All signs have been pointing to Apple releasing iOS 4.3 in the very near future, with speculation that Apple’s 4.3 announcement could even come next week. Most speculation is centering on an Apple announcement taking place within the next 10 days.

Besides an iOS 4.3 announcement, Apple is rumored to be announcing the iPad 2, the Verizon iPhone’s “Personal Hotspot” feature on AT&T, and an official release of in-app subscriptions.

Whether or not all of the speculation is accurate, it’s evident that Apple will be holding an event in the near future…

Apple recently announced “The Daily,” an iPad-only news app by NewsCorp, with the parallel announcement of in-app subscriptions (for reoccurring services like news publications, etc.) coming to iOS. However, even though The Daily has been released, there is no current in-app subscription backend for iOS. Verizon is sponsoring The Daily as a free product for the next two weeks.

Perhaps Apple is waiting to officially announce in-app subscriptions at their own event next week.

MacRumors addresses John Gruber’s position, in light of The Daily, on the date of the next Apple event,

In his review of the Verizon iPhone, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber lays out his argument that iOS 4.3 will appear within the next two weeks to provide support for in-app subscription payments for The Daily before the free two-week trial runs out.”

From Gruber’s review,

“The Daily requires a subscription – either $1 per week, or $40 per year. They’re using a new in-app subscription payment system from Apple for this – but these in-app subscription APIs aren’t in iOS 4.2. So The Daily launched today, free for a limited time. They announced at the event that this initial free two-week period was brought to us by: Verizon.”

The New York Times has made the claim of a February 13th Apple event date. In David Pogue’s review of the Verizon iPhone, he praises the functionality of the Verizon iPhone’s “Personal Hotspot” feature.

In his review, he originally said, “Many other app phones have it – AT&T’s iPhone gets it on Feb. 13. This statement was later removed from Pogue’s review and rephrased to say, “AT&T says its iPhone will get it soon.”

This infers that Pogue either let the cat out of the bag too soon, or got the date wrong. (February 13th is a Sunday.) has reported that the iPad 2 preview will be Apple’s “One More Thing” announcement at an iOS developer event next week. reports that,

“Our sources from the accessories business told us Apple is planning an event next week where they’re going to showcase the iPad 2 as well.”

A post from 9to5 Mac has revealed some interesting information about the iOS 4.3 firmware,

“iOS 4.3 seems to strongly imply that the Verizon will have its own iPad. The firmware describes iPad 2,1, iPad 2,2 and iPad 2,3, which suggests three models in WiFi, 3G GSM/UMTS and 3G CDMA flavors.”

In all reality, no one knows what will exactly come out of the next Apple event. But all signs are pointing to there being one within the next 10 days, and that it will center around iOS 4.3.

Also, the iOS 4.3 beta 3 was recently seeded to develepors, which is telling of how close 4.3 is to going live.

The GreenPois0n jailbreak was just released for iOS 4.2.1, so hopefully the jailbreak community won’t have to wait too long for a 4.3 untethered jailbreak.

What do you think about these rumors? Does an Apple event taking place in the next 10 days make sense to you?

UPDATE: MacStories has reported that,

“We just got word from a reliable source that iOS 4.3 should be available on February 14th at 10 AM PST.”

  • Burge

    Like I said about GP jailbreak .. Who wants a jailbreak for about 2 weeks when 4.3 drops and you need to rejailbreak cause @Comex drops his jailbreak.. I know people want a JB For 4.2.1 but for 2 weeks …like what was said here subscription base apps need 4.3 and with the daily now out it will not be long be for 4.3 is out.. Who cares about JB for 4.2.1 bring on 4.3 and JB … But that’s just me…

    • Sebastian

      Well, 4.3 does not support iPhone 3g or iTouch 2g. So 3g users and iTouch 2G users have a jailbreak for life.

      • Burge

        If I had a 3G or ipt2g I’ll keep it at 3.1.3 4.## is to slow on these devices … But each to there own..

    • Well said..

  • John

    So who cares about iOS 4.2? Hotspot – is that it?? Not interested.

    • Night

      oh…calling apple to tell them, anything else YOU don’t like? Because if you don’t who will….

  • Chris

    I remember numerous postings on this website about how there was a “hardware exploit” that would allow jailbrakes not long after apple updates. Well we just got 4.2.1 yesterday. I’m not holding my breath for a 4.3 jailbrake.

    • Forge

      And there was, and there is. You can use libpois0n to jailbreak any iOS device, even the newer 4.3s, but it’s tethered. The GP hardware exploit is too low level to enable untethered jailbreaks. The untether that everyone wanted is the high level, patchable exploit, that allows the device to use the GP exploit on itself each boot.

      Basically, they found a very low level exploit (GP) that could not be patched. SHAtter (unreleased) is the same class of thing. What everyone was waiting for and whining about was the high level (software based) exploit that enabled auto-loading the low level one. Hopefully GP’s exploit works on iPad2/iPhone5, but if not, SHAtter will probably fill the same niche.

  • cengkerikbisu

    sorry if i’m off topic
    but can i know which tweak that snap our iphone screen/display the easier ways ?
    the only way i know is push home & sleep button at same time.
    TQ everyone

    • Sebastian

      You have to download Activator(comes with SBSettings and GraviBoard. Then you go to Settings>>Activator, then choose where you want to be able to use it, then pick an action, and then press screenshot put screen contents into camera roll.

      • StanTheMan

        Since when has Activator come with Graviboard Seb?

  • OneSpicyTaquito

    Personally I am hoping for a “find” function (Command + F) or (Cntrl + F)
    This would make life easier :p

  • Sebastian

    4.3 is obviously coming out with iPad 2, maybe around April 3. Verizon’s Personal Hotspot is on 4.2.5, the Verizon phone firmware, and In-App subscriptions…(I’ll have to think about that, maybe 4.2.6?)

  • Well Verizon already has the iPad. I have one with Verizon 3G.
    be nice to see it on 4G lol

  • theComer

    I already downloaded the iOS 4.3 b3 on my old iPhone 3GS and noticed that the “Personal Hotspot” is the same “Internet Tethering” renamed! expecpt that you can see it in Settings main page and in Network settings. and it only tether the internet through either USB or Bluetooth! no Wi-Fi…..
    I’m not sure about it. but maybe it’ll be different on Verizon iPhone or with different carrier bundles.

  • Pete’s

    So when the unlock for the iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1 (modem firmware 03.10.01) will be available?

  • AmitMP

    Uncertainty!!!!!!! I’m still on iOS4.1 jail-broken, i’m not sure if it is me or the firmware is becoming unstable. In the last couple of days my iPhone4 has froze on a few occasion and crashed once, am i over reacting or is it that I need to update iOS? If so which firmware 4.2.1untethered jailbreak
    or 4.3 hopefully untethered jail-broken????????