Just when you thought we were done with the antennagate, a new video from iLounge surfaced, showing that the Verizon iPhone is also affected by an antenna issue. When held in the prior “death grip” position, the Verizon iPhone loses substantial cellular signal, just like we previously saw with GSM iPhone 4.

Additionally, the CDMA iPhone 4 seems to be affected by a loss of wifi signal when held snugly in landscape mode. Both issues seem to be taken care of with the use of a case…

Is Apple going to have to give away free cases again to cover a PR nightmare? Only time will tell.

  • JD

    OMG don’t pass along that dumb video… lets see.. stick your phone in a lead case and holy crap, it has issues! This video did not deserve to become click bait for bloggers.

  • Icyhotonmynuts

    Ha, and may i add, ha.

  • topsy

    Grip it and put it in your mouth you idiot. Nobody holds a phone like that. Hey! put it in your ANUS for more reception. Hahahahah

  • old tom

    regardless of how verizon customers roll with this info, moving the antennae placement within the phone design may have helped in some way, but without a case of some sort, any user, ATT or Vrzn, you are still making physical contact with the metal band that is being used and the actual antennae. So therefore, human contact is going to ground it out and lessen signal no matter where those antennae are placed in the design. As long as the metal band doubles as part of the form as well as the antennae, i dont care who’s network this model of iphone is on, its gonna do the same thing. Its physics. Plain and simple. Change those laws of physics and this iphone design will be awesome. Until then, everybody gotta live with it or get a case.

  • Joe

    Stop posting this bullshit, people don’t care about this anymore. It happens to all phones in bad signal areas. So shut the fuck up and report something we don’t know.

    • Aaron

      Dude, don’t be an asshole. It’s not like they update 20 posts a day or anything like that, they are just posting things that some would consider interesting. I know you’re quite ego-centered, but there are more people on the internet than just you, so take a chill pill.

  • manuel

    People need to let this go. I tried it on my phone to the point I covered the phone with my entire hands, and got 2 bar drops at most, and speed on 3G was okay and at times even faster then AT&T. I don’t see it happening. It’s just a drop, but I don’t see my phone losing anything. I rarely get a bar to drop unless I basic kill my phone with stuff over it.

  • Pedro

    Jesus Christ… Who the Fack holds their iPhone like that? Stop hating on Apple….

  • iKing

    people will do anything just to prove a point these days

  • Night

    Is this something that should be fixed? Yes, but for my is in the same level as the need to fix the issue that the iphone does not work under water.

    This is an issue, but is not a important issue due to the fact that you need to hold your phone in a strange way.

  • lol so apple is to blame then ay?

  • Hades


  • Monkey

    it is still an iPhone 4 so of course it will suffer the reception loss with the death grip.

  • hhrahman

    WTF… I got 2 sets and they ROCK… no matter what you try to prove.. I think its only a media-frenzy … nothing more nothing less…

  • Bubba

    If these bloggers have so much time on their hands. Why don’t they have a comparison of every other phone with the DEATH GRIP vs the iPhone? Lets see what you’ll find!!! It’s not only laws of physics, but common sense…. I have yet to have a phone that while you cover the damn antennae that you don’t have a reception issue. PLEASE MOVE ON!!!