Yesterday AT&T started sending text messages to its iPhone customers, offering them 1,000 bonus rollover minutes. After waiting a few hours for my SMS to come in, I kinda forgot all about it until I saw a tweet from TUAW’s Victor Agreda confirming AT&T’s “gift”.

Don’t you think AT&T has been very generous lately? First they offered unlimited data to some special customers, then they changed their texting plans to give us more for less, then they gave 20% off iPhone accessories and 2GB of free data to tethering customers, and finally, they are offering free mobile to mobile calling to some of their customers.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that AT&T is trying to prevent us from switching to Verizon

Of course they are trying to keep us away from Big Red, and you can’t really blame them for that. The best part of this competition between AT&T and Verizon is that we, customers, end up with more options, usually at a lower price.

If you haven’t received your text message from AT&T offering you 1,000 minutes, you can enroll simply by texting “Yes” to 11113020. I can confirm it worked!

So, what do you think about AT&T’s extra kindness towards its customers? Don’t you enjoy the results of this competition between the 2 carriers?


  • fojam

    lol at&t

  • Igeek

    Did I get a 1000… Lol I would be up to 3000 roll over.. Love att 

  • mmtk99

    works for me:)

  • Jae

    Cool 😀

  • Bill

    I did the Yes, says please allow 4 weeks for processing.

  • Andrew

    this is something you respect more out of the blue rather than a “oh shit” got to be nice now moment

    • EgoHot4life

      Exactly. AT&T isnt doing this because they ‘appreciate’ your business. They are doing because they are scared they are going to lose you.

      Is this only for iPhone customers? I bet it is. AT&T doesn’t appreciate their non-iPhone customers.

    • EgoHot

      BTW, I had over 10,000 rollover minutes so adding another 1000 to that wouldn’t have saved me from switching.

      • soccerkrzy

        Are you a moron? Why haven’t you downgraded your plan?

  • DomPerignon

    Love it!

  • Jason Masters

    Verizon customer service is non existent so in this battle att will win.

    • manny

      At this point yes. Will see what Verizon is going to do, but all this good shit with AT&T happens right when I leave lol. I swear man, what crappy luck I got.

  • Jeff

    “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that AT&T is trying to prevent us from switching to Verizon…”

    Ummmm….. DUH! Doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure that out.

  • Andrew
  • Pedro

    I just switched over to Verizon yesterday, and I must say I love the service… I get reception in places I couldn’t with ATT before. The 3G speed is the same i think…. best of all, no more dropped calls… and UNLIMITED DATA! YAY!!!!!

    • soccerkrzy

      The key word is you think. It isn’t the same, AT&T in general is faster by a lot.

      Also, I’m sure you enjoy not being able to talk and use data at the same time…

  • Doug

    I had verizon for my first sell and went to Cingular as soon as it expired haven’t looked back. I live in new jersey and the coverage is great. My verizon bill always had mystery charges and they forced you to pay. Att gives me a credit almost every time I call

  • a little off topic but i hate all those ads that say “UNLOCK YOUR IPHONE NOW” i’ve triied themm and they all cost money.who wants to pay when you can jb with greenpois0n or redsn0w

  • Pedro

    I think the ads help keep the site up….

  • Ogrewease

    Mmm well I had around 3000 roll over mins and AT&T said that they were goin to dart takin them away! So @egohot how the he’ll you have 10000 when these AT&T bastards are tryin to take mine?? I wonder who’s tellin a fib here? Mmmm….

  • Raskel

    THIS IS A HOAX! My cousin is an att rep. And have recieved several calls about this. Her instructions are to let people kno “ITS A HOAX.”
    That bieng said att wont mind a good rumor going around if its going to put them on a pedestal.

  • Z

    Wow they are trying real hard, aren’t they?

    But at the same time it’s good for us, AT&T customers =)

  • iKing

    Where in the heck is mine?

  • VnABC

    Just received my today, I got so many rollover minutes… who should I call now? lol

    • Andrew

      well u can call me if ur a chick.

      • OrangeSn0w

        weed XD

  • Pirates Suck

    I don’t know why there is all of this AT&T vs Verizon hoopla anyways. It all depends on where you live. One will be better for some, the other for others. This is all bull. The only difference I can see, is this: AT&T does data and voice simultaneously , Verizon does not. This may not be important to some, but I utilize data and voice simultaneously literally hundreds of times a day. This feature is crucial to me.

    So I don’t know. Why doesn’t everyone use what works best for them, and enjoy it?

  • Crafty AT&T customer

    My partner and I have two comparable smartphones, one on AT&T (iPhone) and one on Verizon (Droid). I’m grandfathered into the good stuff with AT&T, like unlimited tethering and a low text plan, plus have carefully managed my plan and complained when things don’t work well, and as a result I am in great shape: lowest plan possible really for the most you can get, plus extra minutes thrown in from some trouble I had with service, so I never worry about going over. Verizon is considerably harder to work and mediate with, fighting for last overage dollars and all.

  • Crafty AT&T customer

    Also, here’s what I get when texting “yes” to that number:

    Thank you. Your Rollover minutes will be added to your account within 4 weeks, subject to verifying your account eligibility. Limit 1 credit per account.

  • Jon

    I guess I’m not a “valued customer” – no thousand-minute love for me. 🙁