Ever wondered how you could possibly sync 20 iPhones at the same time? No, me neither, but at least now I know how to.

PARASYNC is a new accessory that lets you plug 20 iPhones (or any iDevice) in a giant docking station to easily sync them with iTunes. With 20 devices plugged at the same time, data transfer will obviously be slower. The company’s website states it takes about 20 minutes to sync 1GB of data, and 35 minutes for 2GB.

I guess the question on everybody’s lips is “who the heck needs to sync 20 iPhones at once?”

Developers, schools, corporations, museums, resorts, etc would be the main users.

There is no pricing information for PARASYNC for the time being.

  • iKing

    If it’s possible to jailbreak em all at the same time I may get it and open me a jailbreaking service lol

    • jamana

      iKing nice idea !!!! LOL

  • Grable

    i would use this in a heartbeat. i have about 20 iphones/ipods at any given time at my shop and if i could just set them on a charger at the end of the day i could leave them turned on for the customers to test during the day. right now i just turn them on and off as people want to see them because lets face it if i am trying to show a used iphone for sale and it wont turn on because the battery is dead people just wont buy it (even though the battery is fine) i want to know how much they are. this would be awesome just for the charging alone, but lets be honest jailbreaking 20 iphones at once would be sweet too (not practical or anything but still awesome)

  • Derrick

    Who wouldn’t want that? It’s awesome even for just the charging capability

  • Brett

    Website states $980 US.

  • This would actually be a boon to many businesses who standardize on the iPhone as their main company smartphone. Sync 20 at a time (more with more PARASYNCS, of course), then give them to employees to use on the job. A GREAT idea for businesses, including cell phone sales and/or repair stores.

  • comex

    Why does the picture have iTouchs and not iPhones?

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      iTouchs are not as expensive.