Rumors regarding the next iteration of the iPhone have been flying left and right. If you’ve been following the rumor mill, you know that there’s a lot of potential innovations to be implemented into Apple’s next iPhone.

Will Apple release several different iPhone models at once? Will the next iPhone be considerably smaller than its predecessors? Will Apple release the iPhone 5 on all carriers with a universal baseband?

These, among others, are all questions being asked about the next iPhone. Let’s examine the rumors and try and make sense of it all…

What’s Expected

What we do know, based on Apple’s product cycle, is that a new iPhone announcement should happen this summer. About a month ago, Digitimes released some interesting information regarding Apple’s supply chains. Digitimes reported that Apple was ramping up for iPhone 5 production, which would place Apple’s projected announcement date right around the normal time of the WWDC conference in June (possibly on June 5th).

Apple is planning on increasing the battery life of its next iPhone. A patent has surfaced revealing that Apple is planning on improving the iPhone’s battery life by increasing battery cell density. Every new iteration of the iPhone has had better battery life than the last, so this improvement is almost a given for the iPhone 5.

The next iPhone will most likely have Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC is a relatively new breakthrough in mobile payment, and reports from the likes of Bloomberg claim that Apple will implement NFC into the iPhone 5.

NFC would primarily be used to let the iPhone interface with and make payments for physical products and ads through RFID technology. If you’ve ever used a mobile device to scan a bar code or a QR code, you should have a good grasp of how NFC works.

AppleInsider reports that Apple plans to implement NFC in a new and interesting way,

“White said that his sources have indicated to him that the next iPhone will include NFC technology. However, Apple’s approach will reportedly have “a twist that will make it unique versus his peers.” White did not give any indication as to what the “twist” could be.”

Apple will reportedly make its cloud-based service, MobileMe, free with the release of the next iPhone. MobileMe has always been overpriced and lacking in key functionality when compared to other free web services like Google.

Rumors say that Apple is bringing significant updates to MobileMe. Along with the remarkably reduced price tag, speculation says that MobileMe will become a much more integrated part of the iOS experience in the near future. A streaming iTunes media service could also work in tandem with an updated MobileMe. If the next iPhone is indeed mostly cloud-based, these MobileMe rumors make sense.

A Possibility

Apple could release a smaller iPhone dubbed the “iPhone Nano.” This miniature iPhone would probably be sold unsubsidized (no $200 hardware fee) and depend on internet streaming for content.

The Wall Street Journal has also reported that the iPhone Nano will posses an “edge-to-edge” screen and have voice navigation. A cheaper iPhone Nano could have the potential to increase Apple’s smartphone revenue by over 250% and saturate the market with cheap iPhones on different carriers.

It is worth noting that there have been conflicting reports about the iPhone Nano. The New York Times claims that the iPhone Nano will not be any smaller than the iPhone 4, but that it will be cheaper. The NY Times also corroborated the report that Apple will make MobileMe free.

We shall see what happens.

The next iPhone could have a larger 4 inch display. Digitimes has claimed that Apple will increase the iPhone’s display size to compete with current Android handsets that all boast 4 inch screens.

While Apple has never really been one to feel the pressure of competition, a slightly larger screen on the next iPhone wouldn’t be a stretch. This idea also compliments the rumor that the next iPhone will not have a home button. (Don’t worry, we’ll get there.)

An iPhone with a slideout keyboard? Hey, it could happen.

While the idea of an iPhone with a slideout keyboard does seem unlike Apple, it’s entirely possibly that the (or “a”) next iPhone could have a slideout keyboard. A Taiwanese site called claims that Apple will implement a slideout keyboard in the iPhone 5. We’ll see if this rumor ever comes true.

The next iPhone could have no home button. Boy Genius claims that Apple will replace the home button’s functionality with new multitouch gestures.

A home buttonless iPhone would definitely be a drastic design change. It’s unknown as to how this would effect the jailbreak process (it’s kind of hard to put an iPhone in DFU mode without a home button), but I guess we’ll find out this summer.

The iPhone 5 could have a universal baseband and sport a dual core CPU. Apparently, the Verizon iPhone actually has a universal Qualcomm chip, but Apple has it disabled. It makes sense that Apple would introduce an iPhone 5 “world phone” with the ability to run on any carrier.

A dual core CPU also makes sense for the internals of the next iPhone. Apple always improves performance with each new iteration, and the ARM Cortex A9 processor seems like the next logical step for the iPhone 5.

Far Fetched

An interesting patent suggests that Apple may eventually plan on using its Magsafe connector for power and data transfers on iOS devices. Apple’s MacBooks use Magsafe for power, but Apple wants to have Magsafe replace its USB connector for iPods and iOS devices.

