Looks like the main jailbreak devs talked to each other today to release their jailbreak tools altogether around the same time. About an hour after the Dev Team announced the release of their PwnageTool jailbreak for iPhone 4.2.1, and now iH8Sn0w is releasing Sn0wBreeze 2.2.

Just like PwnageTool, Sn0wBreeze is a jailbreak tool that allows you to update your iPhone to the latest firmware, and jailbreak while preserving your baseband and your ability to unlock

PwnageTool is Mac only and Sn0wBreeze is Windows only. You can download Sn0wBreeze from our iPhone downloads section.

  • IndiePhoenix

    Brilliant! 🙂

  • ed86

    if i have my iphone 4 jailbroken with greenpoison can i or should i rejailbreak with snowbreez and how. thanks

    • No need, it’s only beneficial to those who have not upgraded to 4.2.1. yet.

      • G

        . I’m not a noob but there are things I am not sure of. I read alot about all the jailbreaking and so on and at the present I am on a ip4
        Jailbroken with greenpoison on 4.1
        02.10.04 .
        I have saved my sshh thing and I am happy with my phone at this time . But now all these new jailbreaks have showed up I’m debating wether to update. I want to b able to unlock when I am able.
        Is it worth me updating and what are the dangers ?
        Is there any one else in the forum exactly same position as me ???
        Love this website by the way. I’m from London uk and check this site every day prob since bout 6 months ago. Thanks everyone and anyone 

      • Nick

        I have 3gs, 4.1, firmware 06.15.00 and it is already jailbroken and unlocked. I would like to download some apps that require the 4.2 version. If I jalibreak with the snowbreeze 4.2.1 will I lose my unlock? Or should I wait until the 4.3 comes out and the dev team comes out with the downgrade for the 06.15.00 BB to an earlier BB version?

  • pn2bade

    Does Sn0wBreeze fix the iBooks issue on the iPhone and the wifi issue on the apple tv just like pwnagetool does?

  • norm

    why do we need to create a custom firmware

    • Creating a custom firmware allows you to upgrade to the latest firmware without updating the baseband.

      • norm

        i dont get that lol

      • Irha

        Baseband is the firmware of the actual phone part of iphone, and the one that needs to be hacked to be able to unlock such that it is no longer tied to the original carrier (such that e.g., AT&T iphone can be used on TMobile). Updating the iOS usually updates the baseband also, which along with bug fixes, also circumvent the previous vulnerabilities that hackers use to unlock. The latest baseband is still not unlockable (that means, no vulnerabilities have been found yet), so if you simply update the iOS without preserving the older unlockable baseband, you will loose the ability to unlock it.

  • norm

    what do i do if i jailbreak with greenpois0n but when ios 4.3 comes i want to update it to ios 4.3 will i be ok

    • Goofygreek

      No. 4.3 is not supported by the jailbreaks. No telling how much longer it will be before they are. Depends on when 4.3 comes out.

  • Dodgerdeezy

    So if I jailbroke 4.2.1 with greenpois0n I can’t unlock????

    • Thor

      If you used tiny umbrella on an i4 to preserve baseband you may a better chance of unlocking. It depends what version your baseband is on.

  • pn2bade

    It doesn’t seem to like the apple tv 4.2.1 ispw…

  • Jason Masters

    SnowbreeEze is a very nice and easy yeah finally

  • JF7FSU

    Will this work on BB 02.10.04 ?

  • Gaguigu

    I’m using 4.1 ios on Iphone4, bb 2.10.04. If I upgrade to 4.2.1 and use the new Sn0wBreeze, unlock will be possible? The 4.1 ios is jailbronken using windows. Can I upgrade to 4.2.1 normaly and apply the Sn0wBreeze? SHSH, blobs… do I have to preserve them somehow? HELP!!
    : )

    • drublic

      you can’t unlock bb 2.10.04 or above, at least not yet sorry, you’ll have to wait like the rest of the world is waiting for the dev team to find the unlock, and they said they are going to work on it after iOS 4.3, so, probably mid March or so the unlock will be out…
      You can upgrade to 4.2.1 normaly but then sn0wbreeze is no use, the idea of sn0wbreeze is to preserve the bb, and right now neither the 4.1 ios BB or the 4.2.1 iOS BB are unlockable… so there’s no point in using it for those of us that are on 4.1 or above…

      • Gaguigu

        Thank you very much for awnser!!


