Earlier today we reported there were rumors going around the web claiming that the iPhone 5 might come with a 4-inch screen, increasing from the current 3.5-inch display. When I first read about that, I really wondered what it could look like. Then the fine folks at 9to5Mac came up with a mockup of a 4-inch display applied to the iPhone 4 hardware.

The result as you can see is not very pretty. The screen goes all the way to the edge and the size of the home button has to be reduced to fit. Following rumors from last month, Apple could even go as far as removing the home button altogether…

Of course these are only rumors and we won’t know for sure until Apple unveils the iPhone 5 (or until Gizmodo get their hands on it!).

What do you think?

  • appletiser

    hmm looks like its been eating at too many fast food outlets 😛

  • There are also rumors that the home button would be removed in favor of new gestures… so that would help.

  • six4seven

    Yes, the 4″ will be due to no home button.

  • Ando

    Photoshop fail

    • soccerkrzy

      No, it’s a juxtaposition on top of the current model, you might try reading a little bit…

    • Ghani Rajput

      totally agree.. big photoshop fail.. i can come up with something better than that..

      • Polemicist

        Please do…

  • VnABC

    So f*ckly, whoever draw this is so bad at Photoshop and have zero design skill!

    • soccerkrzy

      No, it’s a juxtaposition on top of the current model, you might try reading a little bit…

      It’s for comparison purposes…

  • Dodgerdeezy

    If this is true and I know it’s not. My current case would cover the screen sides anyway

  • Looks OK, and in this example the case size remains the same – not something that is likely to happen. Any larger screen with have a larger form factor.

  • 4.3 inch please.

  • Mike DeMaio

    4″ screen would be fine if the phone stayed the same size and it does not compromise battery life

  • Justin

    No home button?? well thats good cus i just sent mine in because the home button wasnt working lol

  • Ai

    It doesn’t look good because the black spaces containing the camera and the home button are npt equal. I think it would look better if there were a little black border on the side, instead of going all the way out.

  • Looks straight ti me. I would buy today if it was available.

  • Steve

    If the next iPhone really has a 4″ screen, it would probably be a tiny bit bigger (not much), and would look just fine. I think that would be great-

  • amit

    more importantly it wont be retina, think about the resolution i doubt they will increase it to match the screen as it will be a nightmare for devs to make apps for 4 screen sizes.

    this wont happen.

  • Matt P

    I can see it now. Apple stock fails to meet expectations in 3rd quarter due to iPhone 5 fail. I’m sure they have more common sense than to release this. Let’s hope!

  • Jenn

    The picture on the right does not look good at all. My ideal i5 will have the pull out keyboard, no home button, and a longer screen. Not wider. I’m a Apple customer. Make me happy!!!!! 🙂

  • Jazee

    Well .. That’s Ugly! … I was thinking either keep that same size or remove everything that’s Black around it. Home button has to go anyways …. If not in i5 then maybe in i6 ….Now that’s the new iPhone people will go for … ! Full Screen … !

  • Polemicist

    There is a rumour of a smaller one so why not a rumour of a larger one. Break the mould and make the thing a little bigger.

  • sk@tta

    If it were to look like that then the screen wud be easily breakable

  • soccerkrzy

    My God, you commenters are flat out retarded. This is not what it will look like, this is a comparison of what a 4″ screen would look like ON THE IPHONE 4.

    You’d think you’d get that from my response at the top of the comments so you’d read them before you’d comment on your own. I guess if you’re too stupid to read the article or pay attention, maybe that’s why Macs are so popular as it’s an OS designed for retards like most of you.

  • quite an interesting news this is,,, i think iphone5 should come up with this change it will be exciting for iphone lovers.

  • Bob Dob

    Here’s a comparison picture that assumes the phone case will also be larger. It definitely looks nicer.


  • David

    Last Saturday at Fatburger in Sherman Oaks, CA (Los Angeles), I saw a lady and her kid, both with a device running iOS, although it did not look like the iPhone 4. I tried to get a good glimpse, but it was not easy because I didn’t want to be disrespectful. The front-facing camera looked different. Someone asked her “is that an iphone?” and she said “yes, new generation.” I don’t think it was a Chinese copy cause she looked like she was rich.