If you’ve been patiently waiting for iOS 4.3, this might come as a good or bad news, depending on how you look at it. If that’s any indication of the future iOS 4.3 release, the fine folks of this German website came across information that suggests Apple’s latest iOS might be available to the general public on February 28.

This speculation is based on the fact that The Daily iPad app which was having a free trial until today, extended their trial period to February 28. Because The Daily is supposed to come on a subscription model which will be only available on iOS 4.3, it is safe to believe this firmware will come out on or around 2/28/11…

Developers haven’t been seeded the iOS 4.3 GM yet so there’s still time ahead of us before iOS 4.3 drops.


  • MaxSto

    Hey, fix the Link pls. It Would Be Great to Know the German Website.

    Thx and greetz from good old germany

  • Geohot

    it means we get unlock after 4.3 release?

  • urs

    hm, must be weeks before april 28th as people have to update their boxes.

  • nick

    LOLOL This is what they put for the Link in the HTML for the german website:

    German website

    Fix this please!

    • Wow, sorry about that. I accidentally copy/pasted the text of an email I sent earlier today. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, it’s fixed now 🙂

  • Interesting article. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • MaxSto