Native Turn By Turn Directions Tweak is a new project being worked on by a couple jailbreak apps developers. This app will use the Google Maps application that comes with your iPhone and will add voice directions on top of it.

This should be the cheapest way to bring voice navigation to your iPhone. Check the video below for a quick demo of the app in action…

There is no ETA or pricing information for the time being but we’ll inform you once this tweak is officially released on Cydia.

Any thoughts on this tweak?

  • Jason Masters

    Another great reason to jailbreak your iPhone this should be in all iOS as a standard!

    • Tye Moonfang

      And like most things that come out as a 3rd party app, Apple will steal the idea and call it “revolutionary” (ie: multitasking, folders, etc.)

      • Riffdex

        What are you talking about? It’s like you think these devs came up with the idea of turn by turn nav… By the way, no one should buy this because google has said that google maps will have turn by turn added soon (free).

  • John

    Cheapest actually is the Waze, that’s free! 😛

    • Scott

      I just got Waze today, and I’ve to admit, it rocks. For free.

      • Thien

        Another great one is mapquest mobile which is amazing because mapquest has such a huge name already and its free as well.

      • appletiser

        im sorry, Waze may be free but for me it proved a useless waste of time. i understand the concept and spent nearly 2 months using it, almost on a daily basis, only to discover all the roads i created had disappeared and needed to be re-driven 😐

  • MapQuest already offers a great, free app for turn-by-turn. Plus, Google Maps doesn’t have turn-by-turn. Instead it uses a cell triangulation to get one’s location. So I don’t think this app, while interesting, will dethrone MapQuest.

  • Bow

    Mapquest has a free app in the App Store for free. It does turn by turn voice very well.

  • I love it! Let do it!!

  • mplsboywonder

    Navigon for the win. I don’t care if it costs a bit of money. Paired with the Cydia tweak – “Navigate from Maps” it is definitely the way to go.

    • Brad

      Navigate from Apps – didn’t know about this. Works brilliantly with my Navigon!

  • Rob

    A couple things. One my dads android google app included turn by turn for free.
    2 gamin for the win on iPhone.

    • mplsboywonder


  • TheAngryPenguin

    Can’t believe that this is gonna be in the Cydia ‘Store’ — it should be at most donation-ware. What compelling reason would anyone have to use/buy it when there are many other solutions that offer much more functionality for free. BTW, one that hasn’t been mentioned yet is skobbler.

  • Kiam

    I could kiss you for that hint on ‘navigate from maps’. what an awesome tweak. If only I had known about it sooner. thanks!!!

  • Dadditude

    Another great free alternative is Navfree (available for both the USA & UK). What sets it apart from other free offerings is that the map data is stored on the phone, so you can use it even when you don’t have a data connection.

  • Armijn

    Hi Sebastien,
    i still don’t have my gps working because of last JB.
    Am running 3gs,4.2.1 with 06.15
    Maybe you could write an article on how to get back out of this mess and work with the new GP.

  • luis

    i see a lot of people dieying because of this… well at least lost

  • Smoke

    Hey does anyone know how i can get the palm pre pointer they had in this video. i have i4 4.1

  • Michael

    This would be an amazing feature. Although it probably will just read the turn directions off the list view, it would be awesome if you could have that list view translated into a default language. I’m living in japan now, still learning the language, so even the GPS car systems here don’t help me out.

  • 100s

    When will it be released…

  • The Mapquest app works just fine. I’m sure when Google upgrades to turn by turn directions it would be even better.

  • rvt


    except when you jailbreak your iPhone keeps crashing (hence the reviews in the appstore of users with crashing apps). I tried it rice, and twice my iPhone got unstable.

    Without the JB, it works fine… Jailbreak? NO THANK YOU!

  • dex

    My iPhone has been jailbroken since the day I got it and it does not crash. Ever stop to think you just don’t know how to use your phone?

  • rvt


    nhaaaa.. I have been to a long a software engineer to know if I do something right or wrong. The crash frequency of jailbroken iPhones is just higher then non broken iPhones.

    There are blogs that can back me up on that, see :

    Not to mention that running a iPhone 3gs with multitasking slows down the thing even more.

  • Nnyan

    we have 5 iphones in our family for years all heavily used and jailbroken and no issues with increased crash frequency.