Giddy about how many customers AT&T will lose now that an alternative carrier is available in the US? You’re not alone.

Mobile Ad Firm, Chitika, has established a live tracker that tracks the number of Verizon iPhone’s that currently access its ad network via cellular signal.

Right now, that total stands at 3.6%, which likely means that there are a little over one million Verizon iPhone’s currently in use…

Mac Rumors spoke with Chitika’s Dan Ruby, and he suggested that 3% equaled about 900,000 potential iPhone in the wild by rough estimate.

With that in mind, we figure that 1% = around 300,000 iPhones, so half a percentage point would garner about 150,000. Hence, we were able to come up with our 1,000,000 ballpark figure simply by adding those two figures together.

Bear in mind that this is only a rough estimate, because not all Verizon iPhones are touching Chitika’s ad network, not all are using cellular data, and not all have been activated; so these figures are nothing more than a guesstimate.

Still, it gives us some idea about how Verizon’s iPhone is stacking up with regard to its installed base. It’ll be interesting to see how the percentages change a whole week after the Verizon iPhone’s launch.

How do you think the numbers are stacking up so far?

[Mac Rumors]

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  • goofygreek

    i dont think verisons iphone is going to sell much more than it has already simply because the iphone 5 or 4g or whatever its gonna be called is just a few months away. i bet most people are just going to wait. att wont really feel an impact until the summer anyways since thats most likely when people are going to renew contracts, and then they will choose between att and verison. im thinking that we are going to see a lot more features at cheaper prices with both companies because of this.

    • mplsboywonder

      Most people are going to wait???

      Did you read the column? The Verizon iphone has over ONE MILLION users already and it has been out for a grand total of 2 days. That tells us that demand for a 8 month old iphone is extremely high. The iphones on AT&T’s network have been available for FIVE years. These phones have been purchased, activated in 2 days. Sprint’s extremely popular Evo sold around 250,000 to 350,000 at launch.

      If people are “waiting” then the iPhone 5 CDMA version is going to be big.

      I think anyone with a mind for business knows that if you sell a phone that was released 7 months ago, and re-release it 7 months later, and it sells 1,000,000 in 2 days then basically you have hit a home run.

      How many Evo’s do you think Verizon would sell if they released a CDMA version tomorrow?

    • They could call it iPhone slim.

  • Manuel

    Stupid comparison. The Comparison should come in July when the iPhone 5 comes out. Then we see who goes where in terms of carriers.

  • dabe

    I want to see how many t-mobile users have iPhones, I bet it is quite a few. I seem to get a bit better service with t-mobile than my girlfriend does on her at&t iphone especially in remote areas. In major cities I can’t notice any difference.

  • I think, there is no an exact number, do you think so?