If Apple can successfully achieve power and data through Magsafe, it’s assumable that Magsafe will become the standard connector for all Apple mobile devices in the future. We probably won’t see Magsafe on the iPhone this year, but I’m sure Apple has it on the distant horizon.

LTE has been a question on the iPhone since the technology’s introduction in the mobile space. Apple is definitely working on implementing LTE into the iPhone, but not for the near future. In fact, Apple only recently posted the job listing for an LTE specialist.

While we won’t be seeing LTE in the iPhone 5, Apple will most likely introduce LTE in the generation after this year’s cycle. Apple has never been a company that quickly adopts new technologies, and LTE is no exception to that rule.


We could possibly see three different iPhone models released this summer, or Apple could stick with its track record and release one device. Most likely the iPhone 5 will have improved performance and battery life, NFC technology, and some sort of display size change. MobileMe will be apart of the next iPhone announcement, and the biggest design change could be the lack of a home button.

Hopefully this article helped you sort through all of the speculation on the iPhone 5.

Now that you’re familiar with the rumors- What do you expect out of Apple’s next iPhone? What would you like to see? A larger screen? Better camera? I’d just like to be able to buy one in white.

  • rizo g

    ill be happy if the next iphone looks like the pic u posted which coincidentally happens 2 be my avatar

    • NACHOS

      No front facing camera?

    • Jon Garrett

      the biggest change I expect to see after my iphone 4 is an Android phone. I really cant see myself buying another iphone after the iphone 4 which I am well pleased with. but Im really tired of the new firmwares every month, then waiting for the jailbreaks. Im also tired of not being able to do all the things on my i4 that people with lesser Android phones can do.

      I think the ipad 2 is already DOA, I don’t have an ipad and never planed to buy one.

      I may have my iphone 4 for a while but Im definitely getting an Android tablet.

      • dallas75205

        not sure what you mean by new firmwares every month – they have only had like 2 since it was released.

      • tolly price

        ur close on every month cus there has been 4-5 in like 6-7 month.and the android thing think about it people u get what u pay for the android is a cheaply made phone and is not as fast plus the ur carrier makes a big difference att is the fastest network and 3g 4g its all a gimic to fool the consumer ill stick with apple cus its proven by its success u dont become the largest corp in america selling crap. I think with the chance of a nano and a new iphone apple will corner the market. the only thing is the price of the plans that hurt it cus most people dont have 120$ a month to pay for one phone if they drop the price of plan android will be cut out i think the only real competitor is windows if they get with google to make a phone it would be bad a$$ hell all the tech is based off apples progress so android is poor mans iphone lol. and the crashing app problems people have is cus u got to remember this is a phone not a computer u need to regularly clean off phone of junk u dont use its just like ur desktop or laptop clean it off and if ur jailbroken the have clean up apps and anti virus its just like anything u got to understand and take care of like a child lol. i treat my iphone4 like a baby and i never have probs. and if any have noticed yet greenpoison has released the untethered jailbreak. Theres only one phone the iphone only phone i will ever own live long and prosper apple.

      • BC

        You, tolly price, are simply an idiot.

      • BC

        Oh, and Google produces Android moron. Windows and Android are strong competitors to Apple.

      • tolly price

        BC how u calling me a idiot when u didnt even get the point of what i was saying ur a d-bag cus u want to make shoots at people were talking about a product u my friend r a complete a$$ thats y u will keep using that junk phone “poor mans iphone” and what r u even doing on a iphonedownload website when u use a droid. and also windows and google TOGETHER would be a ok phone but keep in mind all the tech. came from apple. google best product is chrome.

      • dude, he didn’t even say anything about owning an android.
        the only point that iv seen you make is that an android phone is crap and that you have to clean it off a lot…while the last bit is true in some cases you are entirely wrong about them being crap.

        you sir are an idiot, and should check your facts before you right an essay about stuff like this.

      • Isabella dawwg

        ok you know what, go ahead, buy your stupid android then! god, people don’t have to say their complaints out loud!!!!!! CANT YOU SEE YOUR ANNOYING?

  • bobsmith

    proprietary cables.. disgusting

    • idroid

      Dont listen to bc hes just here to rant i own a evo an ipod touch, and an iphone. And to call an android a “poor mans iphone” is ridiculous whn some androids cost considerably more than the iphone counterpart ie moto xoom 700 ipad 2 499ish. He only understands what he wants to understand. When apple does everything that is cool in the industry second to him it will be first ie 4g. Once apple releases a 4g device he will be in aw until then in his mind it is justva gimmic. In psycology class we refered to that condition as delusional with the potiential for sever dementia.

