Have you gotten lazy with your confessions? Good news for you: the Catholic Church has approved an iPhone app that will help you confess your sins!

It appears the Pope has realized that less and less people are attending confessional regularly. So, in a move of forward thinking, the Catholic Church decided to help your forgetfulness by giving you an app to track your sins.

And before you stop reading: no, this is not a joke…

Confession: A Roman Catholic App” is described as, “the perfect aid for every penitent.”

The app’s official description,

“With a personalized examination of conscience for each user, password protected profiles, and a step-by-step guide to the sacrament, this app invites Catholics to prayerfully prepare for and participate in the Rite of Penance. Individuals who have been away from the sacrament for some time will find Confession: A Roman Catholic App to be a useful and inviting tool.”

But don’t get your hopes up, the Pope still expects you to visit your local preist,

“It (the app) does not and can not take the place of confessing before a validly ordained Roman Catholic priest in a Confessional, in person, either face to face, or behind the screen. Why? Because the Congregation on Divine Worship and the Sacraments has long ruled that Confessions by electronic media are invalid and that ABSOLUTION BY THE PRIEST must be given in person because the Seal of the Confessional must be Protected and for the Sacrament to be valid there has to be both the matter and the form which means THE PRIEST.”

As you go throughout your day, you can keep a tab on how many sins you’re committed.

Each commandment has its own list of specific sins, and you can highlight your evil deeds like a checklist. If you get creative and can’t seem to find the appropriate sin to mark, you can add your own custom heinous offense.

The goal of all this sin tracking is to help you make a more succinct confession to your preist. If you sin frequently, it will be nice to have a handy-dandy list available when you’re in the confessional. Also, you may want to make sure your iPhone’s password is turned on.

You can buy the Confession app for $1.99 in the App Store. That money will of course go towards your indulgences. (Not really. The develepors have said that they are donating proceeds to various Catholic charities.)

[via Engadget]

  • Weebsurfer

    Nice. Perhaps future versions could have in app purchases for repentance.

    Or even better!!! Rankings. Congratulations sinner! You rank #1436 nationally and #2 in your parish in Chastity! (you’re wife is #1).

    • Jason Masters

      Lmao oh the madness that will come this is absolutely hilarious!

  • BoNzY

    Probally used to groom children hahaha

    • Veronica

      That was not a nice comment. You are assuming all priests are pervs. I can tell you some horror stories about teachers, uncles and even older cousins.

      • LeoLimm

        The horror is not to have pervs in religious orders. They are human after all. The horror is to cover the stories, cover the victims and send the sick priests somewhere else to hunt other victims. So the biggest problem is with the institution (not surprisingly because it is man-made after all).

  • James

    Added bestiality as a custom sin. CANT WAIT to ask Fahjah Nelson what i need to do to absolve myself.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    They should make an app that you chat with a real priest [that will absolve your sins], oh wait, that’s how priests get into trouble in the first place. Zing!

  • mf

    lol… try to see what bible said about this…

  • pop fucker

    I’m not even trying this… that’s just stupid…

  • cdfas

    I Think this is actually great. Thanks for posting it.

  • This is a good one!!!

    Lets get off all our sins using this App 😛

    Karan Mehta

  • Polemicist

    Off to hell I go…

  • BoNzY

    I confess to apple, I jailbreak my iPhone just as much as priests play with kids haha

  • Monkers

    I see that there doesn’t seem to be a cracked version of this app anywhere! Perhaps people are scared of divine retribution if they jb it. 🙂

    • Jason Masters

      I downloaded the cracked version from inst a lous lol I ain’t scared

    • James

      Theres also a cracked app “igayporn” fron the xsellize repo thats also sponsored by the catholic church.

  • Father Monkers

    Peace be with you my son: If the Nuns catch you with it just say it is a hard Habit to break!! (ching ching)