Just like we reported a couple weeks ago, AT&T has started offering 2 extra GB of data to anyone with the tethering plan, which is tied to AT&T’s DataPro plan.

The tethering plan will remain at $20/month and DataPro will also keep the same pricing of $25/month. In short, you get more for the same price…

Don’t you love how the competition between Verizon and AT&T is getting us more for less?


  • iKing


  • Jason Masters

    Stick with att Verizon customer care is absolutely horrendous !!!

  • charlesrubowski

    Man, I get really jealous of you when I read about carrier companies like Verizon and ATT. Here in Brazil carrier plans are too expensive and 3g connection is a crap!

  • Manu

    Hey charlesrubowski…

    Im in Argentina, is really worse here, believe me….

    • charlesrubowski

      Ouvi dizer que ai na argentina o casal kirchner Fodeu toda a infraestrutura. Os políticos latinos são a nossa maior praga.

    • charlesrubowski

      There in argentina the kirchners screwed all infrastructure. I heard from hermanos.

  • charlesrubowski

    Kirchner, moralles, lula, pinochet, Chaves, castro, they are plague

  • charlesrubowski

    Kirchner, moralles, lula, pinochet, Chaves, they are plague. They avoid decent companies as Verizon And ATT to get in our countries

  • shaji joseph

    hi dood i am trying to go to verizon and i port my number to google voice but gus what i got from att they give me 4 gb with tethering and any mobile and good discond on early termination fee now i am out of the contract and i have all of these i hate att but customer service is better than verizon and i dont think caller id with name gsm can provide any way i am keeping for like a free bird let us see

  • ipaduser

    what’s the point of being generous when you can barely get signal to make phone call nevertheless surfing. People are switching not because of how good customer service, pricing, talk/surf same time. They switch because of lousy signal and numerous drop calls. People came to my house using the new Verizon iPhone and they got full bar while mine is hit and miss signal as always!!!

  • I came on your blog for the first and I have seen your work. I must say you have maintained your Blog really well. Good on you.

  • AT&T is doing it’s best to keeps there current customers, and i say its working.

    • EgoHot

      didn’t work for me

  • soccerkrzy

    This was news two weeks ago…

    • EgoHot

      True! But the reason it is mentioned today is because it went live today

      • soccerkrzy

        Touché good sir.