New details have surfaced about AT&T’s upcoming changes to their voice plans, including detailed eligibility requirements.

In a report yesterday, we informed you about the new ‘Mobile to Any Mobile’ plan that AT&T has rolled out this morning.

Boy Genius Report has acquired an official AT&T memo detailing the requirements that customers must meet in order to be eligible for the new voice feature…

The memo makes it more apparent exactly who will, and who will not qualify for AT&T’s new mobile plans. Individual customers on plans $39.99 and up are eligible, as are family plan customers on plans $69.99 and up.

Of course all participants will need to be on unlimited messaging plans in order to qualify. Those run at either $20 or $30 for the individual or family plans, respectively.

I personally switched to this new plan just a few minutes ago. I stand to save about $15 dollars per month with the addition, so it’s not much, but I’ll take it.

Below you can see where I removed my family messaging plan in favor of the messaging plan with mobile to any mobile.

Here you can see that the removal of one feature, and the addition of the other essentially cancel one another out. I was able to save money by lowering my rate plan due to the fact that most of my calls are to mobile phones.

Because of this change I won’t require nearly as many minutes as I needed before hand (I hope).

My new voice plan is about $16 cheaper than my old rate plan, so again I’m saving about that much each month because of this change.

This is just the latest in a bizarre and rare outpouring of love from a mobile company who normally doesn’t give a rat’s behind about their customers.

It’s obvious that AT&T is greatly concerned about the impact that Verizon’s acquisition of the iPhone may cause to their bottom line.

What do you think?

  • I’m confused. Do if I get that plan I can call any cellphone any time unlimeted??

    • Chinil

      Excellent visit

    • b

      this is NOT a scam if you text “yes” to 11113020 AT&T will give you 1000 rollover min.the article is on boy genius report

  • Btw how do I change my avatar on this ? Lol it has a pic of me from 3 years ago O.o

  • Vinny Gerardi

    By making these changes to our accounts, does this mean we are basically signing a new contract starting today for 2 years?

  • Doug

    So it’s the same price as the current unlimited family text? You don’t have to pay an extra $30 on top of it. And also, does this automatically give you unlimted minutes to every single number. Not a set amount like a list. I know a list works for landlines to

    • Luke Mechan

      Yes I guess so. For latest on iPhone,iPod,iPad,Apple,Android and Jailbreak visit Thanks

    • It’s not a list like a-list, it’s unlimited; true unlimited to mobile phones. Same price as unlimited text.

  • Jason Masters

    I still don’t know how to add an avatar on my iPhone lol!!

    • I don’t know what you mean by “avatar on your iPhone”, but if you want to have your avatr show up on iDB when you leave a comment, you have to create a gravatar account. Simply go to and set up an account there.

      • topsy

        Hey when will you change your pictures? you should be older than this by now.

      • lewisbey

        Nice. Never knew about gravatar. Works well.

  • lu

    if you call att they can answer everything so just grab your phone and dail 611

  • Jason Masters

    Apple stock is down to $357.41 (-0.75) at the time of this writing, while Verizon is down to $36.45 (-0.23).

  • Damien

    I went from family talk 2100 to family talk 700. Saved $40!!

    • Nice, good deal.

  • Steve Parrett

    I changed mine as well. Not going to change the rate plan as of yet. Going to wait a month and see how much we use with the change of unlimited to any mobile now. There are 5 phones on our plan so don’t want to jump ship on rate plan till I see the results. Though I do like what ATT is finally doing. I guess with verizon in the picture now it going to bring on some good old fashion price wars hopefully.

  • jailbreak4ever

    So if I change to this do I lose my unlimited data and have to go with the tier Plans?

    • Rawdog

      Same thing I want to know.

  • Kingz

    Oh yea! At&t is the best and will always beat verizon

  • Justin

    When I read yesterday’s post, I was confused by the part that said ‘get free voice between any two mobile numbers.’ I thought it meant you pick the number you call the most and add it to a list. If it’s really free calls to every other wireless number, I’m going to switch. Unless it will cause me to lose my unlimited data.

  • lewisbey

    i’m hoping that changing plans doesn’t change my unlimited data.

  • Mary

    Did anyone notice that they included every plan but one, the 550 family plan?

  • Terri

    As a former ATT customer, I have to say that I’m still glad I left the company behind. I really appreicate this article because its the most comprehensive look at this plan I’ve seen and to me, its not really worth it to drive your bill even higher. I’m glad for current ATT customer to FINALLY have an option like this one, but it would driven my bill up well over $90 and that to me isn’t worth it when there are more affordable options. I chose an unlimited, prepaid plan with Straight Talk because its a flat unlimited fee for me to pay ($45) but I guess I should take into account that its not unlimited to the people I call. Personally, with so many other well priced, good network plans like Straight Talk (they use the Verizon calling network), it seems silly to continue to escalate a contract bill or worse add to it.

  • Trisha

    This says unl mobile to any mobile is that to call other providers or them calling you too? I am asking if that applies to make and recv?