Yesterday I told you about Apple’s efforts to thwart jailbreakers by blocking them from opening DRM enabled books in iBooks. Safe to say, that didn’t go over well with you, or the rest of the jailbreak community.

Unsurprisingly, various work arounds were ordered and quickly achieved, and we’ll discuss one of those fixes here; it’s simple as all get out.

Check inside for the full video tutorial…

So basically just do the following:

Step 1: Navigate to this file in safari: hunnypot.deb. Fitting name, since iBooks comes bundled with Winnie The Pooh. You jailbreakers are so witty!

Step 2: Choose Open in “iFile” and once iFile is open, tap Installer. You will get a return code of 0 if  it worked correctly.

Step 3: Exit iFile and respring your iPhone

Step 4: Open iBooks, and commence enjoying the DRM enabled books you purchased.

And before you get on me, I know there are other ways to do this besides iFile i.e. mobile terminal, SSH, etc.

Note: Actually, there’s an even easier way now! Just add this repo to your sources in Cydia: and download “iBooks Fix” from Cydia.

Did it work for you?

[iHackintosh via RazorianFly]



  • soccerkrzy

    Jeff how can you stand not having the time in your status bar?

    • I’ve gotten used to it… it has taken a bit of an adjustment though, but I kind of like it.

      • orangesn0w

        You is weird

  • EgoHot

    I keep getting an error :/

    • EgoHot

      So after running some tests…

      this installs fine on my iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 3GS, and iPad just.

      it doesn’t install right on my iPhone 4 (CDMA). even after doing a fresh restore of 4.2.6

      comex…. HELP 🙁

      • EgoHot

        UPDATE – I created a custom IPSW using PwnageTool and all is good.

  • SpideyRules

    Can’t add the repo 🙁

  • SpideyRules

    Scratch that…finally went through.

  • appletiser

    the working iFile method was quick, simple and painfree, quicker than adding the repo because it meant i didnt have to use and wait ages for cydia 😛 thanks 🙂

    • appletiser

      what is wrong with iDB lately?? this is the 2nd time in nearly as main days that a dialogue box says posting failed and yet it hasnt!! its making me look like a jackass 😀

  • appletiser

    the iFile method was quick, simple, painfree and faster than adding the repo because it meant i didnt have to use and wait ages for cydia 😛 thanks 🙂

  • AppleBits

    Spiffy! And Thanks!

  • i like it in fact i love it 😀

  • Alex

    You should be pointing your readers to the PushFix repo, not insanelyi…

  • sylvan


  • vicislick6

    Worked Perfect!!

  • Ai

    Appple killed hunnypot.deb

    • Ai

      Got it. Treasure hunting:)

    • QuarterSwede

      No they didn’t. Just worked for me.

  • Phil

    Where do i find ibooks as cant find it in installous

    • QuarterSwede

      iBooks is an Apple app in the App Store. Free.

    • Pirates Suck

      I don’t even think you deserve iBooks if you are so retarded that you don’t know where it is. On top of that, the first place you go to find it is a piracy app. Friggin numnuts.

  • QuarterSwede

    THIS is why I follow this site! GREAT job Jeff yet again. I’ve had this issue ever since I JB my iPhone 4 (4.1). You. freaking. rock.

  • LG

    One other solution: use the Kindle app instead of iBooks!

    • Austin

      I’m switching to it specifically because of this.

  • Kevin

    I’ve got the latest 4.2.1 jailbreak on my iPhone 4 but I can read my iBooks just fine?

    • Me

      Maybe thats cuz you didn’t update iBooks. 4.2.1 doesn’t have anything to do with this problem. iBooks recently got an update that allows picturebooks. This also, added the jailbreak protection.

  • October

    Yay!!!! Thanks, finally! I used the easy patch, worked great!

  • John Hoving

    i cant get this to work on my cdma i4. ipad no problem, but t comes back with an error that says 256, partially installed and just still cant get the ibooks to open.

    does not work with iphone explorer or ifile.


    • Max

      John Hoving – Did you get your 256 error fixed. Having the same issue too.

  • Phil

    @ pirates suck. Im new to this you f**k nugget i knew there was a free version on appstore but thought this crack would of been for a paid version maybe so before you start being a idiot how about you understand why i ask the question. Proper d**k

    • Pirates Suck

      So your excuse is: “Hey, I’m new and I thought I would have to pay for it”. And I am a proper dick? Really? So because you are a retard who can’t find a FREE Apple app, and you thought you would have to pay for it, I am a phuck nugget? Super. You are a real model citizen Phil, and I’m sure your mom is real proud of you buddy.

      Why don’t you look for the phone app or Safari in Installous, then report back to us. Then you can tell us how to get the App Store and iTunes for free?

      You pirates are sure some intellectual heavyweights!


  • Polemicist

    *chuckles* Yeah nice share Jeff I’m always glad to see the JB/Hacking crews weaving their magic.

    Phil chill… Yeah you should have searched in more than one place but getting upset about some anon poster bitch slapping you is just not worth ya time…

  • Pirates Suck

    This site is starting to blow. You either have Google Trolls on here or Quantum Physicists like our boy Phil…

  • phil

    how about i come and rip you a new whole you dogf**ker, what i said is i know there is a free version of it but wasnt sure if there was a paid one aswell or didnt your mum/sister or brother/father teach you to read or your family to busy playing a local imbred game to each you.
    i do pay for stuff if i think it is worth paying for so you should maybe get your facts straight before you say anything. so i think you should go back and lick some windows or just sit in the corner talking to yourself and rocking side to side you bellend

    • John Hoving

      hey man, just chill your ass out.

  • phil

    i wrote whole instead of hole to see if you could actually read or not before you try and pretend your clever

  • largie

    yeah dude chill out, piratessuck if he is new to this give him a break some people just dont know everything straight away and phil there is alot of anger there

  • Jaybird1981

    So my issue is a bit different. When I open iBooks, all of my purchases are there and the book i’m reading opens up, but then the whole app just shuts down after a few seconds. I don’t even get the error message shown above. I installed hunnypot.deb regardless, however I code a code of 512. Help?


  • LSUrunner

    anyone have a good repo/source for ibooks? before getting slandered with beleaguered comments, i am referring to actual books… not the application itself.

  • greyfox22

    For those of you looking to read your ibooks i have found your 4.3.4 jb workaround.

    install ibooks. ( i know it crashes but the registration is lloked up from another app)

    Install Overdrive media console. its also a free reader. its used for libraries. yes it requires a registration. ( its adobe so it is ok )

    I use cydia to get some books as ive never tried to read books on the iphone before. imagine my surprise when ibooks crashed all the time.

    anyway install from cydia and when the link is put on your springboard choose open with and use overdrive.

    installs and works just fine!

    reading watchers by dean koontz now. 2500+ pages could take me a bit.

  • The correct address is> – This is direct from their website/repo site!
    Works great!

  • i installed hunnypot using ifile but i get a 256 error code on an iphone 3gs v5.1 help

  • i installed hunnypot using ifile but i get a 256 error code on an iphone 3gs v5.1 help

  • Anonymous

    I try and it doesn’t work, from cydia give a erro and from the Ifile I can make it install
    please some one help me