        I don’t undestand why sn0wbreeze will have no use (as you wrote above, on your reply) if I upgrade… won’t it work if I upgrade? My bb 2.10.04 will be preserved and 4.2.1 will work fine with cyndia?

        -> I want to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2.1, jailbrake it and keep 2.10.04 to not loose the expected unlock. Is it possible?


    • Thor

      I have the same setup and that is my plan. I am just going to wait a few more days to see if snowbreeze has any bugs.

  • TheRose

    It works like a charm for me.
    I have 3gs, bb: 5.13.04, comex jb at 3.1.3 and stayed there because I didnt want to use the ipad bb.
    I used sn0wbreeze, created custom ipsw, updated with the custom ipsw to 4.2.1 and stayed at bb 05.13.04. ultrasn0w-ed to use tmobile.

  • Ammar

    please i need a help
    It doesn’t work with me

    1. I did “Baseband Preservation Mode” then i restore from itune. the restore worked but My iphone 3gs is locked (I can not open and use now)

    2. I tried Expert Mode and Sample Mode I got this message —->

    Sn0wbreeze has failed

    Sn0wbreeze has failed to create your custom IPSW
    please try again
    conversion from string “” to type ‘Integer’ is not vaild.

    please i need a help please.

    my iphone was 3gs 4.1 and before was 3.1.2 bb 05.11.07

    • William

      perhaps right-click and try to run as Administrator?
      Anyway, that’s one reason why I never use Sn0wbreeze, it always gave me all sorts of issues.

    • Jim

      Make sure it is the latest version of sn0wbreeze. Happened to me but I found out I had the wrong version. It should be the 2.2r2. Just click to make sure you are running the latest version.

    • CW

      When you said “I cannot open and use now”, do you mean you only see the locked screen with emergency call only? I am not sure if Sn0wBreeze hacktivates your iPhone for you when jailbreaking. Otherwise, you have to activate your locked iphone using the original SIM card (e.g: AT&T sim card for US iPhone) then only you can start using it.

    • inderbir

      this happened to me just get the newest version of snowbreeze possible amdbdo the same steps
      as b4

    • inderbir

      this happened to me just get the newest version of snowbreeze possible and do the same steps asb4

  • indianbearfeaver

    can someone please just answer my question once. I want to jailbreak with green poison but will i be able to unlock my 3gs if i already have the ipad baseband? im stuck on redsnow teathered and its really pissing me off.

    • drublic

      yeah u can JB with GP and it will preserve the unlock with the ipad BB on a 3GS, I’m currently using mine that way…

    • Andy

      You can GP jailbreak over the redsn0w jailbreak. For the unlock I guess you’d want have an AT&T sim just to let in and then you can ultrasn0w unlock once you get it.

  • TheRose

    Indianbearfever: use sn0wbreeze simple mode to jb and preserve your iPad bb. The ultrasn0w to unlock.

  • Yummi

    Iif im on 4.1 limerain untethered bb 06.15.00
    Should i uppdate to 4.2.1 and those this allow me to ? Since i cant even restore in itunes anymore;(

    • drublic

      you can only update to 4.2.1 using custom firmware with this tool or the pwnage tool, once you create the custom firmware, you can shift>restore from itunes selecting the custom fw file. You will loose all you current data though… careful

      • But doesn’t a itunes sync (contacts, photos and games) and a cydia backup app like aptbackup fix that?

        Or does it not allow a backup restore after restoring with sn0wbreeze instead of the regular ios itunes restore ?

