Here is an interesting rumor started by Cult Of Mac, which claims that Apple is working on revamping their notification system. No big surprise here so far as the iOS notification system is passable at best, and usually is one of the top complains from heavy users.

The surprising bit of information is that Apple might be buying out an iPhone developer company, instead of working on its own. According to Cult of Mac, Apple is currently talking to one small developer to purchase his company to improve and integrate his work in a future version of iOS…

Speculations suggest that Boxcar or Appremix might be good prospects. I personally can’t find an App Store app worthy enough of being integrated in iOS for its notification system.

However, I can really picture Apple buying out a jailbreak app developer’s business. There are several good jailbreak apps out there that did a great job at revamping the notification system: Elert, and Notified Pro, for example.  Apple has “borrowed” several ideas from jailbreak devs in the past, so it wouldn’t be very surprising if they decided to just acquire one of them.

What’s you favorite notification app? Do you think Apple would go as far as buying out a jailbreak dev?

  • Nick

    QuickReply. Please.

    • Hunt2013

      Yup. Bitesms is the only thing that keeps me jailbreaking. That and sbsettings.

      • AppleBits


      • ThOmAs

        they should REALLY put better folders in ios 4.3 mabye thell put folder enhancer into the ios
        otherwise Yes

      • I agree with Th0mAs. BiteSMS is the best sms app.
        So far the best notification app for me has been Notified Pro. Liked growl notifications but didn’t seem to be working well. I think Growl would be the best if it worked.

  • Juan

    hands down, Lockinfo, coupled with Popup Blocker, has the best notification system. maybe they should hire David Ashman.

  • William

    geez, this is long overdue

  • Cojendo

    Bite SMS is the main reason I jailbreak.

  • mplsboywonder

    I personally like the minimal approach of “Notified Pro + Notified Bar”. Also “Notified Pro + Notified Grip” is fantastic too.

    Pop-up Blocker should go without saying. As much as I like Lockinfo, it just feels uber cluttered. I have actually been going without a lockscreen at all with “nolockscreen”. One home screen touch with no swipe = faster.

    No butt dials yet after 3 weeks of use:)

    • Juan

      have you tried 3.0 beta of lockinfo? to be honest, i haven’t tried notified pro because i’ve been perfectly happy with lockinfo’s “infoshade”… i have been curious about it though…

      • mplsboywonder

        I’ll check 3.0 out.

  • Billy Jean not my girl

    Apple buying out a company to work on their OWN PRIDE iOS, which they don’t allow ANY ONE to make other then themselves? Yeah rumor.

    Wish notifications were like Android. That’s the only thing I like about their OS. Everything else is crap

    • mplsboywonder

      Apple buys tons companies to make their software, and hardware better. Since 1988 they have purchased over twenty companies. They Purchased Quattro Wireless to make their iADs better. They purchased internet music streaming service LALA to hopefully make some type of iTunes cloud service. Along with Placebase (maps), Fingerworks (gesture recognition), not to mention all of the semiconductor, chip companies to make their A4 microchip.

      It sounds about right that they should buy a startup company off of Cydia that makes notifications better, tweak it to their liking, and implement it into a future iOS update.

      It’s exactly what I would do.

  • QuarterSwede

    Why purchase a dev when they could just add notifications to the massive unused space above the multitasking bar?

  • Hudson Pridham

    I don’t think you’re looking into this correctly. This has nothing to do with the look of notifications. This news is coming out right after the WebOS event which showcased synergy networking. The only thing the iPhone has like this is Boxcar. If anything Apple is likely buying Boxcar to build out it’s competition to webOS and the way it brings user’s disparate data together, such as Facebook, twitter and email.

  • shannon

    bitesms is what keeps me jailbreaking and theming

  • I’m using Notified Pro + Notified Bar and I love it !

    I thought Apple hire the guy a few months back who was in charge of the notification system for webOS ?…. i don’t remember his name

  • Z

    I bet you anything it will be something just as annoying as the old notifications =)

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