MyWi is an incredibly popular Cydia app that allows jailbreakers to have a heavily customizable mobile hotspot with their iPhone’s 3G connection. We here at iDB love MyWi, and it’s definitely been a staple of what the jailbreak scene has to offer for quite some time.

Intelliborn, the company behind MyWi, recently added a new feature to the popular hotspot app called “OnDemand.” The purpose of MyWi OnDemand is to create a smarter mobile hotspot on the iPhone.

MyWi OnDemand will study the behavior of the devices connected to your hotspot, and connect or disconnect when you need it to…

The official description from Intelliborn says,

“Create an iPad to iPhone connection On Demand! Having to turn on and off a hotspot gets old quickly when you’re doing it all the time, as when you share your iPhone’s 3G connection with a WiFi-Only iPad. Instead, MyWi OnDemand connects when you need it, and disconnects when you don’t.

When you leave your WiFi connection at home and you’re using the iPad, the iPad will connect automatically. When you turn your iPad screen off, or go back where you have WiFi, MyWi OnDemand will disconnect. After a simple pairing, everything works automatically! Will work with 3G/3GS/4 iPhones/iPod Touches (3.1.2+) and iPad (3.2+).”

If you use MyWi regularly throughout your day, you know how frustrating it can be to have to remember to turn your the app’s hotspot on and off. When MyWi is running, your iPhone’s battery drains super fast.

This new method of automatic detection in MyWi OnDemand will save lots of battery life and MBs in data usage.

Check out Intelliborn’s promo video for MyWi OnDemand,

One more thing about MyWi OnDemand: it’s going to cost you. If you haven’t already purchased MyWi 4.0, that will be $20.00 in Cydia. MyWi OnDemand is a $5 upgrade from the standard version of MyWi 4.0.

Don’t forget that iOS 4.3 is supposed to bring the Verizon iPhone’s native “Personal Hotspot” feature to AT&T as well. MyWi is still a viable jailbreak replacement without a monthly fee.

What do you think about MyWi OnDemand? Does it sound like something useful for you?

  • Bullet933

    I tried it, but didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t use my bluetooth earpiece with my iphone 4 because the bluetooth connection was being used by the ipad for “on demand” connection. Don’t know if there is a way around this or not 🙁 There isn’t a problem while tethering with wifi.

  • Scott

    I gOt mywi fOr free niggah

    • Zmbieapocalypse

      Thievery and ingnorance

      • Anonymous

        Well Said.

    • Tom

      Yo!!! Tell me how? Where do I dl the jailbreak & mywi cracked

  • man this is getting stupid, they already charge $20 for the app and then they want another $ 5 for a upgraded version. This is exactly why people choose to download the cracked version, now myself I actually purchased mywi and now I will just wait for the cracked version of the on demand.

  • Derrick

    How is that set it and forget it? Wouldn’t random people be joining your network since it’s basically left on all the time?

    I don’t understand what the 5 dollars is paying for. If you could block it so only certain people join then I understand

  • Derrick

    When iOS 4.3 is released will other wifi devices be able to connect to it? I’m speaking of things like the ds and wii, or even ps3. Currently they don’t cause it’s adhoc so you have to share connection through a computer

  • Luis

    LOVE and paid the 20$ long ago, and very pleased with it, always being updated, except with this update i the bluetooth tethering got messed up, i cant seem to start it. btw i recomend it

  • Saxon

    It’s bluetooth so you have to pair your phone with your iPad or computer first, so random people won’t be joining your connection without your permission.

  • Nick

    Will the 3G connection on my iPhone be seen as a hotspot by my PC? Or does it have to be another apple device?

  • luis

    man i updated and jailbreaked and now cydia is crazy, its getting errors and dont let me install purchased apps…

    • Ted

      I’m in the same boat. I can’t get MyWi to even show up in Cydia. I’ve paid for it, and I don’t want to have to use a cracked version, but the official repos are giving me 404 errors.