  • Yummi

    Lol does this i meant to say and im on 3gs

  • Wer2Go

    YYYYYY didnt they all release everything 1 day sooner urg i had to use red sn0w the use ipad baseband on my 3gs this blows FUCKJ

  • Doug

    Omg. I had my 3GS on old firmware forever. Havent been using it for a while then just this week decided to upgrade to 4.2.1 and jb w greenpois0n. I did save a backup with tiny umbrella before upgrading. Can I downgrade my firmware and baseband?

  • Doug

    Omg. I had my 3GS on old firmware forever. Haven’t been using it for a while then just this week decided to upgrade to 4.2.1 and jb w greenpois0n. I did save a backup with tiny umbrella before upgrading. Can I downgrade my firmware and baseband?

    • You cannot downgrade your baseband but if you need a carrier unlock, 1 option is to upgrade your baseband to 6.15.0 with redsn0w then use ultrasn0w or the second option is to wait for a new unlock due after the release of iOS 4.3

  • Haider Ijaz

    Has anyone tried this on their iPhone 3Gs with old bootrom? Please tell if this works or not?

  • Ammar

    I have 3gs new bootroom it’s work..
    at the 1st time it stocked at itune then I tried again and now it’s work perfectly

    • Haider Ijaz

      Thanks Ammar for your info. I heard it often gives errors. I will try it then

  • Peter Jansen

    Finally! This is going to be my third Snowbreeze JB. Right now I’m on 4.1.2. But hold on! Since 4.3 is around the corner, should I wait? Oh, the choices one has to make! 😀

  • TheRose

    YouTube app is not working

  • Just upgraded my 3GS to 4.2.1 took 8 minutes, no installation errors and I remain unlocked with baseband 5.13.04, but I confirm You Tube app is not working (Cannot connect to YouTube) error.

    • zabs

      @ MrMBerman – Could you describe the steps you took for this?

      I am currently on iOS 4.0.1 and BB 05.13.04 and would like to upgrade to iOS 4.2.1 while preserving my BB.

      • Download iOS 4.2.2 firmware, save to desktop. Download sn0wbreeze 2.2.
        Launch sn0wbreeze and point to the downloaded firmware on your desktop.
        Choose simple mode, wait for the custom firmware to be saved. Follow the instructions to put the iPhone in DFU mode. Open iTunes and hold shift whilst pressing restore. Choose the sn0wbreeze custom firmware on your desktop and install.

  • Haider Ijaz

    Hello MrMBerman did you do the jailbreak successfully? was there any kinda error? I know you siad there wasnot but still want to confirm. Thanks for your help in advance

  • Aza

    Good works Dev team

  • Joseph

    Guys, I used Snowbreeze to create the custom IPSW file, followed all the instructions, everything was fine, but now i don’t see the cydia file, and I doubt that my phone is not jailbroken.
    I have succesfully updated to 4.2.1 from 4.1 , preserving my baseband 02.10.04.
    Kindly tell me how can I re-jailbreak my phone preserving my baseband.

  • Ivan

    I just jailbroke my 3GS with sn0wbreeze and had some troubles:
    1. I couldn’t play pac-man
    2. When the IPSW was done I could’t get the instructions to get into DFU mode, I had to use iReb to get into DFU.
    3. When the restore was over and I tried to use iBooks I got the message telling me that I needed to restore, so I guess is no iBooks for me until someone releases a cydia package to fix it.

    But don’t let these issues keep you from giving it a try, it works; I’m typing this now from my iPhone on 4.2.1 BB 5.13.04 unlocked with ultrasn0w.

  • marcos

    from 3.1.3 to 4.2.1 without any issues, you coud put a tutorial though but you page is grate anyway

  • dabe

    I was just wondering, is anyone having problems using an unlocked 3GS (any jailbreak GP, redsnow etc.) with the 6.15.00 iPad baseband? Ive been using mine without problem for about a year, but I just have regular cell service so I have no idea about GPS working or not. There’s no going back for me lol, but it seems like ppl on this forum go through so much trouble to AVOID getting iPad baseband so there must be problems, is it just disabled gps?