    • idroid

      Anyone here who takes smartphone advice from a female dog as indicated by the name “Isabella dawgg” should definetly have an iphone. I think that the iq for android use is outside that of your mental capacity. And somone had the nerve to say android is for the poor. Myth busted!

    • idroid

      Anyone here who takes smartphone advice from a feminine dog as indicated by the name “Isabella dawgg” should definetly have an iphone. I think that the iq for android use is outside that of your mental capacity. And somone had the nerve to say android is for the poor. Myth busted!

    • idroid

      Sorry bc i meant tolly was just here to rant about iphone not bc. Bc is in good standing.

    • idroid

      One day aple willvbe first to the table hell they have mot even figured out how to let their users change the battery yet. My Evo has 4g a 1ghz processor that actually runs at 1ghz it had A front facing camera first it has swype it had hd out first it has free voice guided navigation the atrix is first with finger print authentication security atrix is the first phone thT changes to a laptop. I could go on and on about features droids get that iphone dont lile live mostion backgrounds. Att was rated the worst network of 2010 by consumer reports android is rated the best os of 2011 a as of march 4 2011 acording to cnet. Opinion? Sorry but these are credible sources so they constitute as fact. dec 6 2010 att is now the worst carrier_consumer reports. Android is number 1 os cnet!

      • Xepptizz

        Just from a discussion standpoint, at first you seemed to have some psychological gravitas, but went on becoming an overly biased, rather profetic with a mix of misplaced profanity.

        If every droid user was like you, the world would die faster then their batterylife indicates.

        You, sir, are an awefull, awefull representation of a droid fanatic, of a human being and of a psycholigy student.

        “whoever takes advice from a feminen dog”
        Seriously, go play with yourselfe and leave the sane people alone

  • Night

    I would also like to see some “great” changes on iOS

    • idroid

      I am biased but I own them all. How many droids do you own. So how can your information be taken seriously if you only operate in one environment. Isabella a girls name dawwg she typed it not me I just saw the pun. Sorry if it offended you its just fun and games. We are avatars not real people.

      Great analogy about dying like androids battery life, but you have to tell the whole story. If a battery can be changed does that mean I can respawn or be reincarnated. Please due excuse my typos I am typing using swype on my pc 36100 aka htc Evo. I promise to overlook yours to selfe.

      I provided facts from experts and had a bit of fun by doing it. I am not a fan of android. I wish that another Os would deliver the things that I require out of a smartphone. Mainly flash, freedom to use my handset as I see it without having to root or jailbreak it, and the latest in cutting edge communication technology. Maybe even holograms and device to device digital sharing.

      Unfortunately Google seems like the only company to do some of if not all of that. If I picked my own favorite Os i would say windows mobile 6.5 because of the app freedom. It even had more apps then your precios app store, and the os treated its users like adults you could load apps and tKe them off as you please no credit card number, no email address, no physical address like itunes just for a free demo app. 100 percent come and get it its yours.

      As much as I love and respect steve jobs, and as important as he is to the copmputer industry the Iphone treats people like babies, and his innovation is starting to lag, but thats maybe because he os sick. Either way the product is falling behind the competition and ultimately when he passes the iphones innovation will cease. The baby treatment will probably never change and I dont need a phone to hold my hands I nee a phone that will make things happen when I say so like google voice commands.

      How is the iphone search these days? Mine is jailbroke on 3. Something and it is virtually non existant what about yours. As excited as you are about the single iphone 5 I have 5 high powered droids im looking at and 4 of them arebcomming to my current carrier.

      Im not a fanboy. I am not stupid enough to limit myself to 1 product. I have a mac desktop, an iphone, an ipod touch, sevral pcs, a few windows mobile smart phones and a droid. So i have a wel rounded outlook on the tech devices i am tlkn about. So plaese provide facts links and attempt to be more articulate before you attempt to reengage me u little fantroll.

      • Xepptizz

        That sounds a lot more like someone sensible. And i agree on the points of the battery and the flash support. Being able to change the battery would ultimatly increase the longevity of a device. And not being able to use my favorite video site does annoy me from time to time.

        I do not see your frustration with he appstore though. For someone who enjoys the freedom of android and its added complexity, it should most definitly not be an issue to fill n the one time registration for an apple id. Also no creditcard is needed, only one of those itunes gift cards.

        As for getting apps, al it requires is filling in your password whih can be as difficult and easy as you make it.

        As for ‘babying’ it’s customers. I don’t feel that way about it as i chose the easier route. I want my phone to be as little hassle as possible because it is to make my life easier, not more complex, so i can focus on other things.

