We’ve got some good news for Windows users! Yesterday, Chronic Dev Team member, @p0sixninja announced that the Windows version of Greenpois0n RC5 should be released “tomorrow or the next day”, meaning this weekend.

For those that have been out of the know lately, The Chronic Dev Team officially released Greenpois0n RC5 yesterday, providing the first iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak for all iOS devices without the need of any SHSH blobs… 

The jailbreak tool is currently compatible with Mac only, leaving Windows users out in the cold. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated! For our Mac users, if you haven’t already, follow this guide here to jailbreak your iDevice on iOS 4.2.1.

  • Adam

    Will this require a full restore? Or will it run over my redsn0w tethered JB?

    • Kickstar13

      If you’ve got a tethered jailbreak using redsn0w you can simply use greenpois0n right over your tethered jailbreak and it will be untethered.

      But if you used Jailbreak Monte, then you MUST restore to fresh 4.2.1 firmware.

      • IndiePhoenix

        I know that Cydia won’t be affected but will the apps installed from Cydia be affected?

  • Freebo

    Apply on top of whatcha got

    • Adam


  • Drublic

    Does anyone know if this JB works fine with the unlock released from redsn0w that has the ipad BB? My iphone is currently JB with redsn0w on 4.2.1 and unlocked this way

    • IndiePhoenix

      From what I’ve read it should work flawlessly. You had it tethered jb, now you’ll have it untethered. It doesn’t affect ultrasn0w. I’m in the same situation like you are and I’m going to install it over redsn0w, just waiting for the windows version.

    • Kickstar13

      If you didn’t use jailbreak Monte, you can use greenpois0n right over your current tethered jailbreak, and it will make it untethered.

  • Ali

    Anyone jailbreak iPad 4.2.1. Plz update soon

    • William

      i believe this release of greepois0n does support iPad.

      • Kickstar13

        Yup, works flawlessly on my iPad.

  • BoNzY

    Who needs “Viagra” when The Dev Team can me me a “Hard On” like this !!!! W00T

    • Bullet933

      Wrong “team” dude.

  • BoNzY

    Inappropriate ?

  • Rand0m

    Coolness:) been a pain in the ass trying to get a jailbreak to work for my ipod touch 2g running ios 4.2.1 waisted a lot o time:)

  • William

    Ugh, Some Chinese iphone hackers have ported greenpois0n RC5 to Windows already.

  • tom

    Any instructions of installing this on Apple TV?

  • vik071

    Has anybody successfully jailbroken Apple TV2 with this version of GreenPois0n? I mean the version for Mac…

  • SupaD

    Pesonallygonna wait see what geohot/rubyra1n got to offer

  • Appi

    Anyone waiting for windows version

    • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

      yeeaaa bbrroohh

  • Baz2881

    Hey i have a factory unlocked Iphone 4. I got it from Apple in Canada and it came with the 4.2.1 firmware. I was wondering if I would lose my unlock if i jailbreak it? Remember it was factory unlocked!!

  • Bob

    Factory unlock is unaffected by GP RC5, as is carrier unlock.