Some of you who tried to jailbreak with GreenPois0n yesterday might have encountered a problem where you were stuck on the “GreenPois0n initialized” message, not being able to go on with the jailbreak process.

The Chronic Dev Team worked on a fix for this, which has been implemented in GreenPois0n RC5 2, which you can download from our downloads section

So give it a try and let us know how it works for you. It should fix this annoying issue and work fine from now on. If you’re not sure how to use this jailbreak tool, you can always refer to our GreenPois0n guide.

  • I still can’t download 503 error :/

  • Dubai_lad

    whenever i download RC5 i was redirected to RC4. Also, greenpoison site is down the whole day. Not sure if thats the reason about the redirection to RC4.

  • vareniskis

    give me jailbreak for windows!!! windows! windows! windows! windows! windows! windows! windows! windows!!!!!!!!!

  • banjodrengen

    Which version of RedSn0w do you use for this? BTW, Cydia actually does show up in Loader, but the install times out.

  • Fahim

    can any one tell me if the carrier unlocked too after this process, i have a iphone 4 with B.B 03.10.01,which comes with iOS 4.2.1, i need to unlock it for using different sim, shall i proceed now or wait for something

  • Pedro Chaves

    It is possible to install ipad baseband on an iphone 3gs using greenpois0n??

  • TT

    Worse … Greenposion states jailbreak failed and ipad reboot again.

  • criss51h
  • Dennis

    im still stuck on the unlock screen even after i jailbreak it

  • criss51h
  • Ms. J

    you can find the file (RC5) at mediafire com

  • Follow them on twitter. There Are some mirrors u can use.

  • Ms. J

    You could not get the Loader to install Cydia????

    simply install the redsn0w_b4 jailbreak over the greenpois0n.
    Redsn0w successfully installs Cydia. The result is a UNTETHERED jailbreak!!! Hope this helps

    • Aaron

      Redsn0w_rc8 works too, am I right?

  • iFanatico

    It is just me, or it doesnt run?

  • It’s works! Great…

  • kllee

    greenpoison just says failed 🙁 and reboots my phone …… what should i do

  • dennis

    even after i jailbreak it I’m still stuck on the connect to itunes screen? any help ?

  • almel

    I tried untethrae my teathered 3GS v. 4.2.1, BB 05.15.04 but with no succes!
    Have to use Redsnow to boot again, everithing Ok after, but still tethraed.

  • 229Mick

    “The application greenpois0n quit unexpectedly…

    Any suggestions???

  • Joe

    You get RC4 because the live site is not working. RC5.2 still does not work after I restored my iPad to a clean state. It gets to the white screen, then reboots with Apple logo. I will keep trying and report back.

  • Bm

    If I’ve already jailbroken with tethered redsnow, can I just install greenpoison?

  • Josh

    doesn’t work. It either says its completed and i have a black screen or it says that it failed. I’ve tried it like 50 times and nothing…

  • sam

    loader wont load sources? i un-jailbroke to update and cannot jailbreak now. answers?

    the loader wheel starts and when its done nothing shows up. I can only remove loader.

  • Will54t

    I just tried the RC5, first 2 go was unsuccessful and the phone just “rebooted”.
    The third time I tried to start the app, it crashed and refused to start up.

  • Charlie

    Guys, let’s all clarify this especially to all Windows users, GreenPois0n RC5 and RC5_2 is only available in OSX for the meantime. So all windows users, do not download rc4 and jailbreak your iphone SW 4.2.1 or it will just crashed and you will need to enter into recovery mode and “update and restore” your iphone.

    Regards to everyone

  • Pany

    Not working for me.
    Greenpois0n RC5 1 worked great for mi iPhone 4, but it doesn’t work for my iPad. I tried greenpois0n RC5 2 for my iPad and still doesn’t work.

  • Bobby M

    After loading the “Loader App” multiple times I finally had the option to download and install Cydia. After multiple attempts to download and install it finally went through. I am not sure if it is a server issue or not but my iPad is now jailbroken 4.2

  • jables2915

    If theres no cydia in loader jusr run redsn0w0.9.6rc8 after it and check install cydia then bam your done

  • Lucky

    I have factory unlocked iphone 3GS on 4.2.1 What i need is just to JAILBREAK my Device. I dont need unoffcial unlock anytime in future too. Do i have any way to get JAILBREAK my device?? Can i downgrade to 4.1? is it possible?

  • TT

    i have tried many times … but still got the Failed message from the Greenpoison (RC5_2) while the iPad started to reboot again. Can somebody help?

  • Malaysian_DuDe

    To everyone who is getting a blank at the Loader App after Greenpois0ning your iDevice, please do not give up just yet. The reason why “Loader” is coming up blank is because the greenpois0n website (which the is dailing back home to get Cydia) is getting hammered by us all.

    Go and have a cup of tea/coffee or take your pet for a walk, then come back and try again. Loader will eventually load up the option to install Cydia.

    For the impatient folks, yes, the Redsn0w-afterwards option is another means to get Cydia. But if you’re trying it on a MC-model iTouch 2G (of which Redsn0w won’t do), patience is the only option for now. Unless someone has a better suggestion, please do share.

    Cheers and many thanks to the Chronic-Dev team.

  • humper

    What’s up with the rc5 2 crashing when I try to open. Anyone have a link to the first version?

  • Fouin

    What kind of crash ?

  • AliPK

    Can we jailbreak iPad 4.2.1. Plz update soon

  • ZebSogo

    I did manage to get my iphone 4 4.2.1 jailbroken and whith cydia installed. Only problem is now i don’t have a keyboard. If i go into Notes, mail or any app that requires you to type anything i don’t have a keyboard anymore. so have gone back to a none JB’d iphone for now

  • camilo

    stay in Emergency call. iPhone 3gs, new bootroom, 06.15.00.

  • Sy

    Same here. Every time I try and open Greenpois0n, it just says “quit unexpectedly”. Any solutions or suggestions? I’m on 10.5.8 OSX.

  • John

    I did everything fine, but suddenly mobile substrate crashed couple times, my iphone power it off and won’t boot again! Black Screen always, doesn’t matter if I press the sleep button or the home button or both together. 🙁

    Damn, did I brick my iPhone? Any thoughts?

    • Snagga

      Just use Itunes to restore mate

      • John

        it doesn’t recognize it, it just like the battery is dead, totally black! 🙁

  • Rob

    I installed greenpois0n RC5 directly over redsnow. Worked great. Worked on iPhone 4 running 4.2.1 and iPad running 4.2.1.

  • rob

    I installed greenpois0n RC5 over redsnow. everything worked fine. I did this on iphone 4 and ipad already running 4.2.1

  • Ahmed

    I can’t install cydia through redsnow
    because iam ipod touch mc model!
    Any idea?

  • Brandon

    Alright so green poison worked fine but the only thing I have a problem with is loader…it won’t load! Can anyone post a link to redsnow?