In itself, the iPhone’s email works fairly well. It’s simple, and reliable. In fact it’s almost too simple, being devoid of many customization options that you think would be a no-brainer.

Mail Enhancer is a jailbreak tweak that aims to provide your iPhone’s email with some much needed depth in the way of customization.

As you’ll see inside, it more than lives up to its name…

Once you install Mail Enhancer, prepare to spend some significant time configuring it to your liking using the

First there’s signatures, you can enable or disable custom signatures that support HTML. Not only that, but the tweak features the ability to have a different signature per email address.

Mail Enhancer is smart enough that it automatically recognizes which email addresses you have configured on your iPhone, and will assign each signature accordingly.

The second major way that Mail Enhancer spruces up your email is by way of custom notifications. These too can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button.

The custom notifications consist of vibrate, sound, speech, and popup. The ‘sound’ option is by far the most intriguing, as it allows you to assign iTunes ringtones as incoming mail notifications.

To top all of that off, Mail Enhancer will even recognize HTML code placed into the body of your email, and prompt you on whether of not you wish convert that email to HTML format. Impressive.

Really, I just touched upon the high level aspects of Mail Enhancer. This is an extremely deep tweak that could theoretically have you tinkering with its settings for hours on end.

At its current price-point Mail Enhancer is a steal. It’s rare that a tweak comes along that offers such fine-grained control like this one does. Other developers should really take a page out of this tweak’s book when it comes to the amount of control that it lends the user.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can purchase Mail Enhancer on Cydia for $1.99.

Have you tried it yet?

  • Jlowry

    Picked it up yesterday and like it a lot. Only downside I have found is that after clicking no on that last popup it sends the message, but doesn’t take the popup away.

  • Jason Masters

    Pass ….

  • OP

    Using it, and liking it.

  • Conno

    Is there a way to customize the vibration pattern? Whenever I have my phone on silent there’s not way to feel the difference between a text and an email.

    • Billy

      You need Vibrafications from Cydia. I had this same problem. After having jailbroken iPhone powerhouses for a couple of years, this would be the ONE thing I still missed from my BlackBerry but no more:

      it lets you choose a vibrating patter for as many apps as you’d like and that includes time of vibration, times it vibrates and even time between vibration.

      It’s awesome!! Since I prioritize text messages, I can pass on emails and others while in class or work and look quickly at SMS. I wouldn’t live without Vibrafications now.

      Hope that helped!!

  • Burge

    New tweak coming to Cydia ..Animatr.. Everything on the idevice moves into place… Very nice …downside though is typing …you will see what I mean…

  • monkers

    Still no folders for hotmail in apple mail. Mbox solves all of this already. Don’t mean to have a downer and be negative but its not a good product to start with, and as they say “You can’t polish a turd”

    • ToPdOg

      Set it up as an exchange server and you’ll get your folders. Works like a charm for me. I haven’t used mboxmail since.

  • Kev

    I feel a bit thick. I have no idea what HTML signatures etc are and how they are useful. More research needed.

    • lewisbey

      HTML is code used to create web pages as well as formatting text. You can use it to bold, change font colors, size, and even add graphics to your signature.

  • Gorgonphone

    Still no “select all” button…lol i will not get this.. all i want is too be able to select all messages with one button press.

    • Billy

      In what scenario would you like to select them all? I ask because when it comes to marking all read or unread at one, I use Cydia tweak “Mark Read” and it’s AWESOME!!

      Now if you’re looking to select all to move to another folder, then this is not the tweak you’re looking for. But to mark all read at one, “Mark All Read” is for you

      It’s great and it integrates on you’re Mail app as if it was designed by Apple all along. Awesome if you hate seeing a badge for unread mail on you app icon.

      Hope that helped!!!

  • six4seven


    I don’t spend a lot of time on my iphone replying or composing emails. That’s what my macbook air is for 🙂

  • Sb

    Anyone know what source to get it from. I couldn’t find it. Thanks

  • BLiNK

    can someone verify if you can assign different tones for different email accounts..

  • Icen berger

    can someone verify if you can assign different tones for different email accounts..


  • When will new iphone 5 come?

  • Travis

    Anybody know if you can set up different alerts based on email content? Like a keyword in a subject line or something?


  • No Name

    I’m using it, works great for custom signature which is all I needed. As far as different sounds for accounts, sadly, no. You can get it from BigBoss, or I saw a cracked version at Sinful.

  • rippey

    Would be nice if it worked on an iPad where I do more emailing than the iPhone. Does work really nice on my iPhone 4

  • Malte

    I am looking for the same as Travis:

    Push Notifications for mails based on the content (filtering subject line, sender etc.).
    I know that the app “PushMail” offers this service – but you have to forward all mails to a different mail-adress – which won’t work for my company’s mail account.

    Is there an app which offers push notifications based on the mail it downloads by itself?

  • Malte

    @ Travis

    Looks like Ultimate Notifier is actually offering this – I receive now push notifications without having to forward any mails. Now I just need to check the filtering options.

  • Mario_S3

    I found a bug in application 🙂

    When phone is locked and when you have missed call on popup, first time when mail arrives there is no sound, second time it arrives there is a sound. And every time it’s like that, no exception. So it would be nice if developer would solve this problem ! After all we paid for this app 3$. My iOs is 4.3.1.

  • Mario_S3

    I reset my iPhone and now it is working ok ! Great app !

  • Ak

    Quite new to this stuff. How can I add my company logo in my email through mail enhancer assuming that I have saved the image on iphone