When will the white iPhone 4 be available? That’s the eternal question that hopefully will get an answer sooner rather than later. Maybe even sooner than we thought. If you go to Vodafone UK’s website right now, you can see an iPhone 4 in white color labeled as “coming soon”.

So what is this? A marketing stunt from Vodafone to get a little attention, or a clear sign that the unicorn white iPhone 4 is right around the corner? Your guess is as good as mine…

So what do you think?

[Thanks Danny]

  • William

    at this point, I don’t think anybody cares about white iPhone4 any more.
    iPhone 5 is merely a few more months away.

  • Igeek

    Been had the white iPhone 4… Waiting on something new 

  • Zigge

    Seriously, nobody cares about the white iphone… It’s just another color

    • Manuel

      Gave up on white and put a white iCarbon skin on mu phone. I think it looks way better

  • I think that’s true because wozniak already confirmed that it will be available soon.so i think it will be out in 15 days.

  • Jose

    Who cares just give me the iPhone 5 🙂

  • JimmyK

    I live in London and I got my (black) iPhone 4 from the vodafone website around 4 months ago. It said that the White iPhone was “coming soon” back then so I don’t think anything has changed

  • Kuipo

    iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!! Forget the unicorn. Give me an iPhone 5!!! I think black looks more elegant anyways

  • LS

    I know it’s quite ridiculous but I’ve been waiting for the white version since last summer! Apple better release it soon otherwise people like are gonna go really mad!

  • Lupin

    I never understood what the big deal was about different color iPhones isn’t it pointless once you put a case on?

  • Jason Masters

    There will never be a white iPhone ever …..

    • moe

      i dont care about color
      i care about one thing now
      in wat time unlock for 4.1 in b.b 02.10.04

    • jared

      Not true. I’m holding a white iPhone 3Gs in my hand that I’ve had for over a year.

      • Moe

        Ok but with iPhone 4 and problem you should buy cover to fix. Antina issue in that case you cover the white color 🙂

  • Pirates Suck

    Who the phuck cares?

  • Wow – this is a nice looking phone … but its just a phone thats white instead of black .. get over it !!!

  • I’m not a big fan of the white looks okay but I don’t understand the craze with everything having to be white at the moment. Like my sister buying a car in white the thing always looks dirty.

  • Mufler

    I want an White iPhone 4.
    And Think that the defferents between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 is as big as it was between 3G and 3GS…. So why get the 5 i want the White and will waite until the iPhone 6 😉

  • Koopa

    I noticed this since around xmas/new year time old news…

  • Jason Masters

    There should be a rainbow colored one or have them draped in national or state flags I.e. Brazil or uk or Aussie or illionois or a Cuban flag I think that would be a better looking phone then drab white…

  • 2meu

    There won’t be an iPhone 5. Instead there will be a white iPhone. Joke

  • mwebsterpgh

    I am waiting for the iPhone NFL team color release.

  • i am waiting for release date of white phone

  • Is it White iphone better or not?

  • I have news for you guys. Apple created the “idea” of a white iPhone in order to take control of the media.

    In an interview exclusive with Steve Jobs he goes on to say …” Apple makes such amazing products and we get the press whipped up so well, we can announce a product that we have absolutely no intention to ever make…”

    Its all about marketing. You can watch the interview here: goo.gl/HWvZF

  • I can’t wait for this – white will look so cool! Might even customise it a bit. I think this will be very popular.