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Yesterday I got an email from my cousin Jeremy asking me what the little arrow showing up in his iPhone status bar was. Jeremy is not the most knowledgeable guy about the iPhone so I figured that if he didn’t know what this arrow is, maybe other people would want to find it as well.

The little arrow sometimes showing up indication that Location Services on your iPhone are currently active. According to Apple, “Location Services allows applications such as Maps, Camera, and Compass to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi, and Global Positioning System (GPS) networks to determine your approximate location. This information is collected anonymously and in a form that does not personally identify you.

OMG, does that mean that certain applications are tracking you? Yes, but relax because you can easily turn this on and off.

First, you can turn off Location Services all together. Your Maps application and potentially more apps won’t work anymore but if you’re worried about the NSA following your every moves, this is your best bet. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off.

You don’t have to take such a drastic stand against location services as you can allow specific applications to use Location Services or not. For example, I might want my Maps app to use the location services, but not the Twitter app. To do so, go to Settings Privacy > Location Services > and turn on/off those applications you want to allow to use Location Services, or not.

Remember that the more you use Location Services, the more your battery is going to drain quicker.

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  • soccerkrzy

    Why you’re up at 2:30am is beyond me.

    • Iv been up at 4:30 AM doing this before, sometimes you just can’t stop 🙂

      • Danielle

        Question- as this is draining your battery is it also using up your gb’s? My daughter went “over” on her bill& her father is freaking out!! He asked what the arrow meant as he was examining her phone & trying to figure out what she would be using that would use up so much data… She is 13 years old& she isn’t doing it on purpose!! So any help would be greatly appreciated!!

      • Punkandglamour

        If you watch youtube or any streaming service you can run through data in an instant. Keep your Wifi on always and as soon as she gets home she can watch clips and stuff from the wifi in your house.

    • It’s not me, it’s my cousin. This is the screenshot he sent me. He’s a party animal so I’m not surprised he was up at 2.30am. At that time of the night, I’m usually sleeping like a baby.

      • G

        It means your using an app that has location procedures off some sort

      • Ohh haha, not me i’m up all night.

  • Yasser

    Thanks. I was also wondering what the N in the box is in that same location

    • Fman52

      Ya so am i

      • That’s showing you that multitasking is enabled for that app…I think, it only does it on my iPad with apps like that

  • Pawan

    Continuing this article, can someone tell why I see a small ‘o’ in place of my GPRS ‘E’ in status bar?

    • Shrike1978

      The little ‘o’ is GPRS. ‘E’ is EDGE, which is different (and faster).

      • Pawan

        Thanks for replying !


  • Rizo g

    Slow day at the office hey

  • Wasabi

    I have enabled, or something has, something new to me. It’s a icon of a lock with a directional arrow going around it. Any ideas?

  • Wasabi

    I have enabled, or something has, something new to me. It’s a icon of a lock with a directional arrow going around it. Located next to battery %. Any ideas?

    • Nick

      That is rotation inhibitor. I think. Usually used in sbsettings to keep the screen from turning.

  • David Axelrad

    Anybody have any ideas about this?

  • Professoriat

    ” the more your battery is going to drain quicker” …. our fair tongue weeps

  • Nikki C

    It’s still showing on mine and location services are off…