Verizon is using the iPhone for some cross promotion. Big Red is welcoming potential iPhone customers by offering a $200 rebate towards the iPhone with the purchase of Verizon’s FIOS bundle. Customers will also receive a $5-$20 monthly discount on their plan with the purchase of FIOS.

Verizon has also updated its free FIOS DVR app for the iPhone, giving iPhone users another reason to use FIOS TV. If you’re interested in what Verizon has to offer, these new discounts certainly sweeten the deal…

Verizon offers FIOS TV, internet, and landline phone packages in select cities. Most FIOS users are very happy with the service, and the internet service has been known to be incredibly fast.

A new commercial, by Verizon, shows how the iPhone can be used to manage FIOS TV through Verizon’s app.

“Control your TV, manage your DVR remotely, and with the flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flat screen, with the FiOS app for iPhone.”

If you decide to be a FIOS customer, you will receive a $200 Verizon Rewards Card (the price of a 16GB iPhone 4), a waived $50 activation fee, and a monthly discount of about $10.

The FIOS iPhone app is quite nice, and makes a wonderful companion to FIOS TV. The app is available for free in the App Store.

If you’ve been on the fence about FIOS or the iPhone on Verizon, these discounts certainly make the products sound more appealing. Read Verizon’s press release for more information.

Have you been contemplating Verizon FIOS? Do these deals make you want to hop on board?

[via AppleInsider]

  • Doug

    I would consider fios if it ever made it to my city. Live in central nj with a pretty dense population and not far from NYC but still no fios.

    Even w this deal I might stay on the fence. I know the service is good but verizons pricing and billing is always a headache. Right now I have the optimum triple play. They’ve let me keep my promo pricing way past the first year and the Internet speeds are fast and reliable

    • manuel

      Yeah, you guys are ran by Comcast. I think this is pretty good though. Still won’t get Fios. Internet runs cable these days with hulu any ways. Well, as long as NBC and Comcast don’t mess that up

  • Pam

    This would be great, if it hasn’t been 5+ years for them to be “working” on getting Fios to my area from 3 miles away. By the time they get around to it, the iPhone 10 will be out with 8G and a flash player.

  • Kat

    I love that “iOS” is IN FiOS. It’s been staring us in the face for how long?