  • Jaydee

    I jailbroke my Verizon iPhone and everything was working fine until I installed MyWi. When the phone does the required reboot it comes back in Safe Mode. The app works fine and the internet is fast. It just won’t come out of Safe Mode even with a restart. But when I uninstall MyWi, Safe Mode goes away.

    Hopefully, the next FREE update will have a fix 🙂

    • Ty

      Jaydee, the mywi u installed is not compatible with your phone. U have 4.0 software, so u need the mywi 4.0. Anytime your phone goes into safemode, delete the last app downloaded, it’s not compatible.

  • Jaydee

    I do have mywi 4.0. It is not compatible with the Verizon iPhone just yet. I will be waiting for the update, but being in safe mode is not effecting my phone and I am still able to use the mywi 4.0 app so no need to delete it just yet.

  • Mikeyxx

    Just like a previous poster, it’s annoying to pay the original price…then have to PAY for the upgrade… now have to PAY for another upgrade. If another free or at least price stable option comes along, it’ll end up being pretty good competition. I feel like I’m being blackmailed on a regular bases. 🙁

    Like the product though!

    • Denny

      I love MyWi. I use to have a droid and used barnacle and MyWi is definitely faster. And for the person saying it doesn’t work on Verizon iphone 4, your wrong. I use it all the time, perfectly.

      • eric

        Denny: You have mywi 4.0 on demand on verizon iphone and no issues with safe mode crashing? Did you jailbreak with greenpoison? Which version? What other cydia apps do you have. I wonder what is causing my issue. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled 3 times and every time it goes straight into safe mode and wont come out until i uninstall it. Puzzling. I also cant view any of my ibooks on iphone since this last week. I tried to install ibooks fix for verizon iphone greenspoison jailbreaks from cydia, but it wont install properly and gives me an error message about partial install and must force uninstall partial shell. The ibooks fix worked great for ipad 4.2.1 but wont work for verizon iphone w/ greenpoison and i dont want to restore and rejailbreak with new version of greenpoison. Any suggestions?

  • Cindy

    Does this app allow you to tether without having to change the data plan? And allow you to tether

  • Mario

    JayDee: FYI MyWi 4.0 has been updated with support for Verizon iPhone 🙂
    Luis: Try repairing for a bluetooth laptop connection.

  • SbY

    So basically iPad needs to be Jailbroken as well to get the OnDemand to work?

  • jordan

    I have AT&T, and just jailbroke my phone and downloaded mywi. after a day, it works great, but the only thing i really want to know is, will i have to pay for tethering with AT&T now too? the $20 for mywi is fine, but it says that you still may have to pay for tethering with your service provider. if thats the case i dont understand why anyone would do this because it’s $20 to tether with AT&T anyway, so why spend the extra money for mywi?

  • JJSI

    will at&t charge me for tethering using mywi…….i just pay for the line [my phone number] i dont pay for internet acces….ANSWER PLEASE

  • eric

    I have a verizon iphone 4.2.6, jailbroken with greenpoison and i have many cydia apps that work fine but as soon as i install mywi 4.0 with On Demand, the phone goes into an endless cycle of crashing and returning in safe mode. Only way to get out of safe mode is to uninstall “mywi on demand”. I also have mywi on demand on ipad 4.2.1 and its works fine with no issues. It must be an issue with 4.2.6 which is the IOS version on verizon iphones. I thought at first it may be due to a conflict with another cydia app on my iphone which can happen but i have virtualy the same cydia apps on my iphone and ipad. SB settings, installous 4.0, app sync 4.0, dtunes, folder enhancer, icall announce, ifile, infinidock, ireal sms 3.0, multi icon mover, overboard, safari download manager, stay opened, wi-fi sync, syncronicity, mobile terminal, activator, and then the mywi 4.0 on demand and the intellistatus bar icons that came with it. Ipad has same cydia packages accept for ireal sms 4.0.

