Windows users rejoice! GreenPois0n has been released for Windows machines after seeing a few days of exclusivity for the Mac.

It was earlier today when we reported that the Windows version would make it to jailbreakers this weekend, and now the Chronic Dev Team has made good on its promises.

Check inside for the details and the download…

As with the Mac version, the Windows version of GreenPois0n can be downloaded from our downloads section.

If you need help using this jailbreak tool, feel free to use our tutorial, and our guide on installing Cydia if you run into issues with Loader.

Now that Mac and Windows users have an untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 4.2.1, who’s next? Oh, that’s right, Linux.

If the Chronic Dev Team’s track record is any indication, Linux users shouldn’t have to wait that long at all. In fact there’s already a placeholder for Linux on their GreenPois0n website.

Again this should work with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1.

How do you feel now that the Windows version is finally here?

  • shuaz

    hey guys i am having i phone 4 firmware 4.2.1 but i cud not JB my phone any idea plzzzz

    • khalid

      did u solve that problem

  • Crulu

    I have 3G on 4.2.1 bb 5.14 in dfu Mideast but gp will not read bead help!!!!

    • Sharon Vonk

      me too – help!!

      • Sharon Vonk

        I successfully jailbroke and unlocked my iPhone 3G using redsn0w. I was on OS 4.2.1 with baseband 5.15. I upgraded to 6.15 using redsn0w during the jailbreak, then unlocked using Cydia installed by redsn0w. Thanks you guys for making this possible!

  • Andy

    What tool should I use to Unlock after the jailbreak on iPhone 3GS?

    • iPhoneTech3

      1. Go to Cydia.
      2. Wait for it to load.
      3. Go to “Manage” tab (bottom of the screen)
      4. Then “Sources”
      5. Go to the source called “”
      6. Install Ultrasn0w
      Go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add :
      Then follow steps 5 and 6.

  • cef

    What about iphone 4 unlock?

  • IceMan

    it’s not working. I repeat,,,,It’s NOT working.

    After step 5, when my i-phone restarts, it just goes back to “no sim card installed” picture with usb showing at the back.

  • ipaduser

    does anyone know if this work on ipad or do we have to wait?

    • This does work for ipad

  • vinicius

    guys in Brazilian Iphone 4 rel. 4.2.1 I tried several times with MAC and WIN and it’s not working!
    Does anyone know what is happening?

  • WizZ

    For everyone that’s havin a problem with the new update ! ! !
    If your iphone is locked on AT&T or some other company and you do not have the posibility to activate it with that sim card or you cannod install cydia or any other problems do the following:
    Restore or install using itunes the new update 4.2.1, after that tether jailbreak it using redsnow 09.6 RC8 for windows or 0.9.7 beta 6 for MAC witch is the latest version, follow the tutorial precisely, boot your phone when you are done and finally jailbreak with greenspois0n on top of that and you are done. I did the following sunday and I’m using it non-stop since then and it works perfectly, if you have problems using Mobile Terminal there is a forum, google it and it will explain how to make it work, it’s a very easy tutorial.In the end update cydia to the last version and you are done, a fully working untethered jailbreak iphone.
    Hope I’ve helped some of you.
    Enjoy your iphone.

  • kimster

    wont work for iphone 3G…admin please advice.thx u

  • Loading

    iphone 4 4.2.1 with baseband 3.10.01 CANNOT be JB with greenpois0n. I’ve tried so many times and it failed !!

  • giggsy

    “iphone 4 4.2.1 with baseband 3.10.01 CANNOT be JB with greenpois0n. I’ve tried so many times and it failed !!”

    mine jb successfully.

    • LLKKss

      Mine iphone 4 with baseband 3.10.01 JB 1st time successfully.Hitting the Jackpot with one try!!!!

      • Fahim

        what is the windows version? have any one tried with windows 7 successfully

      • Paulo Neto

        Your iPhone is Lock or unlock ? I ask you because My iPhone is Lock a operator. Thanks

      • Juanca

        I have hp netbook w7 starter. everything went fine with iphone 4 here in Argentina-

    • khalid

      did u manage to get it work ???1 How

  • WizZ

    If you don’t manage to jailbreak it just say what went wrong, error or anything, like I said earlier today, jailbreak it with redsnow last version, after that with GP on top of the redsnow and it will work.
    BTW greenpois0n released an updated version of the jailbreak program, just look in the downloads section.

  • oslec

    OK. I been checking the comments and I’ve noticed that one of the common and major issue here for Greenpoison is “GETTING THE IPHONE 3G IN DFU MODE”, it only says “try it again”. I’ve tried it many times already and also have done different approaches but it still doesn’t work. Same problem as well with other blogs that I’ve checked. What do you think Seb? common’ men give us some sort of “sympathy” on this 🙂 … just a comment dude.

  • LLKKss

    My iphone 4 4.2.1 with baseband 3.10.01 JB successfully. I think you have to try with different PCs. Some window PC does not work well with GPoison. My is vista SP2.