        Also jailbreaks are uptoo 4.2.1 nowadays but including rooted an jb changes everything so i’d rather refrain from it.

        And no i cant compare devices as extensivly as you but my friends have android devices and always have something to complain about them.

        As for the fun and games, i just see no point in profanity other than it showing ones inadequaties and lack of confidence for its own opinions. A well put argument needs no more than a calm voice.
        And blaming poor articulation on androids swype is rather ironic as i have no problem typing on my iphone, though admittedly i am cirious about swype,

  • Bomber

    My 3gs still aint a dinosaur

    • masculine dawwg

      your 3gs is a dinosaur… dude, keep up with the trend! now that is a poor mans iphone.

      • Craig

        I have a 3Gs and it’s still a great phone, besides I’m on a contract and can’t change hand sets until the end of the year.

  • Patrick

    An unsubsidized iphone?


    • idroid

      Is it 4g, can u change the battery? Does it have live interactive bacgrounds? Is it a dual core processor? Does it even have blue tooth. If you say no to more than 3 or more its a dinosaur.

    • idroid

      To add insult to injury prior to the evo/ip4 releases cnet did a prize fight between the iphone 3gs and the incredible and the incredible like the evo beat its iphone counterpart. I aint sayin android is better the experts are. Watch the prize fights for yoursel hosted by Brian Tong the biggest apple fanboy on the planet.

  • Jrodphd

    The next phone will be called iPhone 4G. And the next iPhone after that will be call the iPhone 4GS. And then we could call the next one after that the iPhone 5. Inside resources…

    • orangesn0w

      I hate the idea of an iPhone 4g… Some of the idiots I have to call my friends say that mine is a 4gs and then ask me did I bring the 2 or the 3 with me and im like 3G or 3GS and they say the one with the round back…

      • Spencer

        Ooooohhhh i just hate that…..

  • Logan

    Best article I have seen on here. I can’t see the iPhone 5 having LTE on it. Most importantly they need to revamp iOS 5 with some great new features.

  • Zigge

    you seriously think that the iphone 5 will look like that with a 4 inch display?
    Although great article 😀

  • I change from iPhone to Android after the iPhone 4 came out cos it had a 3.5 screen. Android phones have 4.0,4.3 and 5″ screen phones so why would i wanna go back to a 3.5 screen, isn’t that like changing my iPhone 4 for an iPhone 2g?

    • orangesn0w

      No it’s like changing android for a 4

      • tolly price

        no the best way to descibe what u did is got rid of a bentley for a kia u only looked at the screen not internals

      • BC

        again tolly, you are still an idiot. It’s more like changing a Lamborghini for a McLaren. Totally different cars with totally different “internals”. It works the same for next-gen phones.

  • Duff

    I see AT&T says they have 4g, does the iPhone 4 support that?

    • Yes. AT&T/T-Mobile are referring to HSPA+, which is supported by the iPhone 4 and 3GS.

      • iDroid

        WRONG!! The iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS does NOT support 4G network(HSPA+)

    • Amoeba

      AT&T is rolling out their 4G. At this time, no iPhone supports 4G.

    • idroid

      How when my evo beats an iphone on paper and in performance. The only thing the iphone has on my evo is that pretty little retina display. Although it is beautiful its to small for my big fingers and aging eyes. My evos display is not far behind. I4 in terms of clarity. Cnet prize fight evo vs iphone 4. The ip4 looses. Htc make great hrdware not apple quality, but still great. So if anything you are trading a slow bently for a lamborgini testorosa in android. Htc is the number 3 handst maker in the world for a reason nokia is number 1. Not sure where apple falls. Stats stats stats. Watch the cenet evo ip4 prize fight hosted by an apple fanboy on cnet.

  • dogmop

    I would like a bigger screen and better battery life as long as it’s on Verizon. Can’t wait.

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    dick man

  • Is it battery good or not?

  • Iphone is getting popularity nowaday

  • iPhone crazy fan

    NO FM Transmiter , radio :(…

    • orangesn0w

      New nano has that

  • StanTheMan

    I don’t think that it will really matter about the home button being gone…Pretty sure Sephamore can implement DFU mode into Tiny Umbrella for the 5. Apple=Fail.

  • Brandz

    A larger display with no home button would be nice. 😀

  • db

    haha, fools who buy this crap, after my 3g which i had for 2 years i went to android rather than the iphone 4. Best choice i ever made. Android kicks the pants of ios. HTC all the way baby.Until apple change their OS i will never go back.

