSE may do?

    We’re behind you. Knock them dead.

  • sas

    fuck sony. im with geohot

  • Wait… wait… Why the fuck is PS3 jailbreaking legal? I do not want someone jailbreaking a PS3, because I am pretty sure it will ruin online-gaming for PS3, because seriously, I do not want a hacker on a console.
    Fuck GeoHot, I would rather live under Sony, because what they’ve done for the world, is more than 1 millions times better than GeoHot has done.

    And @ Seb, Because he made it possible you dumbass

    • charlesrubowski

      I know what youre saying. They already ruined gamecenter. Finally someone here who remenber what sony made.

  • GT

    From geohot’s blog, rumor has it that he raised at least $10,000 from donations:

    “First round of donations is closed
    Thank you so so much for all of your help, things are looking up money wise.
    Expect to see a few more lawyers on my responses!
    I have enough to cover my legal fees for the time being.
    And in the absolute worst case scenario, we don’t want Sony getting it 😛

    For now, the best thing you can do is spread the word
    Let people know how Sony treats customers
    Let people know Sony would rather sue than be proactive and try to fix the problem
    Let people know about laws like the DMCA which stifle innovation, and don’t do anything to fix the problems they were created to solve

    I will keep this blog updated as the case develops.”

  • Thanks for the tip, GT. We will be posting something on that update from Geohot soon.

  • Seb

    Car companies have made cars that go more than double most speed limits, but they aren’t nailed by the law for all the accidents and speeding tickets that are possible. VCRs were invented and those companies weren’t nailed for all the copying of movies that were possible. Gun companies aren’t nailed by the law for all the murders that they make possible. And in your case, I’d say that the government hasn’t yet been seriously brought to task for reducing the funding in your obvious lack of education.

    Making something possible doesn’t mean it’s illegal. It just makes it possible. How about the people that do the actual pirating, how about we go after them?

    Why don’t you think for a bit before calling someone a dumbass and proving yourself one from behind the safety on your internet.

  • Jason Masters

    Damn!!! You just got pwnd by Sebastian lol! You are now his bitch ha ha ha bow down lol!!! Now that’s a comeback!

  • Aamii

    He’s a twat, hope Sony sue him to his eyeballs. How thick is everyone? He can do what the hell he wanted to his PS3 but he involved Playstation Network into it. We don’t own PSN Sony do so they have all right to sue him, so fuck him he’s ruined online for everyone (MW2)


    You know whats funny it does state that you can make a system or do whatever you want with it when you buy it ,but it becomes something entirely different when you help those cheat online and do what they want online , I mean seriously why cheat, It only shows you aint worth shit at something, The only way you get better at any game is by playing it continuously but no we got people on there that think they are big shit because they hack . Well I hope GEOHOT gets what ever is coming to him and trust me i far doubt that Sony is hurting at all by taking this to him like they are. It shows you people really are idiots

  • God

    Anyone who actually thinks geohot is gonna win is severely retarded. He broke the fucking law you stupid pieces of shit. Just because he bought the ps3 doesn’t mean he can do with it as he pleases. You can’t buy a gun and then shoot someone. Why? Because it’s illegal. When you purchase the ps3 you are basically bound to sony’s laws, no matter how wrong you think they are, you cant break them, or they will financially rape you for the rest of your life (in this case geohot). I mean I don’t care either way, I enjoy better gaming on my 360 anyways

    • Seb

      Wow. Pretty harsh for someone who’s totally wrong. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before calling everyone pieces of shit. I mean really?

      Sony took action and filed a lawsuit against Geohot on the basis that what he did “encourages piracy” on their platform. He didn’t actually commit any piracy himself. Using your example, that’s like saying that buying a gun encourages murder and so therefore everyone that owns a gun should go to jail for murder. Or a better example is I own a car, and since it IS my car I tweak it to go faster. But I shouldn’t be arrested for speeding unless I actually break the speed limit.

      Just because you get a hardon yelling at people behind the protection of the internet still means you need to make sure you have some idea of what you’re talking about. It makes you look pretty idiotic.

      Enjoy your 360, where by the way people do make tweaks and changes to it and Microsoft doesn’t sue them.

    • Wow!! Rsrsr
      God, be merciful to Geohot!
      NOW he’s really screwed…

  • would like to be In courtroom to watch Geohot vs Sony fight. It will be awesome

  • Amy

    Sony just emailed me that the Digital Copy of a movie that came with my blu-ray, which I bought and paid serious cash for by the way, is EXPIRED because it is over one year from the date the movie was released. I fully support ALL Sony boycotts. If you pay for something, you should be able to use it! Policies like this allow Sony to be thieves legally, and they need to be stopped. I only recently purchased my iPad, and Sony movies are the only ones in my entire library that I can’t use the digital copy I legitimately paid for.

    • God

      Lol I partially agree with you there. To some degree, yes you should be able to use things you paid for the way you want. However when you give them your cash for a product you’re basically accepting an agreement. You know those long legal scripts that come up when say you put software on your computer or sign up for an online service? That’s what you pretty much agree to when you buy their stuff. Now why am I telling you this? Well that policy that may be unfair, is also very legal. Boycotting one of the largest software and media companies in the world won’t do anything. If you want to go ahead, they make to much money to care. Instead why get pissed at a company when YOU agreed to their terms and gave them your money? Frankly, in my humble opinion getting mad at these types of corporations is idiotic. Instead, you as a consumer should educate yourself on a product and the rules a company sets forth prior to purchasing the item in question. Then you won’t be in these sorts of annoying situations, very much like the one you are currently in

    • God

      Oh and you said Sony movies are the only ones that don’t work on iTunes? That implies you have more then one of these digital copy codes. If that’s the case you should also realize that Sony probably wants you to put it on one of their media devices. For example i have gotten these digital copy codes from apple before. I couldn’t put it on my computer because the code only worked on apple computers and not on my PC. Did it suck? Yeah it did. But on the other hand I bought the actual DVD so all this meant was that I couldn’t watch it on the go. And if I wanted only a digital copy I would have just bought the movie directly off iTunes. Just something else to keep in mind.