  • Neil

    problem with wifi as well, also you most likly have trouble to upgrade or downgrade your ios in the future…. the word is don’t upgrade to ipad bb unless you have no choice, because once youre there, there is no coming back…..

  • So.. I have the same problem of @MrMBerman, I made the custom ipsw and restore my iphone 4. Its work great!! Install cydia and i put the ultrasn0w and unlocked my iphone 4. Soo, any problem happen…
    1 – Youtube – Cannot connect to youtube.
    2 – No Airplay icons (youtube, photos view, ipod movies…)
    3 – Facetime no works. No icon!! Before its works normally of fw 4.0

    Can you help me??

    (Sorry for my english)


  • Dalton

    Should I use Greenpois0n or sn0wBreeze? I cant decide. which one has less bugs?

  • Shawn Robinson

    I’m on an iPhone 3G, running 4.0.1 on BB 05.13.04 that is jailbroken AND unlocked to run on another network.

    So, before I start anything. I make sure I upgrade to the latest version of iTunes, right? Then, I plug my iPhone & sync it as well.

    Then, after this, I start the whole process with snowbreeze.

    Now, after that is all finished, all of my data/text messages, etc. Will be deleted b/c of DFU mode, right?

    My problem is, this is my wifes phone, & she has played many games (mostly fruit ninja & angry birds, lol). She has passed through a LOT of levels). B/c of DFU mode, all of this will be wiped out. Can I restore all if this data (mostly texts & game data) from iTunes with a sync after successful jailbreak?


    • micky

      yes that will all restore with a sync to itunes

  • Darren

    I tried unlocking a brand new iphone 4 32gb already on 4.2.1 on baseband 03.10.01
    Snowbreeze 2.2 failed with the error cannot create activex component

    Anyone know how to sort this?

    • zabs

      I faced the same error and got around it – just create the custom IPSW on a different PC and copy it back to your primary machine.

  • TheRose

    Sebatian: can you help with the YouTube problem?

    • Download PushFix from Cydia. It should help.

      • micky

        iphone 4 running 4.2.1 firmware jailbroken with greenp0ison an everything work great except youtube!! i tried downloading pushfix but cant get it!! iphonemodding wont install properly, do you know any other source i can get it from??

      • Nope

  • Hepek

    I have done all above and I’m having problems with Cydia.
    I add repos and most don’t work, host unreachable, I have to reload the start page. I add a repo and then says its unreachable..

    Any ideas, what can I do? This is really annoying.

  • g

    dwnload ifile go to etc then click apt then sorces list.d then cydia list and edit delete all unwanted.

  • Ammar

    I have a problem as same as Hepek’s problem.
    I have used cydia for almost 24 hour than I try to enter cydia but i got cydia home page and there isn’t packages or sources
    any idea about this problem

    • Hepek

      Ok I solved my problem, I downloaded GreenPoison and made a IPSW I chose the expert mode, I added all the repos manually and downloaded some packages. I don’t know how but all my Cydia problems are gone.. so for you that have those problems just try it again.

  • eranm

    Just upgraded today from 3.1.2 to 4.2.1. it is working. my baseband preserved in 05.11.07 have only problem with YouTube, (can’t connect). Any idea.

    • drublic

      Maybe Push Doctor from Cydia?, that fixes push notifications and youtube, don’t know why are those connected but this app fixes both things.

  • Justin

    I am on 4.2.1 and just used rc3 snowbreeze and it worked like a charm everything ok but NO ONE said that it would be a clean install meaning all of my stuff is GONE!! Beware!!!!

    • Sponky

      Well duh! That’s what aptbackup or pkgbackup are for.