  • iphone 5 4 me

    I have a ip4, im not really happy with it, the apps crash occasionally, put any heavy data on it an it makes it slow and finniky, its just not worth the 570euro I paid for it. The iOS needs something new and exciting and more then just multifolders. Suprise me apple, make me believe in you again!!!! 🙁

    • idroid

      I agree htc is the only company on par with applrs hardware quality. After the first iphone and ipod touch i expected more from apple not plastic. I like metal every iphone after the first has felt cheap and plastic to me ipod touch to. Now in response to jailbreaking which jonarkentipned earlier. I just jailbroke a ip4 with gp and it os nowhere near as beastly as a stock droid.

      Froyo does so much more than ios right out the box. Now i realize u idrones feel eliete because you have one, but i have 2 and my droid gives me the power that i get at my pc ios does not. Even rooting is one clck install and boom free tether ios even in cydia there is no free tethering untilvyou download illegal stuff.

      Guess jon was right droid appeals to the techie ios is for the lazy american who hates to think for himself. That said i love steve jobs more than bill gates and steve schmidt. ThTs something i think we can agree on.

  • teresa

    5” for a phone is gigantic. however… this android rumour is cool btw

  • jimathan

    The idea that Apple will make an iPhone nano doesn’t make sense yet. The flood of data from these phones would bring bandwidth on the networks to a screeching halt. Or the phone would be useless after users exceed the data cap. Either way, that doesn’t do anything positive for the users and that’s who Apple is most concerned with. That said, I think it’s very likely that the next iPhone will have a dual core processor and more ram to compete with the various android handsets that already have both. Also, Apple would be very wise to ensure that the next iPhone doesn’t attenuate like the current ones do.

  • hong

    can anyone tell me when will iphone 4 IOS 4.2.1 with firmware 03.10.01 able to unlock?

    • Amoeba

      no. nobody can.

  • charlesrubowski

    I wish I could get a louder sound from IPhone 5!!

  • Zizibug

    I would like to see a standard micro or mini USB plug for those times when the friggin battery dies and I didn’t bring the proprietary cable with me. That proprietary plug was always a bad idea. Also hoping for better battery life and an iTunes workflow that makes more sense (a bunch of my friends accidentally deleted all of their apps and settings while upgrading their computers).

    • Craig

      Apple will never replace their connector with mini USB or have it as an option, just look at the number of iPod/iPhone devices out there and what of those who upgrade and then find their perfectly good sound dock no longer works?

      I still have a 3Gs and it works great, only every had it crash twice in the last 15 months and I basically leave it on 24/7 with very few re-starts.

  • Ben

    Could the iPhone 5 potentially come in a 64 gb model? Apple seems to increase the capacity each new cycle except for the iphone 4. Possibility of a 64 gb iphone 5 ? Well i sure hope there will be.

  • aj

    its just a iphone 4 with a update sados

  • My interest in iOS is because the cool apps people made for it, so, i hope a better processor performance and a larger capacity, also a better batt will be nice.

  • IDroid

    When Apple steps up to the now they will be relevant again. Droid has dethroned IOS in the minds of consumers. Google has unseated Apple in the US and dethroned Nokia world wide. Dont get me wrong the design of the Iphone is or was excellent. I rember the first Iphone was earth shatteringly beautiful. However at the time there was virtually no competition for the phone. The best phone at that time was an HTC running windows mobile 5 or 6.

    Now Apple has to compete with wave after wave of high powered droids. I know you Iphone fans are a niche group and like to thumb your nose at innovation until Apple does it. EG: Like oh you are riding on wheels? Wheels suck. Who wants wheels on a phone? Announcement the new Iphone has wheels. Dude did you hear the Iphone X has wheels OMG this is going to be the best Iphone ever dude it has freaking wheels. Sweet! LMHO Now substitute wheel with front facing camera or 4g.

    Come on last year the Iphone struggled to be on the top 5 best smartphones list. All the popular tech sites from Cnet to Zdnet gave the Iphone 4 a loosing score compared to the Droid competion. The Evo regined as 2010s top phone followed by the Droid x, Incredible, the Epic and the list can go on and on. How can 1 phone compete with all these beastly phone sized computers? It can’t.

    I know the truth hurts, and trust me I am not bashing the Iphone. I just like more power than the Iphone can offer. The Iphone is fro kids who do not want the time to take to learn how to use a computer. I like having raw horsepower and driving it the way I want.

    Already in 2011 cnets top phone is the Motorola Atrix. The Iphone announcement last year was a joke. I remember thinking thats it?. No 4+ inch screen? No dual core? Woa it has video chat and a front facing camera 4 months after it was already on the market on the EVO.

