Will Apple announce the iPhone 5 – or whatever its name will be – on June 5? That’s what this screenshot taken from the Moscone Center website reveals with the usual “Corporate Meeting” placeholder. Historically, Apple has always held its iPhone announcement in early June, so there is no reason for that to change.

The only oddity is that the event supposedly would start on a Sunday, whereas iPhone announcements happened on Mondays in the past…

At this time, it might still be a little early to tell but it seems very reasonable to believe that Apple will announce the next iPhone on these dates.

Any thoughts on that?

[Apple Bitch]

  • Dylanlpu

    Humm, looks promising. Since it is a calendar, of “occupancy” for the given space, they would probably use the Sunday prior for set up. Just an idea…

  • Paul

    Maybe iPad2? I still think is too early for iPhone5.

  • Justin

    Most likely going to be iphone 4g or 4s….still some things they could fix before releasing another magor iphone version

  • Wade

    Why would they be reserving Moscone West for 4+ days to announce the new iPhone?…

    • Because they don’t just announce the iPhone. There are conferences, talks, etc… for a few days.

      • Dylanlpu

        Makes sense…

  • Mykl Wu

    I’m thinking iPad2. Doesn’t it seem a little early for the iPhone 4? Especially since Verizon peeps JUST got their hands on these. It would make sense to milk the market for all it’s worth before declaring iPhone 4 obsolete.

  • Javadave

    Not a chance they hold off on next iPhone just because Verizon one just came out. They have a worldwide market for the iPhone and lots of smart Verizon customers are holding out for next iPhone (5, 4gs, or whatever).