Talk about something that would hurt iTunes’ bottom line, and many hearts, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Reeling after the App Store rejection of their eBook Reader app, a Sony executive has hinted that the company’s catalogue of music could have a limited shelf life on iTunes.

As you can probably imagine, Sony’s music catalogue goes waaaay back, and includes some of the most popular recording artists in music history; think Beyonce, Bob Dylan (a Jobs favorite), etc.

Would they really dare to take on Apple in this manner?

In comments from a recent interview with Australian publication TheAge, a Sony executive hinted that the unthinkable might just be a reality in the near future. Here’s what he had to say:

“If we do [get mass take up] then does Sony Music need to provide content to iTunes?” Mr Ephraim asked. “Currently we do. We have to provide it to iTunes as that’s the format right now. Publishers are being held to ransom by Apple and they are looking for other delivery systems, and we are waiting to see what the next three to five years will hold.”

His words come on the horizon of a new music streaming service for Sony dubbed ‘Music Unlimited’ — a service that will be able to stream millions of songs to a variety of devices without the need for any syncing.

It looks like this whole scenario runs a bit deeper than a few hurt feelings. It’ll be interesting to see who makes the next move in this game of chess.

As you know Apple is also rumored to be planning its own streaming service in the near future. The problem for Apple is that it doesn’t own the rights to any of the content that it provides; it’s just a middle man.

If companies like Sony decide they’ve had enough of Apple’s shenanigans, what’s to stop them from taking their ball and going home?

What are you thoughts on this situation?

[TheAge via 9 to 5 Mac]

  • Adidas101

    HAHA yes!! hope it happens, even with my android, itunez sucks i want something better and when i had my iphone i hated having to sync just to add new music, I HOPE SONY GROWS A PAIR AND FUCK OVER APPLE. would be the start to a trainwreck on apple’s itunes

    • ThOmAs RoSs


    • Jon Garrett

      I feel the same way. minus the profanity. lol

      • I don’t care let him say what he wants i’ts a free country.

  • appletiser

    seems to me like a bit of corporate blackmail and bullying. Apple can allow what the hell they like into their app store, would Sony allow Apple to place something inside their ‘property’ if they didn’t like it? I’m sure they’d react in exactly the same way. if Sony decide to pull out then good riddance hope you enjoy losing access to millions of iTunes customers 😀

  • William

    Don’t care, never buy a single song from iTunes.
    SONY is trying to introduce yet another music streaming service?? Good luck to them.
    iTunes is terrible, but whatever SONY attempting to do is not gonna be a game changer.

  • William

    the idea of streaming music to various devices has been around for years.
    and nowadays, people are too deeply in love with Pandora.
    SONY will fail.

  • Greg P SDSU

    You don’t need to sync to add new music. You just buy it right from the iTunes store on your iPhone. At least iTunes makes it easier to manage a large music library (I have over 9,000 songs, not all bought from iTunes however ;] ) I personally don’t mind syncing.
    And What’s wrong with Apple’s pricing, anyway, do you want Sony to start charging $3.00 per song and $15.99 per album? Who’s holding hostage to whom? At least Apple makes it easier to distribute songs online.
    Don’t get me started with streaming OTA. You wanna have AT&T and Verizon starting hiking their “unlimited” rates with the sudden massive bandwidth usage they will incur? 😉


    • I agree 100%. iTunes works fine in my opinion. Phone companies would have a field day, and Sony would lost crazy doe by leaving iTunes. Plus I don’t think apple is losing any sleep over this one.

  • The more they fuck each other the less we pay

    but then again i never pay, crack music controls pro naw


    • six4seven

      The more they F*ck each other the less we pay dummy!! It’s called COMPETITION. In open markets, where there is more competition, means more added value in features or in price.


  • iKing

    Apple need to be less strict
    For Sony they wouldn’t be maximum possible income if they completed abandon iTunes. With music sells and if apple doesn’t allow their music stream app.
    Unless they come to the darkside and release it thru cydia 😀

    • BabylonX

      Yeah right. Maybe in another life.

      I think all of the companies should remove their music from iTunes and start selling them themselves. It would be a good lesson for Apple’s bullcrap.

  • sas

    wtf if sony makes a better music store then apple would just make an even better one

  • MrA

    Considering iTunes is the number one music retailer in the world. I say Sony is bluffing.

  • Z

    I don’t blame Sony, who likes iTunes anyway?