  • IceMan

    WEIRD Thing Happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I Updated my iphone4 to 4.2 and decided to jailbreak using greenpoisi0n. I tried for 2 days, but it didn’t work….. 🙁

    Finally I decided to jailbreak using Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc8, AND It Worked!!!! 😀 However it was supposed to be “teetered” meaning I would have to run Redsn0w every-time i boot-up my iphone. RIGHT????

    But that’s not the case!!!! Right Now, USING tethered Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc8, I CAN boot-up my iphone running 4.2 without even connecting to Computer! 😀 or running redsn0w!!!! 🙂

    NOW MY QUESTION:::::::

    Should I or not Use Greenpoisi0on TO Jailbreak once again???? :confused: ANY help??? 🙂

  • Loading

    YES greenpois0n R5b4 will work on all baseband iphone4. I have to try 2 PCs for it to work.

  • LLKKss

    Just jailbreak another iphone4 using GreenPoison rc5 B4. Should be workable

  • LLKKss

    When you install RC5 beta 2 or 4 ,your internet connection must be good. If yo have fire-wall or anti-virus program. Temporarily hlat them before you jailbreak with poison RC5 . Happy JB’ing…..

  • Moto

    After I had jail break using the Green Poison on my 4.2 iphone, It’s stuck while I’m trying to restart my phone..
    I can’t turn on my phone again!!
    ANY IDEA??

    • LLKKss

      if you Jailbreak greenpoison on top of another Jailbroken might not work. start afresh from a clean resotre ios4.2.1 and try…..

  • seee

    I am on 4.1 jailbroken. What should I do to upgrade to 4.2.1 and jailbreak it AND save all the apps and data on 4.1? Thank you!

  • BogdanW

    I’ve managed to put my 3G in DFU mode as instructions say, but GP does not recognize it – it simply says “Try Again” Somebody mentioned that in one of the previous posts, but really no reply’s that would give a good solution.

  • LLKKss

    If your iDevice is 3G, i will recommend to jailbreak with Redsnow 0.9.6 beta 4 . Done that before with untethered jailbreak results. Greenpoison will not support 3G iDevices.

    • BogdanW


  • Fontano

    I can confirm GreenPois0n does not work / support iPhone 3G!

  • IceMan

    Any way to Unlock iphone 4.2 with firmware 03.10.01????

    If not, any way to downgrade it??????

    • LLKKss

      Use snowbreeze 2.2 windows version. If preserve or unlock your firmware….to your preference and also customed IPSW.

    • Miguel Angel

      Snowbreeze 2.2 worked¿? Cause i have the same 3.10.01 firmware… Let me know

  • IceMan

    It says snowbreeze 2.2 will Preserve firmware. But how will that help? since i already have 03.10.01 for which there is no way to unlock iphone 4. 🙁

    I am trying to downgrade my current firmware to the firmware which can be unlocked with redsnow.

  • woojoo

    something reallllly strange happened after i jailbroke, and im not finding anybody else with the same problem. after i jailbroke, everything seemed fine (so far at least, ive only just jailbroken it 1 hour ago), except alot of my icons suddenly went blank. they work perfectly, but they just have blank icons. i have a itouch 4th gen, and this is my first jailbreak. any solutions, please?

    • Sergio

      Try the following for the black icons…Reboot..if that doesn’t work, install Winterboard from cydia, install a new theme, change your theme and respring…see if that helps.

      • woojoo

        thanks for the advice! rebooting didn’t work, so i reinstalled the broken apps, which restored them. thanks for the themechange idea tho, i didnt think of that! il make sure to remember that in case i come across this problem again 😛

  • khalid

    any one solved the issue with 3.10.01 I tried more than 100 time no luck installed redsn0w rc 8it worked but when tried to but GreenPois0n over redsn0w did not work

  • ak

    Windows 7 + MAC , iphone 4 , 4.2.1 , 03.10.01 , green poision rc6.1

    jailbreak fail 🙁

  • sailesh

    i jailbroke iphone 3gs 4.2.1 using green poison, install loader, than cydia everything is perfect. but when i try with t-mobile sim it dosen’t work. So is there any step did i miss, please help.

  • Tan

    After jailbreak withpoision,tried to download Cydia,
    then this sign appear “Error The request timed out”My wireless connection is working perfectly.
    Kindly advice how to correct this?

  • Tman

    Jailbreak worked, and everything is running fine, but when I put my T-mobile sim card in it searches for a signal but never finds one. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to do something else to activate the phone

    • Sergio

      Install ultrasn0w from cydia, if you already did it, reinstall it and reboot.

      • Tman

        tried it but when I put my simm card in and reboot the top of my phone says “searching” , and finally says “no service” . Am I doing something wrong?

  • My iphone 3g isn’t being picked up by greenpoison while in dfu mode.
    I have tried it with all versions of greenpoison, rc 1-6.1 Any ideas as to what is wrong?

  • coolman535

    this stuff didnt work on me