    Any suggestions to fix this other than uninstalling it and giving up?

    The mywi 4.0 On Demand app in cydia says in the change log that the most recent update “fixed issues with verizon iphone 4.2.6”, however that is not accurate in my case and many others who have installed it on verizon iphone. Its a bummer because i was looking forward to bluetooth or wi-fi tethering my iphone to my ipad so i dont have to pay AT&T $25 per month to activate my 3g on my ipad. Ive been using a CLEAR 4G hot spot for my ipad but its $60 per month and its pricey and kinda of bulking to carry with my phone in one pocket, my CLEAR hot spot in another and carrying my ipad. The 4G speed is great but too pricey. If i could get mywi working on iphone i would drop the clear 4g cause free 3g is better than $60 4g, but $25 AT&T 3g is not.

    Really wish Apple would quit dragging their feet and get 4G in the iphone 5 and iPad 2, but it doesnt sound like its going to happen. Likely wont happen until iphone 6 and ipad 3 unless rumors about mid cycle launch in fall are true. Maybe that could be a ipad 2.1 and iphone 5.1 with 4g built in. Smart business move i guess to stagger the addition of new technology to milk every penny out of IOS addicts like me.

  • Bruce

    For those of you who have verizon Iphone, once you install Mywi on the phone and use that as the hotspot do you still have to pay the 20 dollars a month from verizon?

  • mustafa

    Anyone having trouble with Bluetooth recognizing earpiece after mywi install. Mywi works great but cannot tether earpiece to phone for handsfree driving. Had to uninstall and restore to get earpiece to work again. Using an apple earpiece.

  • Mike

    I just got my iPad 2 running 4.3 and can not get mywi to work. It finds the wifi connection and even connects to it, yet there is no connectivity. My iPhone is running 4.2 jailbroken with greenpoisi0n. Any ideas?

  • Tony

    i have been using the $2 mobime or moblie me? just got an email from ATT saying i need to buy tethering. This program actually puts the internal tether option back on in the phone so maybe that’s why they saw it

    • Luis

      I just got i too. Att sent a MessagePad saying that tethering requires a tethering plan lol. I have unlimited and mywi so whatever. I can’t tether via bluetooth

  • wittzi

    There is a split right down the middle regarding the people posting here. Complete idiots and (thankfully) reasonable people.

    The Jailbreak app market is very specialist, so stealing apps from there is even worse than stealing from the standard App Store apps. Secondly, MiWi is an incredibly powerful and clever program which (for just $20) is a bargain.

    It works. In fact it works perfectly and with this update it does indeed allow for the easy pairing with an iPad. Again – is $5 really a problem?! Lol! In the UK it’s £15 a month to use standard internet tethering so for a one off cost of one months fee you get the MiWi App and at around 25% of one months fee you can essentially have a 3G iPad.


  • afficionado

    but the question now is, once AT&T slams down on all the people it has detected using MyWi, what comes next? The point of the program is free, simple tethering. It isn’t illegal, while they may say it is, and even if it is, users who have paid for this service know what they’re getting into.
    anyway, back to my original question: is there any way at all for users to continue to tether without being detected after the AT&T deadline? I sure hope so.

    • LastExile

      They told me I have till April 30th to stop all forms of tethering. I hate this company. I will stop temporarily and see if the apps have come up a way of getting around this BS from AT&T

      • Bullet933

        Good luck dude. I’d like to find one too.

  • Epik277

    Typical BS iPhone. My samsung galaxy s has this option outta the box. Plus tmobile doesnt even charge me for it. F!!! ATT and apple. Android all the way to the top baby yea…

  • Sankar

    when tethering option is inbuilt why on the earth this MyWi is required?

  • Cj Johnston

    I want the number of whoever owns this app cuz it messed up my iphone I want a new iphone are whoever can shot down the app for a day and see if I xan get my iphone fixed