    I just don’t think that apple has the power to stand up to the Atrix. Come on the phone can transform into a laptop. Say it with me. THE MOTOROLA ATRIX CAN TRANSFORM INTO A LAPTOP! Typical Apple fan response? “Well I don’t need all that who wants to have to worry about using all that stuff. I just don’t like how it can do all that stuff.LOL.” Plus the ATRIX has dual core processors, NFC and Biometric security features and a 4+ inch screen. There is nothing Apple has planed thus far that can keep up with the Atrix.

    Fianly to add insult to injury. ATT why are there people still on that network? 2gb of data a month? Now that is a dedicated fanboy!

    • Robbie

      god you’re stupid. the motorola atrix can turn into a laptop? who cares? so can the dell inspiron duo! anyway, apple have just released ipad 2, with an a5 dual core processor and 9X as fast graphics. eat that, motorola.

      • idroid

        Im stupid? Yet im the one who uses correct capitalization. Anyway you are exactly the type of person me and jon were talking about. If apple released a cancerous turd from Steve Jobs you would love it. Once again the ipad and phone are late the atrix ha a dual core chip amd finger print analysis biometric security. What u gonna say next omg who cares. Then next iphone when they announce it your gona say oh wow thats the best thing ever. You idrones dont cease to amaze me with the lengths you go through to by your chinese products that are outdated six months before release. The iphone 1 or 2 however you guys label it lol is the bestdesign in the series all the others have been plastic junk including ipod touch. Ipad 2? why would i need a seperate device when i have a phone that can transorm into a laptop, so while you are lugging around the i pad i have dual core power in my pocket. Now try to respond with intelligence fanboy. Write your thoughts down on paper before you start to type because you make the rest of your fanboy brothes look like pathetic little girls when you whine like in your last post. Pwnd

  • Jon Mak

    Idriod, i completely understand you statements, but its not all about the internal. I considered the atrix, but when using an android, the simplicity is not there. To quickly complete a task is not what an Andriod does and that overall destroys some merit. The Iphone will dominate the market because of its quick use, ipod that most are familiar, and a phone that just works. The andriod openess is surely great for programers and coders such as me, even though I use n900 since that kicks all andriod ass in any openess. I am up for upgrade and I turned the Atrix down, I’m more of a business pro and I left my coding behind, Any one have great opinions of phones besides Torch or 4? Moreover, your so called Atrix Idriod is too overpowered that the lag is becomes unbearable and no quick drop down menu to close apps. Andriod has no simplicty in its use and are for the people such as you, so you have no ability to compare the iphone to the atrix as they target two different consumers on the market. Please dont be a whiny person and try to fight me on the web, im not looking for that. I just wanna instate to you that the Android doesnt beat the ios and the ios doesnt beat the Andriod. They are different fro reasons, and apple has a 5 year advantage on Andriod and dominates the markets. Andriod is great, but not for businessmen such as myself or the average American. I hope my comment helped.

    • idroid

      Lol im not here to fight. I was just pointing out the obvious. True the atrix is by far the most advanced phone on the market. I have a friend starting a small buisness, and he needed a smart phone and a laptop so i asked him what of your smartphone was a laptop. He was floored by the possibility.

      Now i will not dispute ease of use the iphone is definately easier to use then the atrix. However when you throw in a ui like sense and moto blur the usability factor begins to increase. My 4 year old has been using an ipod touch since she was 1 so i can attest to the usability factor for a novice.

      I look at the iphone like i look at aol from the 90s. Aol was a sand box that walled off the web under the facade of delivering the full web to consumers. The iphone does the same thing walls off or sections out things like flash which is a dominant web technology.

      Google does not restrict the user. If your battery dies in a droid the manufacturer encourages u to change it.

      Buisness applications and iphone is a joke. If u want a buisness phone get a black berry or windows phone with a keyboard. Last year the google market overtook the app store in number of apps last year. This means that every app on the iphone 99 percent of the time are also on android.

      Everybody has there personal preference. Im one who likes to know when i buy something its mine. I can use my device how ever I want. If i go to a web page with video the video just plays.

      My 4 year old could care less about dynamc web content she just wants angry birdies to play.

