Here is a jailbreak app that will sure make iPhone themers happy. Masks, a new application that lets you quickly and easily customize the look of your wallpaper and icons.

Up until now, the best way to customize your springboard was by using WinterBoard. While a great application, WinterBoard can be a bit cumbersome: you have to search for a theme, download it, activate it in WinterBoard, and respring. Masks takes all that away by bringing to the table a new way to tweak your iPhone springboard…

Masks is different from WinterBoard as you don’t have to download any theme. You just create yours thanks to a set of 40+ pre-made image masks for icons and wallpapers.

So how does this work exactly? Each image (mask) is a simple white image with a black shape on it. The app takes that image and applies the shape to all your icons and wallpaper. Still confused about how it works? Watch the video below:

Masks is available in Cydia for $1.99. Make sure to give it a try and share your feedback by leaving a comment.

  • Burge

    I’ve tried this ( hacked copy ) was alright, but in the end deleted … It’s just one of those give it ago tweaks .. But if you can find the right picture to go behind the mask it could look awesome

    • Where did u get the cracked version from mate?

      • Marty

        try xsellize – they put up almost everything that is normally paid, I everytime download cracked and if it’s good pay for it

  • Charlie

    Every time I change the mask it automatically resprings in safe mode. I am the only one this is happening to?

    • Selcuk

      u probably have a tweak that its conflicting with.

  • Goofygreek

    Woot. A Greek made something cool. Greeks ftw. Lol.

    • ujhlk


      • goofygreek

        pls explain how that is racist. I am greek, a greek person made this, there fore it cannot be racist. plenty of americans, germans, russians, etc. have made plenty of GOOD apps, but this is the first one that i personally have seen that is made by a greek. so go screw your self.

      • STK10

        Ooo a Bi-lingual bloodefest

  • Atomic

    Quite liked this tweak and i shall be keeping it !!

  • Gorgonphone

    its lame as hell…sorry

  • AppleBits

    That elevator music is awesome! haha….
    Seriously, tho, the app looks kind of cool. Seems good for on-the-fly customizing.

  • caddouch

    @SEB , can you plz tell me what is the name of the theme? thanks

  • KiraXD

    i cant get this to work… could have to do with the fact i renamed all my root masking files and shadow files for my current theme.

  • PhittyPois0n

    What happened to the imodzone cracked cydia and cracked apps forum???!!

  • Taw

    this is a cool way to tweak, but it seems to be a one trick pony. seems a bit boring. no offense.

  • MissBarbieC.

    Why does it cost ?
    — umm ! It should be helllooo? … FREE?!