There are a ton of music-related apps in the App Store. If you sift through the thousands of stupid music apps, you’ll find a few gems worth mentioning. The goal of this roundup is to showcase 5 awesome music apps for the iPhone.

These 5 apps all deserve to be called awesome. They each serve a specific purpose, and they all offer something special to the App Store’s music app catalog…

1. Pandora

Pandora is the reigning king of music apps. You’ve probably used Pandora on your iPhone at least once, and it remains as one of the most popular music apps of all time.

Pandora paved the way for internet radio, allowing you to create custom “radio stations” of your favorite artists and genres. Although you are restricted to a certain amount of skips per hour (there’s actually a jailbreak tweak to circumvent that), you can edit and skip through your stations to find the song you want.

Music apps don’t get much better than this. Pandora is available for free in the App Store.

2. Shows

Shows is a concert tracking app that analyzes your favorite artists, and shows you when and where they will be performing. The first thing I noticed about Shows was how pretty it is. The app is very slick and responsive.

Shows is great because it automatically integrates with the artists in your iPod app for concert listings. You can also filter by date, and set the radius of how far away you are willing to travel for a concert. There is also support for sharing through social networks, and push notifications so that you’ll be the first to know when your favorite artist is performing.

Shows is easy to use and incredibly effective at finding concert details for your favorite artists. Shows is available for $2.99 in the App Store.

3. OnCue

OnCue is one of the best iPod enhancements available in the App Store. The app acts like a DJ enhancement to the native iPod app.

OnCue adds queuing functionality to your music and podcasts. The iPod app does allow for the creation of playlists on the go, but you can only do so much with a pre-set playlist.

OnCue allows you to queue and manipulate your song/podcast lineup in a more friendly and easy way. OnCue looks a lot like the iPod you’re already familiar with, only with added settings and management options.

OnCue is a great addition/replacement for the iPhone’s native iPod app. It’s available for $0.99 in the App Store.

4. Nomis

Nomis functions as a reminder for when your favorite artists have new music releases. Like Shows, Nomis automatically pulls information from the artists in your iPod.

Think of Nomis as your own personal iTunes. If you love your music but hate having to look through all of the other releases on iTunes or Amazon, Nomis is perfect for you.

There’s no setup with Nomis. When you launch the app, it automatically finds new releases from the artists in your iPod app. You can listen to previews of new music and download music from iTunes. The app also supports badges so that you know how many new releases are waiting for you in Nomis.

This app is perfect for those of us that like to stay on top of our favorite artist’s new releases. Nomis is available for $1.99 in the App Store.

5. Dring

Dring is a beautiful ringtone creator for the iPhone. The design and layout of Dring is gorgeous and easy to use. Ringtones are created by pulling songs from the iPod app and editing inside the scrubbable timeline.

Dring allows you to add fade-in and fade-out effects to your ringtones, as well as audio from your iPhone’s mic. You can also share your ringtone through email and social networks.

Check out our full review of Dring to get a more comprehensive look at the app. Dring is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Do you use any of the apps in this list? Will you be downloading any of them? Let us know what some of your favorite music apps are in the comments below.

  • Wikan

    And where is Spotify on the list? It beats the hell out of Pandora

  • B mo


  • Pulls

    Tuneinradio is the best Internet radio player I’ve used, great for finding local radio stations and sporting events.

  • james016

    +1 for TuneInRadio. It is brilliant.

  • galleyrod

    +1 TuneInRadio – there is no better 🙂

  • Where’s Spotify and NanoStudio?

  • Bruce

    MOG is fantastic!!!

  • Flimsy

    is it possible to make pandora work if your not in the USA? maybe a jailbreak tweak or a location faker?

  • shivamD

    is it possible to make pandora work if your not in the USA? maybe a jailbreak tweak or a location faker?

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Pandora? Thanks but I’ll stick to Slacker.

