It’s happened to all of us, we’re in a store, we see something, or some piece of information that we’d like to use later, and so we take a picture of it with our phone.

That’s okay and all, but the problem starts to appear when you have more random note-taking pictures than actual pictures that you plan on keeping in your Camera Roll.

I know I’ve found myself having to perform a search and rescue mission for my real pictures amongst the massive amounts of random litter on plenty of occasions, maybe you suffer from this syndrome as well?

That’s why a jailbreak app like QuickSnap seemed so appealing to me; it’s described as “simple photo taking without saving.” Does it live up to its claims?

In some ways it does, but in most ways it’s just kind of weak when you consider some of the options already available out there.

First and foremost, my beef with QuickSnap stems from the fact that it’s an actual app and not a tweak. That means yet another app icon on my Home screen that I have to remember that’s there.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice if the developer could have somehow come up with similar functionality by means of a tweak.

Secondly, QuickSnap’s methodology is just flawed in my opinion. It takes photos, but as soon as you close out of the app completely, that photo is gone, forever.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather run the risk of filling up my Camera Roll, instead of later regretting the deleting of an image that I found out I needed.

Third, a free App Store App like Evernote is a fine piece of note taking software that does exactly what QuickSnap does, only it’s much deeper, and easier to organize.

I can see why the developer of QuickSnap decided to develop his app the way he did; it’s just that for my needs, and likely the needs of a lot of you, it doesn’t cut the cake.

Nevertheless, QuickSnap is free on Cydia if you have possession of a jailbroken iPhone, so I encourage you to decide for yourself.

What do you think?

  • appletiser

    Evernote is only partially free, to use functions that most folk would want to use incurs a monthly or yearly fee

    • appletiser

      hmm i dont know how this posted considering i navigated away from the page before submitting. sorry :-S

  • appletiser

    i like how you say Evernote is free but fail to point out that for most folk, like myself, it’s functionality requires a monthly or yearly fee.

    • It is free. I don’t think “most folks” falls into the category of a user that would require a paid Evernote subscription, but that’s just me. Most users aren’t power users. Plus, Evernote isn’t the only option, I just name checked it due to its popularity. There are plenty of others 😉

  • icyhotonmynuts

    You lost me Jeff, I still don’t know what QuickSnap does besides take pictures in another roll other than the camera roll. I still don’t understand your beef. Were you half asleep when you wrote this? You seem to be talking to yourself in this article and answering your own thoughts before getting your other thoughts down and thus not letting the rest of us in on what you were thinking.

    • It’s a note taking app, that isn’t very good at taking notes.

      My beef is as follows: 1). It’s not a tweak, hence not tightly integrated into the OS. 2). It holds only one photo at a time. 3). Other apps perform better.

  • IndiePhoenix

    I think a better option by far is PhotoAlbums+ from Cydia. It lets you create albums directly from the Photos app on the iPhone, lets you move pictures between them, etc. Looks great!