      • tolly price

        hey i will say a jailbroken iphone has way more custom settings than droid but i have never saw one rooted. but there is some new custom stuff from cydia that my friends with droid say the wish they could do but once u tap these new phones the things r endless u can do. the ip4 has some really nice things for it the icarbonsatin is the nicest theme it puts u clock in bottom left corner and u can get all droid stuff for ip on cydia. also the windows phone like a laptop for buisness would not be as useful as u think i have my own bis. and i need both to make mutitasking easier and think of the problems windows has with computer i could see those locking up easy. but one of my fav phones was the moto q so hard to say like u said “personal preference” and the battery thing is to make u buy a bunch of batterys its all about making money thats y im not a fan of droid plus the apple store is top rated for customer support and droid is going to the store for one of the phone companys with no techs with iphone the give u anther one ive had all the smartphones but iphone caters to the owner.

        also the iphone is ment to be easy to use kids these days can use them so easily cus that is all the see is tech. stuff so it is easier to them the older people have more problems with it than younger people that y apple is bigger with older people but is partly a status symbol too. but all in all i love the new gagets but in the long run were all losing grip of what life is about its about life to the fullest and enjoying nature thats y we r here i rember as a kid you couldnt get me to come inside nothing better than fresh air and moving around. thats y most kids r lazy fat turds now they never do anything they watch travel channel and think they just went on vaction lol alil off topic but its true

  • Guest

    @ idriod:


    Correct capitalisation would be; AMD, Apple, iPhone, etc…
    Robbie calling you stupid was only an accusation, however your reply has turned his accusation into fact.
    I only hope people are wise enough not to listen to anything you say.

    • idroid

      Hi I missed u fanboy. I was referencing the begining of the sentence, but i understand that many of us are on cell phones so we can at bare minimum have common curtosey to show where one sentence stops and another begins.

  • iphoner

    leave the home button alone plz cuz that idea is retarded! add some 4G service with facetime dual core processor and wifi hotspot with full flash for safari browsing, while your at it, add some feature to let me use it as a TV remote without needing to buy some BS $10 app and extra hardware.

  • idroid

    Iphone requires a name address creditcard hair sample drug test and background check to download free apps. Google only wants u to use a gmail account. Why so invasive apple? Just kidding about the last 3 but it will be here soon.

  • tolly

    ok b4 u think im delusional u should know that everything u read is someones opinion on whats real or tru thats it there are hardly any ideas that stay fact at some point someone will contradict the fact. i just exspress my opinion just like yall do we r intiled to that as a higher species and hell as a free country we could be in lybia dealing with that but were not so save ur personal shots to someone who care.

    and for what ive been sayin bout the product is based on field use not reading about it plain and simple att is the the fastest network and best customer service. and apple has best customer service hands down. and when it bowls do to it they all can do the same things and there geting money out our pockets. ive had all the cell phone carriers and att is the nicest but they r the largest .

    also think arnt the reason to have all the stuff ur phone can do is to make things easier so if you want something to be convenient get the simple phone less problems would be the way to go not the more complicated one. i was once told if somethings to hard u just not doing it right so that my coment to the droid

    and o yea i heard there puting a can opener and a fork on the droid y u only need one device ever lol

    • idroid

      Uh ok tolly.

  • Clayson

    Apple has never been a company to quickly adopt new technologies?! That’s all Apple does! Look at the new iPad 2, look at the new line of MacBook Pros, the All-In-One computer came from Apple! About half of the technologies and innovations on your computer right now, no matter what OS or computer, originated from Apple. To me, this website lost all credibility when I read that.

    • If you read that sentence in context, I am talking about LTE. What I meant by that was that Apple does not quickly adopt technologies that are NOT their own. (LTE is not their proprietary technology.)

      Apple is constantly innovating with new technology that is THEIR OWN (the all-in-one computer, etc.), but they usually take quite awhile to adopt technology from other companies (with the exception of Intel).

      Does that make more sense?

      • Xepptizz

        It concurs wih my readings on the kinect technoligy. Apple was first approched but they declined. So is it a hand me down for xbox? A missed oppertunity for apple? Who knows! And more importantly, who cares :p

  • Xepptizz

    My general opinion about choice of phone, android And iphone are simply unconparibel without a heavy dose of subjectivism. Android offers a huge market of diverse phones, makin it more suitable to fullfill the needs of a specific person with the appropriate price. Every advantage droid has over apple has a significant enough disadvantage. Every advantage apple has is negated by the sheer volume of choice the android platform offers.

    A friend of mne bought a cheap galaxy spica. She hardly uses apps so in that sense it would have been rediculous te get the overprized iphone.

    I on the other hand go all out on the appstore. I like how everything is streamlined and works in sync, with just a click or two i was able to restore everything ftom my ipod touch on the iphone. My friend on the otherhand needs to be a computerwizz to not brick her phone during the update to droid 2,1. Than again she has little reason to update.