  • T-Mizzle

    I love my Pandora app!!!! I am considering not renewing my Sirius/XM radio subscription because I use Pandora all the time.

  • DomPerignon

    Sorry, but you forgot TuneIn Radio. If you haven’t heard about this app, do yourself a favor and take a look take a look at it. One of the best music app ever developed.

  • appletiser

    the Internet is wonderful for circumventing international boundaries and borders yet straight away #1 on the list immediately alienates by default most, if not all, non-US residents!! for that reason alone Spotify wins hands down.

    • Cheeky

      Thank you Appletiser! You are saying what nearly all of us are thinking. All we seem to hear about from this website is apps, content and networks based in the US. This website has a large international following but they just do not acknowledge us at all. It’s a shame.

  • Jason Masters

    “The first thing I noticed about Shows was how pretty it is” alex how touching lmao!!!

  • Jeff

    I personally love my xm radio app, and my pandora as well, I got tunein radio cause I listen to stations in new york but slacker is “okay” but like aol radio, though and for my underground hiphop & r&b,I recommend Accuradio, it’s pretty darn good lol.

  • babeh

    hate to say this, but i need the music player that:
    1. Not encrypt the filename and needed to sync like ipod default music player.its better to use add and drop movies like vlc without sync. If it music, whatisit? Maybe buzz can. Easily add music will be less painful eh.
    2. Can read sync lyrics lrc for karaoke inside mp3/wma saved using minilyrics and show it minimized like ttpod symbian.
    No mobile soft cant read lrc saved inside. Lrc air and lrcpod only read lrc file outside mp3 with must same name, and dependently to ipod player.
    3.great search lrc like minilyrics.

    Please make it for iphone/ipad!

  • IndiePhoenix

    I don’t know about you and what the trend is in the US of A but in Europe is pretty big…

    • Jason Masters

      Last fm isn’t that good compared to Sirius and pandora ¿

  • shank1020

    I prefer when I’m not jailbroken. When I am, Grooveshark is great.

  • Jason Masters

    Grooveshark is still around ¿

  • +1 for Grooveshark

    • Jason Masters

      Didn’t grooveshark get pulled and isn’t the jail broken one buggy ?

      • Will

        itunes one was pulled… i actually got it during the short period it was available… found out about the jailbroken update, and it actually updated the app as if I downloaded an update from itunes… Im loving the update, as it adds multifunction, plays in background, and retina graphics. The only downside it the price went up considerably. I think I paid $30 for a year… WELL WORTH IT FOR THIS PRICE!

      • Will

        btw, Groove is the best ipod enhancement app I’ve found (available in itunes) It’s sort of like Pandora meets your Ipod library. It works SEAMLESSLY with the native ipod app too. I havent tried oncue, but groove is so good, I can’t see (oncue) being better.

  • DK

    SHAZAM ENCORE! You can identify music just by listening to it with your phone’s mic. Then buy the song off of iTunes, learn about the artist, get lyrics, & watch a YouTube video. It doesn’t play music, but I use it all the time to identify songs on the radio etc.

    • Chris

      +1 SHAZAM!

    • Jason Masters

      Who buys music from iTunes anymore that’s so 2008 ? Reminds me of the superbowl commercial about the guys living under rocks by the highway lmao!

  • Jason Masters

    What’s with the +1 shit why can’t people just say they like it? is it too much of an effort or energy to type past +1? what has happened to our society that we speak like this? Plus it’s sounds gay too no offense to homosexuals or lesbians I mean gay in a awkward sense.

    • CDXX


      • Jason Masters

        -1 lol lmao rofl smh

  • alex

    Guys, have you tried the TRAXX FM free iPhone APP, 20 channels, awesome programmation. Easy and simple to use. Try it and you will love it

  • Victoria
  • bill

    OUT Radio – Gay themed, but a LOT of GREAT music for 2 bucks! in iTunes, but head it’s coming to Android!