      • Justin

        No not well duh!! I’m not talking about Cydia stuff I’m talking about my contacts, my pictures, my mail, my settings!!!!! Everything like the phone is new out of the box and the program never said a thing about making sure to run a backup first. Granted it should be common sense but still NO warning from the devs of snow breeze

  • Yummi

    Hey, i have not found any sn0wbreeze expect a swedish one that claims that you have to have 3.1.3 or above to jailbreak with sn0wbreeze.

    I have a iphone 3G ios 3.1.2 (7D11) bb 05.11.07

    What should i do?

    Use Sn0wbreeze to update to 4.2.1 preserving my baseband and then jailbreaking with greenp0ison? I don’t want any issues with youtube app.

    • Justin

      Go to the downloads section of this blog and you’ll have all the files you are looking for.

    • Justin

      Go to the downloads section of this blog and you’ll have all the files you are looking for let me know if you need more help

  • Arn12345

    Hi guys,

    I successfully jb my 3gs on bb 5.13(old bootrom) and was able to unlock it. Its working fine.however thdre issues that i just noticd and now seeking help.
    1.even i unlocked the phone.im getting error with ultrasonw error 2 after installung push doctor.
    2.youtube is not working.

    Are there any solutions to these issues.thanks.

  • wlj_3004

    I’ve succesfully jb my iphone 3gs using snowbreeze 2.2.1 & ireb. No error whatsoever.

    Quite happy until i tried find my iphone stuff. Not working (cannot verified my apple id).

    I’ve tried all solution on the web, i think. Nothing is working. Including create id using iphone 4.

    Main purpose upgraded to ios 4.2.1 was to enjoy find my iphone function. Feel sad right now.

    Anybody could pls point me to right direction to solve this problem. Tq.

  • micky

    iphone 4 running 4.2.1 firmware jailbroken with greenp0ison an everything work great except youtube!!

    I tried downloading “iphonemodding” but it says ” the method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/http could not be found”

    and then when i search for push fix nothing come up!! anyone know another source i can get this from??

  • Brian

    Hey guyz, i want to upgrade my 3GS to the latest OS and software since i got it ive not upgraded and now i want to upgrade to 4.2 . Im using the old 3.0.1. Pls advice

  • BabylonX

    I live in Greece. All devices are unlocked here so I will never need an unlock hack with my iPhone 3GS. However I always use sn0wbreeze and preserve my baseband at 5.12.01 which is the one that came with the 3.1.3 firmware. On the other hand, my iPhone 3GS has a lot of death grip issues and the most annoying thing is that it loses 3G connectivity when I hold it and my mobile Internet gets very slow. That gets even more annoying at my house where coverage is very bad and I even have dropped calls! If I leave it the signal boosts again!

    So I am in a kind of a dilemma here: should I upgrade my BB? I don’t need unlock so… Or is it worth it to preserve it? Am I going to see any improvement with my signal issues if I upgrade it? Will I lose the ability to downgrade the iOS to very older versions (I have shsh since 3.1)? Is there any difference with battery life?

    Please give me your advice on this.


  • Dan T

    OK, please forgive my ignorance here – but this is just a thought i had.

    If sn0wbreeze creates a custom firmware without the baseband upgrade would it not be possible for a similar tool to EXTRACT the baseband software from say the 4.0 firmware and inject this into the custom 4.2.1 firmware thereby allowing those of us who got the iphone 4 with ios 4.1 from the factory to effectively downgrade the baseband.

    This could be a complete impossibility – but just thought I would throw it out there.

    Love all the work the community is doing on the iPhone’s and Jailbreaking


  • aaaaaaa

    I’ve downloaded sn0wbreeze and i made only BB preservation,after that i did a jailbreake with GreenPoison because i was affraid that the simple mode was going to upgrade my BB…Will SIMPLE MODE UPGRADE MY BASEBAND!? And is that ok that i made a custom firmware with sn0wbreeza and jailbroke it with greenpoison

  • Winson

    Hi ….

    If my iPhone 4 upgraded to 4.2.1 with latest baseband automatically by iTune, can I use this tools to JB and unlock it. If not, how can I downgrade to 4.1 ??

    Please help ….