  • tolly

    come on yall do yall own a iphone if ur battery starts losing life take it to the apple store magic they will get u anther phone. idroid no u wouldnt respawn someone else takes ur place. what u mean no flash my ip4 has flash and its a flash lite and it has strobe too. and u say apple treats u like a baby but doesnt everyone just want to be catered to or have i missed something in the past 25 years were people actualy want to work hard? man everything u talk about my phone does and jailbreaking and understanding what u doin is more complicated than the droid or windows bc its a hack. like ive said b4 the point of innovating is to make task easier to do so how can u say to one that is more of a pain to use is better when thats not what its about i think ur hobbie is collecting phones and a scrap yard come on man next year the first droid will have no vaule or use but people will always buy an iphone cus with out phone its still a ipod touch so u cant tell me its a better buy when all aspects of that r wrong the only real good point u have made is the personal choice thing besides that is just ranting.
    and widows is awsome im a huge fan of xbox but they r glitchy so it has its problems but its still a good system and apple will prob never cross over to gaming systems but who knows they claim bill gates stole the tech from steve jobs along time ago so if thats rite steve would be the founder of all the tech u see around u thats y hands down apple will stay on top and i will say again poor mans bc it is cheaper to have and run a droid vs the iphone yea retail is high but who ever pays that but a idiot u can upgrade every yr so y pay the high price? but i think this is all so funny cus idriod is trin to sound so smart but everyone disagrees mostly but u can keep it up makes me laugh u bring a smile to my face bud cant wait for the brilliant reply bak and dont u just love my run ons lol

  • tolly

    idroid what do u do for a living? what r ur real needs for ur phone?

    heres a good one for ya u say the atrix can transform did the atrix get hit by the cube can it comunicated with optimis prime cus now that would be cool what u mean is it has laptop abilitys come on man dont be a hippocrit u make to many errors to talk about others

    • idroid

      Lol tolly I hope you were joking about the flash light. If so I laughed so hard it hurt thanks. You absolutely floored me when you said it has a strobe to. Im still laughing about that. I cant wait to tell my colleauges.

      Im talking about flash the adobe web protocol that allows for images and video to be displayed on the web. You said your iphone can do all that i mentioned previosly? 4g speeds of 6 to 12mbps over cellular? Yours would be the only one ever made that could achieve that this point in time.

      Biometric security? Meaning the phone is only usable once your identity is cofirmed by something on your body that is not easily spoofed like dna, finger print, retina analysis or voice match. I hear a heartbeat sensor may be in the works for i5 but the atrix has it NOW.

      Flash? Im still laughing?

      DuL core

      • idroid

        Dual core was announced for the ipad 2 so ill give you that, but it aint on the i4.

        I am an IT consultant and I work at a major logistics company. Lol so yes mark it is my life.

  • Mark

    Who cares? It’s a phone, not your life.

  • Tolly

    Dont u love sarcasim yea i kno i have the little sticker on my laptop well im glad u have a relavent job then yea the new ipad is nice u know there bout to be in all hospitals in stead of old school charts. Helping the needy isnt steve jobs so nice lol at a price.

    Also like jon was sayin my lady just got out grad school and got a fellowship wit a hospital and they only goin to let her have a choic of blackberry or iphone they wont let them get a droid or windows phone ????

  • Tolly

    Dont u love sarcasim yea i kno i have the little sticker on my laptop well im glad u have a relavent job then yea the new ipad is nice u know there bout to be in all hospitals in stead of old school charts. Helping the needy isnt steve jobs so nice lol at a price.
    Also like jon was sayin my lady just got out grad school and got a fellowship wit a hospital and they only goin to let her have a choic of blackberry or iphone they wont let them get a droid or windows phone ????

  • Mark

    iDroid, it may be your job…but it’s not your life (I hope your job at a logistics/IT firm does not define your life).

  • tolly

    dont u love sarcasium yes the flash on my laptop is ase i think i took the sticker off when i got it. yea the ipad 2 is top notch and did u know they will be in all hospitals b4 to long there using them now instead of old school charts but u can get browsers once u jailbreak that let u get any kind of content and speed ive had my ip4 on 4.1.2 os beside a “4g” droid and my iphone completed faster everytime my edge signal is almost as fast but tru 3g from att has the fastest dl times when ive compared i will say when i got my ip3g it had its downs but then i jailbroke it and had no prob til os 4.0 came out the 3g didnt work to go so i got the ip4 and i got it home and use and now im on 4.1.2 with limerain and theres nothing i want to do that i cant. u dont think finger printing on ur phone is to much come on its not a safe full of money and think about it this way it is anther way of keeping track of people that means ur finger print will be in a huge database which in turn will make identity theft easier for hackers. and a heartbeat sensor what is the atrix part of life alert sound like i should get it for my gran ma lol incase she falls and cant get up

  • tolly

    ok didnt mean to post the same thing twice my phone said it failed the post sry yall